Electronics Fulfillment

Electronics Fulfillment Challenges Are no Barrier for our Experienced Team

AMS handles electronics fulfillment of a wide variety of consumer electronics — shipping both B2B and B2C orders — from small items to large, expensive electronics. In addition to the smaller, less expensive types of consumer electronics, we handle high-value items that require tight security, serial number capture, precise inventory control, and testing.

Regardless of the product, we always serve the electronics industry with top-notch quality control, a proven ability to handle all order volumes, flexible staffing for seasonal surges, and expertise in managing returns and exchanges.

What Goes into Electronics Fulfillment? 

The expertise that AMS brings to consumer electronics fulfillment means that orders get filled safely, accurately, and quickly. A lot goes into filling eCommerce and B2B orders for electronics, and staying on top of all the moving pieces is what makes us successful.

At AMS, our teams are skilled in monitoring inventory and various SKUs, so that you are aware of inventory quantities and can get ahead of any low stock before you run out. This means that your customers will be able to buy what they need when they need it and get their orders filled fast.

Electronics can be very delicate, and storing them must be handled with care. No matter the electronic, debris, fluctuating temperatures, and water can damage or destroy batteries and components. In addition to a safe, clean environment, electronics can have a high price tag, so ensuring the security of the storage facility will reduce losses.

In the consumer electronics industry, there are often spikes in order volume at certain times of the year. Some electronics see huge spikes during the back-to-school timeframe, while most have an increase ahead of the holidays. At AMS, we can handle the increases in order volume so that your orders still get out on time, even during the busiest supply chain seasons.

With all of this, electronic product fulfillment involves unique challenges, which we can handle with ease:

Ship Fast with AMS Fulfillment for Electronics

When it comes to electronics, fulfilling orders quickly and getting the right item to your customer is key. With fulfillment centers on both the East Coast and the West Coast of the U.S., you can reach your customers fast, no matter where they are in the country. Our warehouses are near major ports and transportation centers, so that inventory can be received and orders can be processed quickly.

As soon as an order is processed, AMS employees accurately and safely package it for shipment with our discounted shipping rates and fulfillment technology, which keeps shipping costs low and delivery times faster — providing a win-win situation for you and your customer.

AMS Fulfillment Speaks from Experience 

When it comes to consumer electronics fulfillment, AMS knows how to deliver! We offer our clients a superior quality control process and a proven ability to handle orders large and small, even during holiday surges. And in everything we do, we serve our clients as if their businesses were our own.

We maintain long-standing partnerships with some of the major electronics retailers, such as Best Buy. We handle TVs, audio equipment, and headphones, and we build pallet displays for gaming equipment. Plus, we ship to chains, drug and mass retailers, department stores, retail superstores, grocery chains, and everywhere else these products are sold.

We’re eCommerce experts as well, shipping all your branded products direct-to-consumer! Additionally, as a B Corporation, you can be certain we always do what’s best for you, the community as a whole, and the environment.

How to Find an Electronics Fulfillment 3PL

There are many 3PLs out there, but when it comes to electronics, you need one that can handle the unique needs and challenges your company faces. If you need to find the right partner for electronics fulfillment, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind while you do your research:

eCommerce Integration

No matter your eCommerce platform, you want your fulfillment partner to be able to seamlessly integrate into it to ease the order fulfillment process. Whether you sell on a marketplace or using Shopify, Magento, or another eCommerce tool, the 3PL should be able to connect directly to your consumer electronics company sales channel. This will allow an order to begin being processed and filled as soon as it’s been placed.

Warehouse Locations

Many 3PLs will have multiple warehouses so you can disperse your inventory across the country, reducing shipping speeds and costs for your customers. Because consumers often want their new electronics fast, this will allow you to move items out the door faster with two-day shipping in much of the country.

Check on the warehouse locations you have access to with your fulfillment contract, so you know how this will affect your order fulfillment.

Fulfillment Speed

Some warehouses can guarantee next-day processing for your orders, while others may offer different fulfillment speeds. If there is an eCommerce integration, this should help expedite the order fulfillment process by allowing the processing stage to begin almost immediately.

Shipping Options

If your customers are accustomed to a certain shipping speed or carrier, then this is an important consideration for your 3PL needs. You will want to have a continuity of service, or even better service, for your customers.

Oftentimes, with 3PLs like AMS, you can get better shipping speeds and even offer two-day or next-day delivery to many customers across the country.

The Competition Is Fierce. AMS Is Fiercer.

Even though consumer demand is high, the consumer electronics market is rife with competition, which means that you cannot afford to lose customers due to less-than-stellar service. That’s why you need accurate and speedy electronics fulfillment services.

Safe and secure warehousing, precise inventory management, efficient picking, secure packing, on-time delivery, and the lowest prices in the industry — that’s what you get when you partner with AMS Fulfillment. Your customers have come to expect it, so give them what they need at a great price.

Contact Us today and let our cutting-edge warehouse technology handle your electronics — efficiently and cost-effectively. Consumer electronics companies partner with us so they can focus on growing their brand and serving their customers.