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ai in ecommerce - AMS Fulfillment

AI in eCommerce: 5 Predictions for 2024

The idea of artificial intelligence, or AI, has become nearly inescapable these days. People from all walks of life and industries are wondering how AI will change the jobs they do and the tools they use.

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what does 3pl mean in shipping - AMS Fulfillment

What Does “3PL” Mean in Shipping?

We will begin by answering the question of what does 3PL mean in shipping. Once we understand that, we will look into all of the various means of shipping that a 3PL offers to its clients.

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HTS codes - AMS Fulfillment

The Simple Guide to HTS Codes Compliance

It’s possible that importing goods into the United States will become necessary as you develop your online eCommerce firm. It’s common to feel overwhelmed by the prospect of importing items into the United States and dealing with U.S. Customs.

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how to manage returns - AMS Fulfillment

How to Manage Returns & Reduce Costs

When wondering how to manage returns, common sense tells us to begin with the returns policy. What should a business consider when establishing a returns policy? There are many things to consider, and a great deal of advice can be found.

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2-3 day shipping - AMS Fulfillment

What 2-3 Day Shipping Really Means for Consumers

Introduced in 2005, Amazon Prime 2-Day Shipping offered unlimited 2-day delivery for millions of products to their Prime subscribers. Since then, consumer demand for fast shipping – specifically – free, expedited shipping has grown exponentially.

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