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Read All About It! AMS News and Local Updates

Earth Day - AMS FulfillmentWe’ve been talking about it, and waiting for it, and here it is… Earth Day. Are we doing anything special at AMS to celebrate? The answer is… of course! AMS’ Green Team is doing some planting – veggies, wildflowers, indoor potted trees and fruit trees!

At AMS HQ in Valencia the volunteers are creating a vegetable garden; at LIV two citrus trees are going in the ground and at WIT HR there will be one citrus tree. At WIL the team is planting wildflowers and adding an indoor tree to the breakroom. At our New Holland PA location the Team will plant an apple or cherry tree, and in Delaware we will have a new apple or cherry tree at the Newark and Churchmans locations and an indoor conference room tree in New Castle. Thank you volunteers for the new life!!

Earth Day History

The first Earth Day was held on April 22, 1970. There were some serious environmental issues coming to light. Activist John McConnell and Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson spoke out and encouraged a demonstration. They gave evidence of toxic drinking water, air pollution, the effects of pesticides and more. The protest they organized was massive – 20 million Americans, which was 10% of the population, marched and engaged in protest.

Because of the massive protests, President Richard Nixon led in the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency. This was followed by laws being passed, including the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and the Endangered Species Act.

The Farmer’s Almanac [LINK] speaks about today’s activities as follows: “Today, not only is Earth Day meant to increase awareness of environmental problems, but it is also becoming a popular time for many communities to gather together to clean up litter, plant trees, or simply reflect on the beauty of nature.”

UN Recognition of “Mother Earth Day

From the UN website [LINK] we read the following: “The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 22 April as International Mother Earth Day through a resolution adopted in 2009. The Day recognizes the Earth and its ecosystems as humanity’s common home and the need to protect her to enhance people’s livelihoods, counteract climate change, and stop the collapse of biodiversity.

“Climate change, man-made changes to nature as well as crimes that disrupt biodiversity, such as deforestation, land-use change, intensified agriculture and livestock production or the growing illegal wildlife trade, can accelerate the speed of destruction of the planet.

“Mother Earth is clearly urging a call to action – a need to shift to a more sustainable economy that works for both people and the planet. Protecting the planet is everyone’s responsibility.”

National Parks Week

In the US, National Parks Week takes place from April 20 to April 28. It is an excellent time to visit a national park. We went to the National Parks website for more on their celebration:

“Join us for National Park Week, a nine-day celebration of everything “parks”. Not just about more than 400 national parks nationwide of different shapes, sizes, and types. Also discover what the National Park Service does through our programs and partners to preserve natural and cultural heritage and provide recreational opportunities in places across the country—and even the world!

During National Park Week entrance fees to the park are waived so that everyone can enjoy the National Park nearby. To find the closest National Park, follow this [LINK].

Thank You AMS Green Team, Activities Committee & Volunteers

The AMS Green Team and Activities Committee is a dedicated group of AMS employees who don’t just care on Earth Day, they care every day, helping AMS in so many ways to reduce the negative impact of our business on the environment.

Happy Earth Day everyone, and especially the AMS Green Team and Activities Committee! To inquire about helping and joining the Team, please contact [email protected].

** ** **

AMS Fulfillment is a Certified B Corporation, dedicated to putting People and Planet before profit. We work to B the Change we wish to see in the world.


Minorities - AMS FulfillmentAmong the commemorations in April is one that deserves significant attention – April is Minority Health Month. Throughout the US, racial minority groups experience higher rates of illness and death, with health conditions that include diabetes, hypertension, obesity, asthma and heart disease. Let’s talk about it.

An article published at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) [LINK] attributes these disparities to racism, defining racism as follows:

“Racism is a system—consisting of structures, policies, practices, and norms—that assigns value and determines opportunity based on the way people look or the color of their skin. This results in conditions that unfairly advantage some and disadvantage others throughout society. Racism—both interpersonal and structural—negatively affects the mental and physical health of millions of people, preventing them from attaining their highest level of health, and consequently, affecting the health of our nation.”

The article points out that where one lives, learns, works, worships and plays has an impact on a range of social and economic benefits—such as housing, education, wealth, and employment.

 A growing body of research shows that centuries of racism in this country have had a profound and negative impact on communities of color. The impact is pervasive and deeply embedded in our society. The article states, “These conditions—often referred to as social determinants of health—are key drivers of health inequities within communities of color, placing those within these populations at greater risk for poor health outcomes.”

The life expectancy of Black Americans is four years lower than that of White Americans. This is a sad reality. It is painful to ask… why is this sill woven into our culture? And we also ask… isn’t it about time racism comes to an end and we realize the beauty and worthiness of all human beings?

Quoting again from the CDC: “To build a healthier America for all, we must confront the systems and policies that have resulted in the generational injustice that has given rise to racial and ethnic health inequities. We at CDC want to lead in this effort—both in the work we do on behalf of the nation’s health and the work we do internally as an organization.”

We’re pleased to offer readers a video from the CDC [LINK] that is informative and worth watching.

Black Women, Pregnancy & Maternal Mortality

One area where very measurable disparities are found is covered in a National Library of Medicine [LINK] paper entitled: Addressing Black Maternal Morbidity and Mortality in the United States. Let’s begin with some statistics from the article:

“Black women are at least three times more likely to die due to a pregnancy-related cause when compared to White women. The estimated maternal mortality rate in 2019 was 20.1 and, in 2020, was 23.8 per 100,000 births which represents about 861 maternal deaths. For Black women, that rate is about 55.3 per 100,000 live births, representing an estimated 1800 maternal deaths, the highest amongst any racial group; this is a number that has continued to increase over the past few years.”

The author states that the problem is compounded by historical legacies of institutionalized racism and bias in medicine. Quoting from the paper:

While each mortality or morbidity circumstance is different, the leading causal factors associated with maternal mortality and morbidity in the U.S. include hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, thrombotic pulmonary embolism, hemorrhage, infection, cardiovascular conditions, cardiomyopathy, and non-cardiovascular medical conditions.

“More recent studies have shown that social factors such as historical exposure to racial trauma, discrimination, and marginalization; systemic barriers such as systematic racism and implicit bias within the healthcare system; the possibility of being uninsured; reduced access to reproductive healthcare services; and socioeconomic factors also contribute to pregnancy complications for Black women and have to be given consideration.”

Legacies of the Past

The disparities that exist today are legacies of the past: transgenerational enslavement, Jim Crow segregation and terrorism, redlining, discrimination, mass incarceration and racism. The past has left an inheritance, and this is a painful reality for all Americans today. Upon hearing of these realities we ask… what can we do… how can we help?

