Electronics Fulfillment

Electronics fulfillment challenges are no barrier for our experienced team.

electronics fulfillment

Expertise in Consumer Electronics Fulfillment

AMS handles the fulfillment of a wide variety of consumer electronics, shipping both B2B and B2C orders. In addition to the smaller, less expensive types of consumer electronics, we handle high-value items that require tight security, serial number capture, precise inventory control and testing. Regardless of product, we always serve the industry with top-notch quality control, a proven ability to handle all volumes of orders, flexible staffing for seasonal surges, and expertise in managing returns and exchanges.

Electronic product fulfillment involves some unique challenges, which AMS handles easily:

  • New versions (inventory turnover)
  • Multiple configurations, many SKUs
  • Cell phone cases (personalization)
  • Battery shipping regulations
  • Holiday/seasonal inventory surges
  • Keeping products safe and secure
  • Returns, refurbishment, restocking
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AMS Fulfillment Speaks from Experience

When it comes to consumer electronics fulfillment, AMS really knows how to deliver! We offer our clients a superior quality control process and a proven ability to handle orders large and small, even during holiday surges. And in everything we do, we serve our clients as if their businesses were our own.

We maintain long-standing partnerships with some of the major electronics retailers, such as Best Buy. We handle TVs, audio equipment and headphones, and we build pallet displays for gaming equipment. Plus, we ship to chain, drug and mass retailers, department stores, retail super stores, grocery chains and everywhere else these products are sold. We’re e-commerce experts as well, shipping all your branded products direct-to-consumer! Additionally, as a B Corporation, you can be certain we always do what’s best for you, the community as a whole and the environment.

The Competition Is Fierce; AMS Is Fiercer

Even though consumer demand is high, this market is rife with competition, which means that you cannot afford to lose customers due to less-than-stellar service. That’s why you absolutely need accurate and speedy electronics fulfillment services. Safe and secure warehousing, precise inventory management, efficient picking and secure packing, on-time delivery and the lowest prices in the industry — that’s what you get when you partner with AMS Fulfillment. Let our technology handle your technology — efficiently and cost-effectively — so you can focus on growing your brand.

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