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Omnichannel Fulfillment Services

What is Omnichannel Fulfillment?

The sales strategy for most brands in today’s complex world of commerce includes multiple sales channels.

Some may be strictly eCommerce but may have partners for omnichannel eCommerce to go along with their own online shopping cart… such as Amazon or drop-ship channels from major retail chains such as Walmart or Nordstrom. Some combine eCommerce with wholesale channels that may include small chain or single-store boutique retailers along with larger EDI-routed retail customers such as Target, Sephora, Ulta, and Costco. Some may have all of these channels open along with their brick-and-mortar retail locations.

For brands to effectively sell through a variety of channels, inventory availability can become a challenge as multiple buyers may be simultaneously vying for ATS (available to sell) inventory. Omnichannel fulfillment isn’t simple, but it is simply a selling strategy where businesses choose to market their products through multiple sales channels while inventory information is centralized and managed to accommodate all of these channels.

At AMS Fulfillment, the majority of our client relationships require omnichannel support, which we view as administrative, strategic, collaborative, and technical support to enable the brands we serve to find their success in a multi-channel selling environment!

AMS Fulfillment Serves as Your Partner for Omnichannel Support

Having success with Omnichannel Fulfillment starts with having a partner who understands how to accept and process orders that are generated from a multitude of channels – a partner who understands how to communicate data effectively, so transactions are completed properly between the buyers and the sellers.

For those that choose to outsource warehousing operations, your fulfillment center must also have expertise in how to fulfill orders to all of your buyers across the various channels, whether it’s your shopping cart, a drop-ship eTailer, a boutique store, or a major EDI retailer with complex routing requirements.

For eCommerce, you may be looking for a consistent and branded unboxing experience for your customers; while certain channels have strict requirements on processing times or packing configurations; and others have complex routing requirements that involve specific carton markings, shipping services, and delivery windows.

AMS Fulfillment has been swimming in these waters since the day we were born, and we’ve developed people, processes, and technologies that help our clients succeed with our refined omnichannel solutions!

Inventory Management Is Key to Omnichannel Solutions

Inventory management is also a key success factor for omnichannel fulfillment. AMS has been fulfilling through virtually all sales channels for decades, and we understand the challenges that our valued clients face with having full and accurate visibility of their on-hand inventory as well as the demand for that inventory.

Together we work through how to manage order prioritizations when demand exceeds supply for inventory items. We work through how to manage inventory that may have the same UPC yet it is packaged differently for certain sales channels. And we decide whether inventory should be physically split within the warehouse for operational efficiencies by sales channel or stored in a single location by SKU (stockkeeping unit).

We know from experience that omnichannel order management comes with its share of challenges. Supply chain logistics, demand planning, product packaging, new SKU introductions, kitting and bundling, new retailers opening up, 3rd party shipping accounts… all of this combined with specific routing compliance demands from retail buyers and unforeseen sales spikes that blow out forecasts. Let’s just say that it’s not as simple as some folks describe it in blogs or on their corporate websites!

Your Partner in Omnichannel Order Management Systems

Omnichannel fulfillment must be well thought out and properly managed, and as your Partner in Operations, AMS engages with brands, integrates fully with a brand’s ERP software (e.g. NetSuite, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics…etc.), and strategizes from both an operational and technical standpoint to ensure we are operating together with a single source of truth with your inventory.

Our in-house Technology Team along with Client Services Back Office Support play key roles in strategizing omnichannel solutions with clients, ensuring that data flows effectively between our clients, their customers, and AMS Fulfillment.

We are a major national player in the world of fulfillment. As an omnichannel fulfillment strategy company, we must remain nimble, and staff ourselves with expert human beings that communicate with clients and care about their success. We effectively tie everything together by arming our employees and clients with robust technology that serves us in our day-to-day operations.

If you are an omnichannel seller today or plan to be as your brand evolves and grows, AMS Fulfillment can serve as your expert Partner to help navigate the complexities and challenges associated with omnichannel fulfillment!

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