If we look into the history, we will see harsh, horrible, heartbreaking stories including racism in healthcare. The author states that the history must be understood to dismantle racism in today’s healthcare systems and suggests policies that protect Black women. How is history understood? How are fair and just policies created? Certainly an avenue to understanding is learning. There is one month dedicated to Black History, which is eleven months too few. It goes without saying that ignorance of the past is a great mistake. Study of Black history leads to understanding, which leads to informed problem solving and intelligent policies.

There must be systemic changes in order to reduce Black maternal morbidity and mortality, and all health disparities. How are systemic changes made? There needs to be leadership with understanding of the issues. We are grateful to the CDC for its strong leadership and we encourage more of the same.

Businesses that prioritize fairness in hiring and promotions (JEDI) are doing what they can do to build a better world, and we are proud of AMS’ dedication to the highest B Corporation standards. We are also grieved by these disparities, and we encourage all businesses involved in healthcare to work at dismantling racism wherever it can be found.

Commemorative months are created to bring about awareness, even if awareness is painful and solutions are not easily found. We are grateful for all efforts toward eliminating racial disparities in healthcare and we encourage all efforts toward bringing about a just world.

** **

AMS Fulfillment is a Certified B Corporation, committed to putting People and Planet before Profit. We work to B the Change we wish to see in the world.

B Corp - AMS FulfillmentWe publish a B Corporation Series blog every three months or so where we feature B Corporations that are doing excellent work. This is our number 40 in the series!! Since we are in Earth Month with Earth Day coming up soon, we decided to look into some examples of B Corp environmentalism. Our information is from [LINK].

At the end of this blog, featuring four exemplary B Corporations, we will offer some of the latest good news with regard to AMS’ B Corp ‘score’!

Four Featured B Corporations

Our four featured B Corps are Catalyst Partners, Legacy Vacation Resorts, Southern Energy Management and Muskoka Roastery Coffee Co. As these companies talk about what they have done, and decisions they have made, all who want to make their company more ‘Green’ can gather some good ideas!

Catalyst Partners [LINK]

“Catalyst Partners is a green building consulting firm based in Grand Rapids Michigan. Catalyst Partners’ efforts started 15 years ago when the firm purchased a small historic building to renovate into office space. Catalyst Partners set a goal of achieving net zero energy, which means it balances its energy needs with energy produced by renewable sources. The B Corp used an energy model to prioritize energy conservation measures that would enable it to meet that goal. Both the goal and the process were important to Catalyst Partners.

“The energy conservation measures employed included daylighting, natural ventilation, building improvements, and a geothermal heating and cooling system. With those measures in place, Catalyst Partners added a 5,000-watt solar system, which has been used for 10 years. With the conservation measures and use of solar photovoltaic panels, Catalyst Partners has seen a 57% reduction in electricity use and energy with 20% on-site renewable energy and 99% building reuse — all amounting to a 60% reduction in utility costs. But Catalyst Partners isn’t stopping there.”

Legacy Vacation Resorts [LINK]

“For Legacy Vacation Resorts, an Orlando-based B Corp, transitioning to renewable energy is part of the company’s commitment to achieving net zero energy and reducing its carbon emissions by 50% by 2030. Legacy Sustainability and Social Purpose Manager Madison Daum described the process as a journey that comes with challenges and rewards.

“Legacy worked with Optimus Energy Solutions, a Florida-based general contractor and electrical contractor, to install solar panels at all four of its Florida resorts. Two of the resorts are currently producing solar energy and the team is working to get the other two online. In combination with other energy-saving projects, such as switching to LED lights and installing smart HVAC systems, the resorts have already seen a significant decrease in energy use. For those interested in pursuing solar, companies are advised not to be afraid to advocate for their company — and to remember that smaller steps are also impactful.”

Southern Energy Management [LINK]

“Southern Energy Management, a solar installer and building performance consultant based out of Raleigh, North Carolina, sought to upgrade its facility to better align with its mission of improving how people make and use energy. Southern Energy Management, which was founded in 2001 and has been a B Corp for 15 years, began assessing and improving its building’s energy use after purchasing it in 2018.

“Upgrades included the installation of high-efficiency heat pumps in several zones in the building, programmable thermostats to optimize conditioning schedules, solar tubes to increase natural light, and updated lighting in the facility’s warehouse. Once Southern Energy Management understood how much energy it needed to offset, the team designed and installed a 52.2 kW solar system to match its energy goals.”

Muskoka Roastery Coffee Co. [LINK]

“The Canadian B Corp Muskoka Roastery Coffee Co. operates using renewable electricity and green natural gas and fuel from fellow Canadian B Corp Bullfrog Power. Muskoka Roastery Marketing Manager Jordan Neudorf said Bullfrog Power provides electricity and natural gas for the roastery. Muskoka Roastery also purchases offsets from Bullfrog Power to eliminate the balance of its energy-related emissions footprint.

“As part of energy partnerships like Muskoka Roastery’s, companies can continue using their existing utilities. According to its website, Bullfrog Power puts renewable energy into the system to displace any polluting utilities. The offsets support new clean energy sources like wind and solar farms, low-impact hydro projects, and green natural gas producers. Bullfrog Power sources its green natural gas from organic waste at landfills or wastewater treatment plants, and its green fuel comes from repurposed waste streams, such as cooking oils from restaurants.”

Congratulations AMS Fulfillment !!

AMS was recently informed that our B Impact Assessment score has risen from 85 to 100.3. The total available for most companies is 140. So… what is the B Impact Assessment and what does this mean… other than “We’re doing good”? The information below should partially answer the questions, and more information is available [HERE].

“The B Impact Assessment is scored to measure a company’s social and environmental performance, both overall and within key impact areas. Scoring within the B Impact Assessment is designed to allow comparability and to identify and track opportunities for improvement over time. Scoring evolves with each version of the B Impact Assessment and is complex and customized based on the company’s specific track.”

We asked Samantha Hicks, Corp. Culture & Org. Development BP, for her thoughts on this good news!

“I am just so proud. Proud to be an integral part of B Corporations around the world actively and passionately driving business decisions to make a positive impact in the lives of workers, outreaching to our communities to see how we can help, taking steps forward to ensure our business practices don’t harm the environment, building accountability and trust with clients with transparency and security, and seeing firsthand the heart our Sr. Leadership Team puts into supporting all of these initiatives. For some, Governance is a tough one, with getting Sr. Leadership buy in on moving away from profit over people and planet. But for AMS, Governance is our highest scoring impact area.

