E-Commerce Fulfillment Services

Untangling the Web of Online Order Fulfillment

Direct to Consumer E-Commerce Fulfillment Services

From the early days of infomercials to today’s skyrocketing world of E-commerce, the Team of fulfillment professionals at AMS have managed through the intricacies of direct-to-consumer fulfillment. We are committed to excellence, in our e-commerce fulfillment services and in our approach to our client support. When you work with AMS Fulfillment, you Partner with a company that values your business and your customers as much as you do!

AMS serves a wide variety of D2C fulfillment clients from many different industries. Our clients have online E-commerce stores with thousands of SKUs, flash sale type promotions that generate thousands of orders across a limited mix of SKUs, drop ship relationships with a variety of mega E-tailers and more… and through it all, our goal is to put margin back into the pockets of our clients by picking accurately and delivering on time while maximizing shipping and handling efficiencies. Our operating systems are tooled with the latest in direct response functionality and flexibility, allowing AMS to integrate as a seamless back-end operation for the clients we serve.

Buying a Quality Customer Shopping Experience

AMS truly understands the intricacies and challenges associated with E-commerce retail fulfillment services, and the important role we serve in creating a high-end customer experience. Immediate turnaround on orders, protecting goods in transit, professional presentation, gift-wrapping, personalized notes … if customer experience and service reputation are important to you — and we know they are — then AMS is the right choice for your business.

Our expertise in E-commerce direct order fulfillment solutions lets you create an incredible shopping experience — from your website directly to your customer:

  • High capacity means we keep up with high volumes, even during peak holiday times.
  • Bi-coastal locations offer speedy and cost-effective shipping solutions to all customers.
  • Specialty pack-outs, branded as you see fit, are available to convey quality and maintain loyalty. Gift-wrapping? Personalized messaging? No problem!
  • Earth-friendly, B Corp AMS uses sustainable packaging and void fill, and appropriately sized shipping cartons.
  • All e-commerce channels are open to you, including client shopping cart or drop ship through an outside online E-tail business.
  • Best-of-breed technology systems ensure accuracy, the most cost-efficient shipping option and fast delivery.

AMS Supports all sorts of E-commerce Businesses!

Amazon Shipping. It’s a jungle out there, and AMS helps you navigate it! AMS is an established Amazon e-commerce retail fulfillment company for clients that are managing their inventories with AMS while shipping through Amazon. We handle:

  • Sending bulk orders for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)
  • Drop shipping via Merchant Fulfilled Network (MFN)/Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM)
  • Shipping orders under Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP)

Drop Ship. When it comes to shipping, AMS doesn’t drop the ball! AMS has established automated drop ship relationships with dozens of major players in the world of e-commerce, including retailers that have a .com presence.

Whether outside sellers are marketing products that are stored at an AMS drop shipping warehouse, or a portion of an online offering is being shipped from another warehouse, AMS understands the challenges and pitfalls, and how best to create a great buying experience for the end consumer.

Subscriptions. At AMS, we subscribe to excellence in managing auto-shop purchase. Our direct-to-consumer fulfillment expertise extends to the timely kitting and/or shipping of subscription boxes, or continuity orders, helping you maintain customer loyalty.

We handle large volumes accurately and in a timely manner. We’re flexible enough to handle whatever changes you make; nothing throws us off-balance. Don’t spend your time trying to manage something this challenging on your own — outsource your subscription fulfillment to AMS so you can focus on marketing and expanding your customer base.

Flash Sales/DRTV. AMS has successfully executed infomercial/DRTV fulfillment for decades, so we know how to handle high volumes and order surges — quick as a flash — in a way that saves you money.

The challenge with flash sale fulfillment is, of course, the time constraint. We act as your operations arm, getting flash sale orders out the door almost as quickly as they come in. With years of experience, we understand what you need to make your sale a success.

AMS has been executing infomercial/direct response television (DRTV) fulfillment for decades — since the days when shopping carts were found only at grocery stores! We have successfully worked with clients on dozens of highly successful direct-response and DRTV product launches.

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