Inventory Management

Effectively managing 100’s of 1000’s of SKUs takes Systems, Expertise and Dedication!

Inventory Management Solutions

At AMS Fulfillment we understand that critical business decisions of our clients are driven by their inventory status and availability. When our clients access inventory information from our warehouse management system, that information must be accurate. With AMS integrity at stake, management of inventory becomes the personal responsibility of every member of the AMS team.

Controlling hundreds of thousands of stock keeping units (SKUs) for dozens of clients is no easy task. Operations personnel at AMS Fulfillment follows strict procedures with checks and balances for receiving, put away, pulling orders, location replenishment, bin moves and ongoing quality control (including cycle counts)… and every building employs a dedicated Inventory Management Team to maintain control!

The operational methodology employed by AMS allows us to eliminate inventory data corruption simply by following the rules of our operating system. In most cases, bogus inventory comes from circumventing the system. At AMS, we never circumvent the system. Instead we research problems with a dedicated Inventory Management team, find the answers quickly and ensure the system reflects accurate numbers.

Systems and procedures cannot do the job alone; passion is critical, and at AMS, it’s a requirement! We take the time because we know… when our clients succeed, we succeed, and strict control of inventory is a vital component of operational success!

Third-Party Inventory Management

Inventory management can be complex, particularly as a company grows and the number of unique stock items increases. Whether online, brick-and-mortar or omnichannel sales are your “bread and butter,” digesting the nuances of inventory management can be difficult. That’s why you need an experienced 3rd-party inventory management company like AMS Fulfillment.

We act as your proactive partner so you can work on what you do best — growing your business. When it comes to inventory management solutions, we’re here to help guide you toward the most effective method to ensure your inventory is received and managed efficiently and accurately, regardless of how few or how many SKUs you have. In fact, AMS manages clients with inventories of between 10 and 20,000 SKUs.

With our experienced inventory professionals, WMS technology and strong processes, AMS Fulfillment delivers:

  • Inventory set-ups and sequencing that drives efficient pick and pack operations
  • System driven cycle count programs and/or full physical inventories
  • Syncing of inventory data between our system and clients’ ERPs/systems or shopping carts for accurate available-to-sell (ATS) inventory information
  • Security and accuracy for your valuable products, entrusted to AMS Fulfillment
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