“Environment is our second highest score, and I am so proud of our Green Team which looks ahead in our industry research, bringing new ideas to the table, effortlessly jumping into sustainability projects including delving into waste bins for auditing, so we can alter our actions to have better waste management practices.

“Understanding the impact that Logistics has, our Team provides BGreen shipping options including Pandion, which is our greenest, being carbon neutral, and DHL eCOM offers a “go green” program that adds an additional fee to help fund clean energy projects. To our Purchasing Department for researching curbside recycling packaging options for our clients. To our Client Services Team that assists our clients in their scope 3 carbon neutral efforts. To our Facilities Team for monitoring energy waste and providing timely solutions. To our employees who aid in making sure our plastic stretch film, cardboard boxes, and cans/bottles get recycled.

“But what I am most proud of is OUR PEOPLE. B Corp Certification is holistic, and it takes TEAMS being engaged across our entire company in every department. OUR PEOPLE came together and drove our score from an 85 to a 100.3, within 3 years of hard work and dedication. Working at AMS has so much more meaning to our people than the day-to-day grind of logistics. We have purpose, knowing that every step we take works towards a better tomorrow, for the lives of future generations and the places we call home.”

** **

AMS Fulfillment is a Certified B Corporation, dedicated to People and Planet before Profit. We work to B the Change we wish to see in the world.

Employees - AMS FulfillmentCreating a good balance between our day at work and our life at home is a challenge for many of us and it’s a subject worth discussing. A few days ago, we published a blog on stress. This offering is a follow-up to that blog. Many of us do experience stress, and more-so if our work life and our personal lives are not in balance.

At AMS we do not want our employees’ day at work to take precedence over everything else in life. Having a harmonious work-life balance is important to our employees’ physical, emotional, and mental well-being and we encourage our employees to not put the demands of career above the demands of personal life.

In reading what others say about work-life balance, one of the recommendations is to work from home. AMS is a fulfillment company, and our valued employees work in warehouses and offices on campus, so work from home is an option for very few AMS employees.

Another recommendation is to find a job you love. We definitely do all we can at AMS to make this a place our employees enjoy being in, with labor that is not stressful on the body, and rest when rest is needed. We also offer some ‘extras’ to make working at AMS exciting and beneficial. Primary among the extras is our Volunteer Committee, which engages activities each month for some fun at work. It gives us something to look forward to, something to connect with each other on, something positive to take our mind off other things.  

For those commuting to an eight-hour workday, picking up kids from day-care or running errands, eating dinner, with just enough time to brush our teeth and read a few pages of a book… AMS understands this, and we offer Free education and training for personal and career development during work hours, giving employees what most of us value most, time. We want our employees to love working at AMS.

Moving on, we found some tips for creating a better work-life balance at Business News Daily. Let’s check them out:

In short, work-life balance is the state of equilibrium where a person equally prioritizes the demands of one’s career and the demands of one’s personal life. Here are eight tips for creating a better work-life balance.

*Accept that there is no ‘perfect’ work-life balance. Don’t strive for the perfect schedule; strive for a realistic one.

*Find a job that you love. You don’t need to love every aspect of your job, but it needs to be exciting enough that you don’t dread getting out of bed every morning.

*Prioritize your health. Don’t be afraid to call in sick on rough days. Prioritizing your health first and foremost will make you a better employee and person.

*Don’t be afraid to unplug. Cutting ties with the outside world from time to time allows us to recover from weekly stress and gives us space for other thoughts and ideas to emerge.

*Take a vacation. Sometimes, truly unplugging means taking vacation time and shutting off work completely for a while.

*Make time for yourself and your loved ones. While your job is important, it shouldn’t be your entire life. You were an individual before taking this position, and you should prioritize the activities or hobbies that make you happy.

*Set boundaries and work hours. Set boundaries for yourself and your colleagues to avoid burnout. When you leave the office, avoid thinking about upcoming projects or answering company emails.

*Set goals and priorities (and stick to them). Pay attention to when your most productive work time is and block that time off for your most important work-related activities.

The article is quite a bit more extensive than what we have quoted here, and if readers would like to check it out, here is the Business News Daily [LINK].

In our recent blog on stress [LINK] we encouraged our employees to utilize the AMS Employee Assistance Program (EAP) which provides free counseling for AMS employees and their families. We encourage employees to contact HR for information on the EAP services. If talking with a professional might help in solving struggles with work-life balance, please take advantage of this excellent program.

More good information can be found in an article at the Mental Health America website. Their focus is on stress caused by juggling workloads, managing relationships and family responsibilities, and squeezing in outside interests. The article states that “More than one in four Americans describe themselves as ‘super stressed’ and that’s not balanced—or healthy.” The article offers some practical steps as follows:

At Work

Set manageable goals each day. Being able to meet priorities helps us feel a sense of accomplishment and control. The latest research shows that the more control we have over our work, the less stressed we get. So be realistic about workloads and deadlines. Make a “to do” list and take care of important tasks first and eliminate unessential ones. Ask for help when necessary.

The article goes on to suggest the following:

*Be efficient with your time at work. 

*Ask for flexibility.

*Take five. Small breaks at work—or on any project—will help clear your head.

*Tune in. Listen to your favorite music at work to foster concentration, reduce stress and anxiety, and stimulate creativity.

*Communicate effectively. Be honest with colleagues or your boss when you feel you’re in a bind. Chances are, you’re not alone.

*Give yourself a break. No one’s perfect!

At Home

*Unplug. Recognize the need for personal time.

*Divide and conquer. Make sure responsibilities at home are evenly distributed and clearly outlined.

*Don’t over commit. Shed the superman/superwoman urge!

*Get support. Chatting with friends and family can be important to your success at home—or at work.

*Take advantage of your company’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

*Stay active. Make time in your schedule for the gym or to take a walk during lunch—and have some fun!

*Treat your body right.

*Get help if you need it. Don’t let stress stand in the way of your health and happiness.

As with the previous article, there is more valuable information offered at the Mental Health America website [LINK].

At AMS our employees are highly respected and appreciated as people. We care. Our employees are the reason for our success and we hope that they, and all readers, get some value from these guidelines. May we all find a peaceful balance between work life and home life.

** ** **

AMS Fulfillment is a Certified B Corporation, committed to putting People and Planet before Profit. We work to B the Change we wish to see in the world.


Volunteers - AMS FulfillmentIn the United States, the entire month of April is designated as National Volunteer Month. At AMS we celebrate our Volunteers, and we know that even small acts of kindness can create a ripple effect of positivity, inspiring others to join the movement of volunteerism.

