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Toy Fulfillment

We Don’t Play Around With Toy Fulfillment

When it comes to toy fulfillment, the best logistics partners help with not only order fulfillment, but also with forecasting toy trends for the upcoming holiday season so that you can be sure to have the right items in stock and a full inventory of the best toys and games.

A good logistics partner can help you with the entire supply chain, from bringing in the right inventory to making sure they safely reach their final destination – your customers’ doorsteps.

How Toy Fulfillment Works 

When you need to outsource toy fulfillment, you need someone who can do more than just send packages to your customers. You need integration, you need accuracy, and you need customization. You need someone who can help your business grow and adapt to the changing toy and entertainment trends. Toy fulfillment isn’t JUST sending toys…although that is a big part of keeping customers happy. Here’s an overview of how toy fulfillment services can help your eCommerce business:

You first need a fulfillment partner who can integrate with your eCommerce platform. At AMS, we have integrations with most of the popular eCommerce software, so the order fulfillment process is easier and you can view accurate inventory levels in real time.

Then, you need to send your inventory. AMS has warehouses on both sides of the U.S., so your inventory can be on both coasts meaning there are shorter shipping times to customers with inventory closer to them.

After you send us your inventory, our teams will check that items match what you said you’re sending and everything arrived in good condition. We organize your items in our warehouse so they are easy to find when it comes time for the next step.

As soon as an order comes in, the integration between your store and our warehouse will issue an order slip, triggering the start of the order fulfillment process. Our experienced warehouse team will accurately select every item in the order, securely packaging them up so they will be safe throughout transportation. If you have custom packaging, custom inserts, or anything special you add to your packages, our team will do that too. 

Finally, we ship the order to your customer. We have some of the lowest shipping rates you will find, so you can offer fast and cheap shipping to your customers so their new toys arrive as soon as possible.

Once the shipment has been created, we put the tracking information into the eCommerce system so you and your customer can track the item from the warehouse to the final destination. 

At AMS, our order fulfillment process doesn’t end until the customer has received their order and is happy with their new toy or game.

How to Find a 3PL for Toy Fulfillment

If you’re trying to find the right 3PL for your toy fulfillment needs, you need to look for some key things in the right partnership:

Easy Integration

If the fulfillment provider can’t integrate into your eCommerce platform, the partnership won’t make sense. It wouldn’t make your life any easier if the warehouse didn’t receive information when an order was placed or if you didn’t see updated inventory numbers. That’s why easy integration between your store and your fulfillment center is critical.

Warehouse Space

Toys can be both tiny and large. Whether you sell miniature models and dolls or you sell electric rides on cars and treehouses, you need to know that your warehouse will have space to store your inventory.

In addition to the square footage of space you will receive, your warehouse needs to be clean and orderly to prevent lost inventory or damaged toys.

Quick Service

You don’t want an order to be placed and sit for days or weeks before being filled. That’s why you’re outsourcing in the first place, to keep your customers happier with quick shipping. A good fulfillment provider can begin processing orders within a day of them being placed, so your customer’s order goes out sooner and arrives as quickly as possible.

Great Shipping Rates

Many fulfillment providers have negotiated with different carriers for reduced shipping costs. When they do that, the discounts should be passed along to you so you can offer customers a greater variety of shipping options with more carriers, expedited speeds, and even free shipping if it makes sense (and let’s face it, customers are coming to expect it).

You Need Secure & Accurate Toy Fulfillment

When it comes to toy fulfillment, AMS knows how to deliver happiness! We offer a superior quality control process and a proven ability to handle orders of any size, even during the busy holiday shopping season.

We’re eCommerce experts, making sure toys, teddy bears (plush toys), puzzles, board games, educational toys, and more fun arrives quickly to your customer’s front door! As a B Corporation, you can be sure that we always do what’s best for you, the community as a whole, and the environment.

When you need fulfillment for toys and games, think AMS Fulfillment. We ship more than 25,000 packages every day, specializing in eCommerce for a range of industries. With discounted shipping carrier rates and warehouses on both coasts of the United States, our teams can process and ship orders quickly to customers in the U.S. and even internationally.

AMS Is Your Toy & Game Warehouse Partner

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Toy demand is hot, but so is the competition. You can’t afford to lose customers, so you need to provide top-notch service on every single order. You need accurate, speedy toy fulfillment with AMS. With precise inventory management, efficient order picking, and on time delivery, you can give your customers what they want at a great price.

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Get the fun started for your customers with AMS toy fulfillment services, so their family game nights, birthday presents and toys from Santa are delivered on time, every time.