Supplement Fulfillment

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supplement fulfillment

Healthcare Fulfillment Expertise and Experience

AMS has established numerous quality-control procedures that are essential to providing first-rate health and wellness supplement fulfillment services. Sensitive products require exacting safety and operational standards, and we have the expertise to keep your products and your customers safe. Plus, we keep all customer information strictly private.

Our strict quality control procedures are fully supported by our systems. Procedures include:

  • First-in-first-out (FIFO) shipping: Our experience with supplement logistics means we know the importance of delivering in order of production.
  • First-expiry-first-out (FEFO) shipping: We provide nutraceutical fulfillment that ensures products won’t expire while waiting for shipment.
  • Expiration date management: Let us worry about creating the optimal schedule for shipping your products.
  • Lot tracking and control: With our vitamin fulfillment services, you can have complete visibility for every item that goes in or out of your facility.
  • Auto-shipping: Take some of the work out of your operations by having new shipments triggered automatically.
  • On-demand shipping: Our vitamin order fulfillment capabilities ensure customers can receive their orders as quickly as possible.
  • Returns per client guidelines: Let us use our reverse logistics expertise to handle this aspect of your customer service.
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Our Prescription for Wellness Product Fulfillment

AMS ships large volumes of nutraceuticals, consumables, dietary supplements and vitamins for our clients. Supplement fulfillment involves managing continuity, where customers enroll in programs that automatically ship product during a specific timeframe, usually monthly or bi-monthly. We’re experts at e-commerce and that includes managing auto-ship purchases.

AMS warehouses are insulated to keep temperatures from spiking too high, and we also have a designated temperature-controlled room, ensuring that temperatures stay within the particular range for these types of products.

Partner with AMS to reduce shipping costs, decrease waste from expired inventory, ensure that your products arrive in time to maximize peak performance and increase sales from your satisfied customers. As a B Corporation, you can be certain that we always do what’s best for all our stakeholders, as well.

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