Introduction and Thank You!

First, we would like to introduce the Volunteer Committee at AMS and give our thanks to them personally. For those readers who don’t know which locations are AMS East, and which are AMS West, here are the AMS East locations – New Holland, Boulden, Churchmans; and here are AMS West locations – WIT, WIL, LIV, HQ Office and HQ. These individuals are presented in random order:

Alyssa F., Account Manager I, New Holland

Bill C., Accounting Specialist I, New Holland

Emma A., HR Business Partner, New Holland

Wendy M., Account Manager, New Holland

Sharon S., Billing Specialist II, New Holland

Jada T., Operations Associate, Boulden

Tia W., Operations Lead, Churchmans

Gabriel G., Asst. Account Manager, HQ Office

Ray A., Asst. Account Manager, HQ Office

Samantha H., Corp. Culture & Org. Development BP, HQ Office

Teresa G., Returns Supervisor, HQ

Tangie D., Operations Supervisor, WIT

Jamie B., Field HR Business Partner, WIT Office

Rocio A., Talent Acquisition Manager, WIT Office

Roxanne W., Operations Associate II, WIL

Cristy G., Inventory/Receiving Manager, WIL

Elizabeth S., Data Entry Clerk, WIL

Saul M., Operations Supervisor, LIV

Interview with Samantha Hicks

We have asked Samantha Hicks, Corp. Culture & Org. Development BP, if she could tell us more about the AMS Volunteers. We have several questions:

Thank you Samantha. We don’t really understand the work of the AMS volunteers. Could you explain what they do?

“AMS always had a “family-like” culture. As the company started to grow, with opening new warehouses across CA, PA, and DE, it was important to engage and include all employees. Company culture can’t be driven alone, we needed a team.

“Our warehouse in PA, dba. Echo Data, has a long rich history of people working at that organization, and it was important to preserve their culture, bridging the cultural gap. With at least one representative from each facility, it enriches our organization as one.

“The AMS Volunteer Committee is a cross-functional team of employees from each of our warehouses who volunteer their time during the workday to engage our teams in cultural and fundraising activities. I like the call them “Culture Champions.” They keep our day-to-day from becoming stagnant, ensuring new ideas come from all areas of the company.

“We call it “Volunteer” because there are no requirements or expectations of the Representatives, the program is completely organic and holistic. We get what we put into it. We recruit openly within our organization, and those who have a real passion for creating a positive experience for themselves and their teams are the ones who volunteer their time and efforts. I am proud to say, the Representatives who initially joined are still part of it.

“To maximize inclusivity, our strategy is to have meetings monthly, and we get together on a blank platform to brainstorm activities for the following month. There is input, collaboration, and co-creation from these Champions. There is no hierarchy, as everyone is on the same level. We aim to celebrate cultural holidays, tying in a fundraising activity, which proceeds will go to helping out the nonprofit organization for that month’s theme.”

Where are the Champions volunteering?

“Mostly, at work during work hours. For example, we hold food and clothing drives and donate to our community. On some occasions, we go outside the organization, like for our annual Santa Clarita River Rally Cleanup. We have fundraising events, like “Pie the Boss” to donate back to non-profit organizations.”

How do the volunteers find the places and ways to serve the community?

“I would go to the city website and see what activities are planned. Other times, the Representatives will have an event they are connected to which we support as an organization.”

Thank you Samantha, and THANK YOU to the AMS Volunteers!! We’re proud of you and grateful for your efforts. You ARE Champions!! 

** ** **

AMS Fulfillment is a Certified B Corporation, dedicated to putting People and Planet before Profit. We work to B the Change we wish to see in the world.


stress - AMS FullfillmentApril is National Stress Awareness Month, and certainly stress is worthy of a conversation. Is there any one among us who does not experience stress now and then? For some of us, stress is a minor issue, and we have methods of reducing it and re-centering. For others stress can affect physical health and have a negative impact on daily life.

For information on stress we went to the National Institute of Health (NIH). The NIH provides guidance for employers, including a recommendation for the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). AMS does offer the EAP free to employees and their households, so help is available. AMS employees have access to EAP licensed mental health professionals 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and this includes eligible dependents.

Where does stress come from?

The stress we deal with can come from many origins. Probably the most common are financial and family health, and we encourage our employees who are experiencing these kinds of stress to talk to HR, utilize the EAP, and speak with supervisors if appropriate. At AMS we care, and we want to help.

Other types of stress can come from social media and news headlines affecting the mind. There are far too many ‘fear’ messages, created for the purpose of ‘clicks’, and these messages are bound to affect our minds and spirits. If the headlines are creating fear, we encourage readers to put the phone or computer down and go for a walk, in nature if possible.

Is there a positive side of Stress?

There are some arguments in favor of a small amount of stress if it is short-lived. An article in [LINK] states: “Stress that lasts for a short time can boost job performance while increasing alertness. Healthy amounts of stress can even help build relationships essential for our health. Stress is also vital for our memory. It allows us to recall the inevitable consequences of our actions to help us avoid them again in the future.”

It is the chronic stress we need to avoid, and we are wise to take steps to reduce stress if we notice it becoming chronic and harmful to our bodies and minds.

Stress Reduction


The most common recommendation for stress reduction is exercise. Exercise does have a very positive effect in reducing stress. Some of us may work out in the gym, some may go for a run, some may play tennis, some may simply walk the dog – whatever avenue you take with regard to exercise, it will be a net positive.


Deep breathing exercises are a very effective method of reducing stress. Chinese medicine has ‘energy work’ called Qigong (pronounced Chi Kung) that can be utilized while sitting at the desk or taking a moment to relax. It involves a slow inhale while raising the hands from hips to shoulders, and a slow exhale while lowering the hands.


Another method of stress reduction is meditation. Meditation is a practice of calming the mind, slowing the thoughts, centering, and being present in the body and aware and observant of self. There are meditation teachers and meditation groups available online, and these can be helpful. There is also a technique developed by physicists that can bring about relaxation by slowing brainwaves – it’s called binaural beats, and a quick google search will bring information.

Stress and Disease

Returning to the NIH website [LINK] we see a very extensive writing on stress and disease. Quoting from the article: “The critical factor associated with stress is its chronic effect over time. Chronic stressors include daily hassles, frustration of traffic jams, work overload, financial difficulties, marital arguments or family problems. There are, of course, many more things that can cause stress, but these are the stressors commonly encountered in daily life. Instead of discharging this stress, however, we hold it inside where its effects become cumulative.”

