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Kitting, Product Rework & Value Add Services (VAS)

AMS Fulfillment Goes the Extra Mile as your Full-Service Operational Partner

Warehoused products are not necessarily going to ship out the same way in which they were shipped in. At AMS, we understand that sometimes pick, pack, and ship operations will be pretty straightforward, and sometimes it will be client-specific, customized, and complex, requiring Kitting, Product Rework, and/or Value Add Services (VAS).

As a major, high-capacity player in the world of pick pack ship fulfillment, we are also very nimble and accommodating to the brands we serve.  At AMS, we have engineers, equipment, and expertise in a variety of special handling services, including large scale kit assembly, product-relabeling or packaging, B2B routing-based VAS work (e.g. price stickering, hang tags, hanger insertion/removal, compliance labeling), B2C branded pack-outs… and even higher-end product manipulation work such as engraving!

Our clients understand that when they make AMS their operations arm, they can trust us to perform all the work their products require before shipping.

Whether you ship B2B or D2C/B2C, you can count on our experienced, passionate workforce and industrial engineers to ensure accuracy as well as process efficiency, all of which help to control the additional costs associated with Kitting and VAS while also ensuring your customers appreciate the professionalism and operational execution of your brand!

Being a Full Service Warehousing Services Partner requires Value Add Services (VAS)!

Value Add Services (a.k.a. VAS) often comes into play with compliance requirements for EDI/routed B2B Pick Pack and Ship, and sometimes in the world of eCommerce/B2C as well.

VAS includes special labeling requirements for products such as:

We’re a pretty big player in the world of warehousing services, and our systems are built to excel at the basics of VAS that we encounter every day in B2B Fulfillment as well as eCommerce/B2C, and we’re pretty nimble and open to challenges that go well beyond the basics in VAS.  

In all that we do in the world of VAS, our processes are optimized at AMS for efficiency, and we understand how incredibly important accuracy is as well, especially when the VAS work is SKU specific, such as product stickers, UPCs or pricing stickers that are applied for specific retailers.  

Some specialized services in eCommerce order packing are considered value-add services as well, including gift wrapping, complex branded order pack-outs, and custom gift messaging. AMS does it all in the world of eCommerce order fulfillment, including our sophisticated gift note capabilities, allowing for customized gift messages to be printed on a variety of paper stocks at the time of packing.

Large Scale Kitting/Assembly

Kitting is the process of assembling various products or items into a single kitted unit that becomes its own stock-keeping unit (SKU).

While not an “assembly company” per se, AMS Fulfillment’s kitting and fulfillment services are extensive and put us ahead of the pack. If it must be packaged or assembled, AMS offers high capacity and quality service with pricing that gives our clients a competitive edge.

When it comes to kitting and assembly projects, AMS is extremely adept! Our people — engineers as well as our dedicated Kitting/Assembly Team — provide a high-capacity, top-quality service that is highly efficient, giving us the ability to offer great pricing to our clients.

Accuracy and attention to detail

Accuracy and attention to detail can be vital when it comes to assembly, not only with adding in the correct components but assembly can also involve Lot Tracking, especially in the world of beauty, skincare, and color cosmetics, as well as digestible products such as supplements or food products.  With this in mind, AMS understands that efficiency and accuracy are both vital to a client’s success when it comes to Assembly Services!

Dedicated in-house crew

While temporary labor is often a key part of our assembly workforce, AMS also turns to our dedicated in-house crew for most fulfillment and kitting services. This team has been around a long time and works together beautifully, displaying the AMS “corporate family” spirit.

B Corporation

As a B Corporation, the crew shares a sense of pride in contributing to the success of our clients and the community. Every member of this kitting and fulfillment team is hardworking, skilled, and experienced.

industrial engineers

In addition to our assembly team, AMS employs industrial engineers with expertise in production efficiency. Working closely with our Senior Operations management, these engineers can implement highly effective assembly lines utilizing efficient processes and state-of-the-art equipment.

Our core services include:

Creating ready-to-ship kits

Product packaging

Display assembly

promotional item assembly

Assembly of marketing

Barcode labeling
and other product-
level sticker applications

Product rework, refurbishment

Quality inspection and weight + dimension

We work closely with our clients to make sure everything we ship is exactly what the customer expects. You can rely on AMS Fulfillment to provide your kitting/assembly services accurately, efficiently, and at a competitive price.  As your Operations Partner, we’re committed to your success!

AMS Manages Unique Product Enhancement, Testing, and Refurbishment Services

AMS is ready and able to take on unique and intricate product handling services!  Over our decades of providing full-service fulfillment operations, our clients have asked us to take on challenges that go well beyond the basics.  With our nimble mindset and intelligent leaders in Operations, we’ve actually become quite adept at many functions, including:

Product Engraving

AMS has state-of-the-art engraving equipment that integrates with our WMS for customized product engraving services.

Electronics Testing and Minor 
Repair Work

We have clients who have trained us to open up, inspect, test, and repair electronic equipment!

Steam Cleaning, QC, and Repackaging of Apparel

AMS has a robust returns department that knows what it takes to get valuable apparel, fashion accessories, and footwear back into finished goods form!

If you think a special function is just a bit too unique or out of scope for a 3PL warehousing company, give AMS Fulfillment a chance to look at it!

AMS Fulfillment has served brands as their Operational Arm since 2002, and from the very beginning, we have been a single-source solution for those special projects that always seem to surface within warehousing operations.

We’re quite good at what we do with large-scale kitting, assembly, rework, and value-add services, offering efficiency and accuracy along the way so brands aren’t forced to absorb the expense of shifting inventory to specialty providers. Take comfort in knowing that your inventory is in capable hands at AMS Fulfillment!

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