See your Doctor if Needed

We encourage our valued employees, clients and friends to not ignore stress if it is chronic. Please utilize the Employee Assistance Program and find help if help is needed. If your level of stress is such that it concerns you regarding disease, see your doctor. Chronic and severe stress can cause high blood pressure, heart disease, ulcers and other issues that should never be ignored.

Care for Yourself

When you are stressed or anxious make sure you are continuing to look after yourself. Take time to relax when you need to and learn to say no to requests that are too much for you. The answer to prevention of disease can be found in communication, empathy, and sincere care. Employees are encouraged to contact HR for more information on EAP, and please do not hesitate to speak to your supervisor if you’re feeling overwhelmed by stress.

One More Thing!!

AMS is offering a brand new educational course available to all employees entitled “Mental Health First Aid in the Workplace.” Upon completion of the course, students will receive a NCBH Mental Health First Aid Certificate. For more information on this course, please contact [email protected].

** ** **

AMS Fulfillment is a Certified B Corporation whose commitment is to put People and Planet before Profit. We seek to B the Change we wish to see in the world.


Earth Month - AMS FulfillmentEvery month is Earth Month at AMS Fulfillment. We never forget about doing what we can do to minimize any damage to the environment caused by operating our business. But since there is a commemoration going on in April, and April 22nd is Earth Day we are happy to join in and encourage others to honor our beautiful planet.

Why Earth Month?

Earth Month started during the years when Americans were using leaded gasoline and creating significant air pollution due to inefficient emissions from our cars. It was in the early 1960s when a book came out, written by Rachel Carson, titled “Silent Spring”. That best-selling book really elevated the awareness of the effect of pollution on all living organisms.

In addition to the air pollution due to automobiles, there was another environmental crisis. From National Today [LINK] we read the following:

“In January 1969, several witnesses saw a massive oil spill in Santa Barbara, California, which caused major destruction to the environment. This captured the attention of senator Gaylord Nelson who wanted to use students’ passion and energy for anti-war protests for ecological activism, particularly regarding air and water pollution. This idea inspired a group of activists to dedicate themselves to encouraging all Americans to be proactive and environmentally conscious. They named their initiative Earth Day, which immediately caught the attention of the media and since a day isn’t enough to achieve the desired results regarding climate solutions, Earth Month was created. This was first celebrated on April 4, 1970.”

Thankfully this effort caught on and by 1990, Earth Month became a global event. At a website called Sustain Life [LINK] we read about how the concern for the environment grew. After the 1970 inaugural event the Environmental Protection Agency was established, and the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act were passed into law.

“In 1990, Earth Day went global, with events and activities taking place worldwide, marking the beginning of Earth Month, which is now celebrated every April. The event grew in popularity, and in 2009, the United Nations designated April 22 as International Mother Earth Day. Today, Earth Day is celebrated in over 190 countries. While Earth Month is a time to celebrate the progress made when protecting the environment, it’s also a time to reflect and double down on action to address the climate crisis and the environmental challenges that remain.”

How AMS Celebrates

Our AMS Green Team will be active and involved on Earth Day (April 22), and we will report on the activities of our Team when the day arrives. In the meantime, we take a moment to uplift Earth Month and express our gratitude to all individuals and all businesses that dedicate themselves to caring for the environment.

In the past years, corporations have contributed to the destruction of rivers, forests, oceans, land, and the air we all breathe. We have seen oil spills, pollution poured into rivers, forests stripped of trees, toxic spills into the environment and sadly these things are still happening. We are grateful for the businesses that join us in our B Corporation commitment to put Planet before Profit and we urge all businesses and institutions to focus on how to lessen the negative impact on our shared Earth.

AMS is proud to have achieved Carbon Neutral status in 2023 and we continue our efforts for 2024. What do we focus on? Our first effort, begun years ago, was recycling and proper handling of all packaging materials. Our goal is to minimize and even eliminate our contribution to landfills. Last year we recycled over one million pounds of cardboard. Recently, after a long effort and some expense, we found a way to recycle stretch plastic. Today it doesn’t end up in a landfill, but instead it is re-used to create any number of plastic-based products.

AMS has eliminated the use of gasoline powered forklifts, we have changed the lighting in our warehouses, and we are most proud of our use of earth friendly options for sustainable packaging materials. We also have created a catalog for our clients to use in determining the packaging they wish to utilize, and we plan to revamp it this year.

We are doing what we can, and we have a very dedicated Green Team researching and creating more ways to lessen our impact. We are looking forward to providing a full report from our Team for Earth Day, April 22nd.

** **

AMS Fulfillment is proud to be a Certified B Corporation, dedicated to People and Planet over Profit. We aim to B the Change we wish to see in the world.

Employees - AMS Fulfillment We have a bit of a kerfuffle here at AMS Valencia. Our CDO, Stella, has threatened to engage in ‘barking’ if we don’t straighten up and show her some respect. Stella never engages in ‘barking’ – she considers it undignified, so this is serious.

First of all, Stella is not at all in love with her position as Chief Distraction Officer. She was heard stating… “I am a whole lot more than a distraction!! I am the one who keeps this place fit for humans!” We humbly asked Stella for recommendations, and she simply suggested, “Get a doggie dictionary – I can’t believe you don’t have one!”

We apologized and went to Google to find a doggy dictionary… and found it a bit of a challenge. Okay… here are the parameters: The CEO is the one who assigned her as CDO so maybe we could find an alternate word starting with the letter ‘D’.

How about Dawdle, or Debacle, Divergent, Dapper, Dashing, Devoted, Divine, Dutiful, Delightful, Deserving, Distinguished, Decent or Diplomatic… what about Chief Diplomatic Officer! We went to Stella with the Diplomatic option, and she just replied… “I have nothing to ‘bark’ on that subject – just take me outside for a walk.”

OK – does that mean she accepts the option? In any situation where diplomacy is required, we go to Stella for a smile and a wag? It sounds like it. She actually might be really effective in that position! We’ll check with the CEO.

Stella’s April Fools Request

Since today is April Fools Day, Stella brought up an issue that she has dealt with in the past. Sometimes people will put fake spiders and buggy things around as an April Fools joke, and this really is offensive to Stella. She is a ‘no bugs allowed’ pooch – even fake ones – and nothing irritates her more than going to check the building out and finding someone thinks bugs are funny. Stella said that if she finds any, she will go talk to the CEO.

We urge you to show all due respect to Stella today on April Fools Day. No fake spiders or bugs, especially no chocolate ones. In fact, please make sure there is nothing that she could accidentally harm herself with. Stella likes to snoop around – it’s part of her role as the Chief Distraction Officer (or maybe Chief Diplomatic Officer), finding anything that could offend human beings. She’s very good at caring for humans and giving them reason to smile and feel good, so let’s show her all due respect.

** **

Happy April Fools Day AMS – have some fun! And seriously… keep pets in mind on this day – making sure there are no ‘harmful to pets’ jokes within reach of a CDO like Stella.  


Employees - AMS FulfillmentIn this third and final Women’s History blog, we are going to focus on three women who were Key in the struggle for equality – Ida B. Wells, Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan. These three names are likely familiar to readers. Our examples will hopefully represent the many heroic women warriors for equality. We wish we could feature them all.

Before we begin covering these three heroic women, we would like to uplift the names of Susan B. Anthony, Sojourner Truth, Lucy Stone, Joslyn Gage, Jane Addams, Abby Kelly Foster and more. We encourage readers to learn about these women and the dedicated lives they lived as well as many others at this National Park Service page dedicated to Women’s History [LINK].

Ida B. Wells

Ida B. Wells was born enslaved in 1862 in Mississippi. She was able to obtain an education and put it to use first as a schoolteacher and then as a journalist, reporting on lynching and traveling the country to speak on the subject. It is Ida B. Wells who brought attention to the horrors of lynching, and she is on our list of key figures for that reason. At the Monmouth University website [LINK], we read about some of the leadership posts she held:

“Wells was among the founders of the NAACP and the National Association of Colored Women and was a leader in several women’s suffrage organizations including the Alpha Suffrage Club of Chicago, which she founded in 1913. She also founded the Alpha Suffrage Record newspaper.

“Later in 1913, the Alpha Suffrage Club marched in the seminal Women’s Suffrage Procession in Washington D.C.; membership voiced its disapproval of march leaders’ placement of Black marchers at the rear of the parade as a concession to southern suffragists, and many either did not march or joined the parade elsewhere. Wells disregarded instructions altogether, taking her rightful place in the front of the parade between other movement leaders.”

Ida B. Wells is a major figure in the history of Women’s Suffrage as well as the struggle for equality for Black Americans. Although she was a founder in various organizations and member of others, she did not often achieve leadership positions. Nevertheless, she stands as a major figure in the activism of her time. Read more about Ida B. Wells here [LINK].

Gloria Steinem

Gloria Steinem was born in 1934 in Ohio. After high school she attended Smith College where she studied government. She graduated magna cum laude in 1956 and earned the Chester Bowles Fellowship, which enabled her to spend two years studying and researching in India. At the Women’s History website we read the following [LINK]:

“Steinem started her professional career as a journalist in New York, writing freelance pieces for various publications. Getting plumb assignments was tough for women in the late 1950s and 1960s, when men ran the newsrooms and women were largely relegated to secretarial and behind-the-scenes research roles. Steinem’s early articles tended to be for what was then called “the women’s pages,” lifestyle or service features about such female-centered or fashion topics as nylon stockings. Steinem once recalled that, “When I suggested political stories to The New York Times Sunday Magazine, my editor just said something like, ‘I don’t think of you that way.’”

The article continued as follows: “She worked hard to make a name for herself, and in 1968, she helped found New York magazine, where she became an editor and political writer. At New York magazine, Steinem reported on political campaigns and progressive social issues, including the women’s liberation movement.”

Steinem lived a life dedicated to the advancement of the women’s movement and to the cause of women’s rights. Steinem co-founded a number of women’s organizations, and she was a writer of several books that had an impact on the time.

“An award-winning and prolific writer, Steinem has authored several books, including a biography on Marilyn Monroe, and the best-selling My Life on the Road. Her work has also been published and reprinted in numerous anthologies and textbooks. In 2013, President Barack Obama presented her with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor. In her honor, in 2017, Rutgers University created The Gloria Steinem Endowed Chair in Media, Culture, and Feminist Studies.”

Betty Friedan

Betty Friedan is well known as a co-founder of the National Organization for Women (NOW). She was born in 1921 in Peoria, Illinois. She attended Smith College and the University of California. From the website Freedom Forum we read the following [LINK]:

“Friedan is sometimes called the mother of the modern women’s rights movement. After spending time as a reporter and homemaker, she researched middle class women in the home and wrote the 1963 book “The Feminine Mystique.” The book spurred conversation about the role of women at home and at work. She exercised the freedoms of assembly and petition to help create groups like the National Organization for Women and advocate for gender equality in the workplace.

“Friedan helped organize the Women’s Strike for Equality to protest discrimination on Aug. 26, 1970, the 50th anniversary of the 19th Amendment’s certification, ensuring women’s right to vote.”

There is a great deal more to Betty Friedan’s impact on the women’s movement. In addition to co-founding and acting as President of NOW and organizing the Women’s Strike for Equality, she authored the book credited with actually sparking the ‘second wave of feminism’.

We will conclude with a quote from Wikipedia as follows: “Regarded as an influential author and intellectual in the United States, Friedan remained active in politics and advocacy until the late 1990s, authoring six books. As early as the 1960s Friedan was critical of polarized and extreme factions of feminism that attacked groups such as men and homemakers. One of her later books, The Second Stage (1981), critiqued what Friedan saw as the extremist excesses of some feminists.”

** **

Well, there we have it. We hope that readers have enjoyed our efforts to explore women’s history during the month of March. We are grateful for the dedicated efforts of so many women on behalf of the women of today. We are grateful for the progress that women have made and grateful for the businesses, such as AMS, that are wise enough to put truly competent women in leadership positions within the organization.

** **

AMS Fulfillment is a Certified B Corporation, dedicated to People and Planet before Profit. We work to B the Change we wish to see in the world.


Employees - AMS FulfillmentAMS has been hiring individuals with disabilities for many years, working with community organizations focused on helping disabled persons find work and live fulfilled lives. As we move toward the end of March, we noticed one more commemoration, March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month. This simply means we have an opportunity to create awareness of needs and realities around development disabilities.

From Google we see the following: “Examples of developmental disabilities include autism, behavior disorders, brain injury, cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome, fetal alcohol syndrome, intellectual disability, and spina bifida.”

These conditions may impair physical abilities, learning, and behavior. They begin either at birth or during the child’s developmental years and they impact day-to-day functioning throughout a person’s lifetime.

Most readers will be familiar with individuals with developmental disabilities, either mild or severe, within the family, community, or workplace. Our prayer for family members and loved ones so affected is that they can live a happy and productive life. For many, a happy and productive life includes finding work, and taking part in work life. At AMS Fulfillment we have been privileged to work with and enjoy the company of co-workers with disabilities.

What are Developmental Disabilities?

From the University of Minnesota website [LINK] we read the following:

Intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs) are disorders that are usually present at birth and that negatively affect the trajectory of the individual’s physical, intellectual, and/or emotional development. Many of these conditions affect multiple body parts or systems. As of 2016, 7.37 million people in the United States had intellectual or developmental disabilities.”

Our Santa Clarita Community

AMS works with two community organizations to hire individuals with disabilities… Desert Haven Enterprises [LINK] and Pleasantview Industries [LINK]. These have been long-term relationships for many of the 20+ years AMS has been in Valencia.

Desert Haven describes itself as follows:

“Since 1954, we have been assisting persons with developmental disabilities to achieve their dreams of becoming productive, independent, fully-participating members of their community. Our programs provide those whom we serve, referred to as “consumers”, with the opportunity to learn important skills needed in everyday life: at home, in the community, and on the job. All programs and services offered through Desert Haven are designed to prepare our consumers to reach their greatest level of independence up to and including securing a job within the community–in keeping with the individual strengths, needs, expectations, and choices of each person served.”

Pleasantview Industries gives the following information:

“Pleasantview Industries, Inc. is an organization dedicated to providing training and support to assist consumers with developmental disabilities in successfully reaching their individually chosen goals. Individuals with disabilities and their families request services based upon their needs and preferences. Since 1969, Pleasantview has successfully supported many individuals in the Santa Clarita Valley through individualized services and support.  The program provides work training, supported employment services and personal skill development training to support program participants to achieve their highest level of independence in the community.”

Supporting the Community

For AMS, supporting these community organizations is a privilege, and hiring individuals with disabilities is a privilege as well.

Many employees that we have hired and worked with from these organizations have been with us for years, not only because we value them as essential contributors to our organization, but because they choose to be here. As with all employees, the organization is dedicated to helping train employees on-site, giving equitable time of extra help to make sure employees are comfortable in their new roles.

“Well, my perspective is when I get to know the employees I get to knowing them really well, getting along with them real well. I would say they treat me like as if I’m one of the family. It’s one of the best jobs I ever had. Better than my other jobs that I used to do.”

 -Bruce B., Operations Associate II, May 2013. Temp to Hire from Pleasantview Industries.

** ** **

AMS Fulfillment is a Certified B Corporation, dedicated to People and Planet before Profit. We work to B the Change we wish to see in the world.

Employees - AMS FulfillmentThe Women’s movement of the 1960s and 70s was a great step in breaking through the limits placed upon women in the workplace and in the culture. Years before, women had begun to enter the workplace in support of WWII, in weapons manufacturing. This change set the stage for changes to come.

Quoting from Google: “Gradually, Americans came to accept some of the basic goals of the Sixties feminists: equal pay for equal work, an end to domestic violence, curtailment of severe limits on women in managerial jobs, an end to sexual harassment, and sharing of responsibility for housework and child rearing.”

Many Seniors of today can speak of the women’s movement from direct experience… perhaps with more expertise than Google. Equal pay for equal work was strongly called for, as well as curtailment of severe limits on women in managerial jobs. Another strong push, not mentioned by Google, was the entrance of women into professions such as doctors, lawyers, judges, business executives and so forth. Prior to the 1960s there were few if any of these professions open to women.

Second Wave Feminism

There is an overview of the movement at a website called [LINK]. The article refers to the movement as ‘second wave feminism’. We will offer some excerpts from the article:

“The second wave feminism movement took place in the 1960s and 1970s and focused on issues of equality and discrimination. Starting initially in the United States with American women, the feminist liberation movement soon spread to other Western countries.”

The article mentions a book by Betty Friedan, The Feminine Mystique, published in 1963 as having an impact. That book reached a wide audience along with other books, such as Our Bodies Ourselves, which awakened women to the wonders of the woman’s body. Prior to that time, women’s bodies were looked upon as something to be ‘hidden’ and even somewhat shameful.

“Second wave feminists cared deeply about exposing and overcoming the casual, systemic racism present in society—unlike the suffragists and suffragettes of the nineteenth century, who focused largely on political equality through suffrage. Second wave feminists realized that women’s cultural and political inequalities were inextricably linked. They worked under a unifying goal of social equality, with sexuality and reproductive rights being central concerns to the liberation movement, and with much of the movement’s energy being focused on passing the Equal Rights Amendment.”

Equal Rights Amendment

“Although the Equal Rights Amendment still hasn’t been ratified, second wave feminism had many successes. The approval of the contraceptive pill by the Food and Drug Administration in 1960 gave women more control over their reproductive rights—within five years, around 6 million women were using it. Feminists also worked and gained women the right to hold credit cards and apply for mortgages in their own name and outlawed marital rape. Awareness around domestic violence was raised, and gender and women’s studies departments were founded at universities and colleges. The passing of the Equal Pay Act in 1963, Title IX in 1972, and Roe v. Wade in 1973 were legislative victories for feminists.”

The article asserts that the Equal Rights Amendment has not yet been ratified, which is incorrect according to many advocates. Whichever opinion is correct, we can say that the ERA is not yet a Constitutional Amendment. We suggest further research to readers who would like to know more of ‘what’s going on’. Recognizing sex-based equal rights as constitutionally protected has cultural and political implications that we encourage readers to explore.

The Women’s Movement Achievements

For those (this writer included) who lived through and were impacted by the Women’s Movement… what does the world look like now? Women doctors, women professors, women lawyers and judges, a woman as vice president, women on the Supreme Court… these things and more are what we dreamed of and worked for. We wanted to prove that we’re not lacking intellectually, and we wanted equal pay. We also wanted to understand and appreciate ourselves including the miraculous reproductive capacity of our female bodies.

For the most part we have seen the changes we desired. AMS Fulfillment is an example of equity: out of all AMS employees, 59% are women. Of the leadership roles, 52% are women. The men at AMS are appreciated, and the women are appreciated. Equal rights, equal pay and equal appreciation.

The women’s movement of the 1960s and 70s continued after the 1980s until today under some iteration of the term ‘Feminism’. The 60s and 70s Women’s Movement was authentic, much needed, and revolutionary. It came during a very tumultuous period and was part of a great cultural change. Also referred to as ‘women’s liberation’, it was liberating mentally and spiritually as women began to dream of what they could achieve.

** **

Our third and final article for Women’s History Month will shine the light on some of the outstanding women who led the way for equal rights.

AMS Fulfillment is a certified B Corporation, committed to putting people and planet before profit. We work to B the Change we want to see in the world.

Employees - AMS FulfillmentThank you for your exemplary performance during the month of February: DARIUS B.LUZ T.BECKY A.JENNIFER W., BRUCE B.DARYL W., LORETTA R.JOHN C., CRISTY G., and NIKOLOUS L.

In the fulfillment industry, employees directly serve the company’s clients, making their efforts vital to the growth and success of the business. At AMS Fulfillment we appreciate and value our employees, and we respect and invest in them. Every month we see our employees working hard with such outstanding dedication and we are continually impressed by the results they produce!

Congratulations to this month’s winners! All Winners will receive an Employee of the Month Certificate, T-Shirt, and Quarterly Celebration Lunch!

DARIUS B., Operations Associate (12/13/2022)


“He is always the first one in, and we have to “force” him out the door every night. He is a team player and is always willing to jump into any account. If you’re having a bad day, see Darius and he will brighten your day with all his stories. “Da-Da” is 1 of a kind. Thank you for all you do Da-Da and you’re very much appreciated!” – Kristina S.

LUZ T., Operations Associate (03/04/2024)


“Luz is a recent new hire here at AMS. Since she started working in CT B2B, Luz has shown the ability to quickly learn the very complex ins and outs of the client and various retailers. Luz shows up on time ready to work every day and is willing to do whatever is asked of her on a minute-by-minute basis, from training new associates, to wrapping pallets, to picking and packing complex orders! Congrats LUZ!!! Welcome to AMS!!!!” – Paul S.

BECKY A., Senior Operations Manager (03/13/2017)

Headquarters WH

“Becky is MVP of all time. Becky is an unbelievably kind, generous, and helpful person. She sprinkles a little bit of wisdom, life lessons, and cheer across the warehouse. We have nicknamed her the “birthday fairy”. She continues to do what’s best for all and helps everyone, even when she is a bit stressed out. She works hard every day and finds solution to everything thrown at her. As she now ventures into another position in the company, we know she will make a difference and help the logistics team be as successful as she has done for us at HQ warehouse.” – Anonymous

JENNIFER W., Business Development Representative (09/27/2022)

Headquarters Sales

“Jennifer’s positive energy, her eagerness to learn, and attention to details is vital to the sales process and our success in landing new clients. She is always looking for ways to help AMS and our clients be successful and isn’t afraid to take on new challenges and responsibilities. Jennifer is an absolute joy to work with, and a role model for the type of partner we need at AMS!” -Jay Co.

“Jen is such an enjoyable person to work with – she’s definitely focused, super smart, hardworking, and she shows up bringing help when we need it. Our team is really top notch, and Jen is such a big part of it. We work together, plan together, think together and celebrate the successes together too. I’m so glad to be working with Jen.” Ida L.

“Jen is a pure ray of sunshine! I can’t help but smile around her. She has so much passion and enthusiasm for AMS, she inspires me.” – Sam H.

BRUCE B., Operations Associate II (05/17/2013)


“Bruce is an outstanding employee who comes to work every day with a GREAT attitude. The moment Bruce walks into the building he is smiling, cares about everyone’s well-being and will say hello and greets everyone he crosses paths with. Bruce gives 100% effort from the time he reports to work until the second he leaves work and always willing to help others. Bruce volunteered to participate in our new website video interview, and he was thrilled when asked to do so! Bruce loves talking about the history of AMS and is a very PROUD AMS Employee.”- Saul M.

DARYL W., Inventory Receiving Specialist I, (10/11/2023)


“Daryl has been with the company for a little over five months. Our first impression of Daryl, and what stuck out the most, is his persistence. He came to our building looking for a job at least three times and he just kept pushing until he got himself in here. He is our forklift operator, but he doesn’t stop there at all. After he takes care of his replens, he is managing belts, builds pallets, loads the trucks, takes care of the drivers, and will help wherever we need him. He will ask questions when he is unsure of something to make sure it is done correctly. Daryl will also be in here early as he’s needed and be the last one to leave at night. He is truly dedicated to his job, and we really appreciate every bit of effort he puts into this building. Thank you, Daryl !!”- Amber S.

LORETTA R., Operations Associate II (03/06/2020)

New Holland

“I must tell you; I am a newly hired supervisor for one of our accounts. Although I have not been here for over a month yet, there has been an employee that has really gone above and beyond in her position, that I have noticed – Loretta! She is absolutely on point, very thorough in all she does, and she has been above all, an awesome trainer. She has shown me and explained every detail. I am very happy that she is a part of my team!!!!” – Linda L.

JOHN C. (on behalf of the entire team) Operations Supervisor, Night Shift

New Holland

“Recognition for John’s inclusive leadership skills- independently appreciating, celebrating, and outreaching.” – Sam H.

“My team is what I am really focused on. As a supervisor I don’t have to think of every idea, only to facilitate the ideas my team has. As I incorporate more lean principles into the team, they are coming up with amazing ideas to really streamline some of the processes we have. I am literally at the bottom of the triangle – our clients, and my team come way before me. I have been with AMS for almost a year, and I can’t express how much I value and appreciate every team member on 2nd shift. You can kinda’ look at us as the “firemen” for the company. We put out fires as in cleaning up aged orders, last minute priority orders, wrapping up 1st shift projects, and putting 1st shift in a position to succeed to carry out the next day tasks. One word to describe my team would be PERSEVERANCE [steady persistence in a course of an action, a purpose, and state, especially despite difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement] That’s my team. PERSEVERANCE produces character, and character produces hope. Thank you, 2nd Shift, I really appreciate all you do for our team.” – John C.

CRISTY G., Inventory Receiving Manager I (04/16/2012)


“We would like to take a moment to acknowledge you, Cristy, for your hard work and let you know that we are impressed by your performance. Thank you for your kindness, flexibility, hard work and being a team player. You play a key role in Williams, and we are thankful to have someone like you on our team!” -Ana R.

NIKOLOUS L., Operations Associate II (03/26/2012)


“Niko is a team player. He is always punctual. He is very kind to his coworkers and always helps them. He is a hard worker and gets the job done.” -Tangie D.

** ** **

To all of our Honorees, please know that whatever role you play, you are the reason for our success. Congratulations and Thank You!

AMS Fulfillment is a Certified B Corporation, committed to put People and Planet before Profit. We work to B the Change we wish to see in the world.