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Fulfillment Warehousing Services

At AMS, Warehousing Services Goes Beyond the Storage of Your Product!

In the world of warehousing, AMS is well-known as a one-stop shop for fulfillment warehousing services. As an operational partner for the clients we serve, we first and foremost provide the space to store goods and scale with clients as their storage needs grow.

Throughout our decades in the business, we’ve seen clients grow from 5,000 square feet to over 600,000 square feet, and AMS fulfillment centers are there all along the way, expanding and scaling to meet our clients’ needs.

One of the key benefits of choosing outsourced fulfillment warehousing versus tackling the task in-house is having an experienced, healthy, and well-financed partner who lives in this space and understands what it takes to open facilities and ready new buildings for full-scale order fulfillment operations.

AMS is extremely well-versed in growing and scaling as a business, where long-tenured clients find their success and expand with us as their operational arm.

Knowing that your product is going to be securely accommodated in our fulfillment warehouse space is the baseline, and once your goods are with AMS, we tackle all of the warehousing services needs that come our way. This includes:

Pick Pack Ship

Inventory Management and Receiving

Returns Processing

Value-Add Services

Special projects that usually are a part of warehousing logistics.

AMS operates today in bi-coastal warehouse locations of over 1 million square feet, with facilities in Los Angeles, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

Our facilities are high-end industrial buildings equipped with state-of-the-art warehousing fulfillment assets, including wire guide very narrow racking, push-back racking for maximizing storage capacity, efficient motion-activated LED lighting, fulfillment automation, and much more.

AMS also invests in high-end security systems, ensuring your product is monitored and protected from theft.

It all starts with storage and AMS has you covered. As you grow, AMS will grow with you, ensuring that your storage facility needs will be met as you find your success in business with us as your Partner!

Receiving of Product Is Where Warehousing Management Begins

Accurate and efficient receiving of products is the first step in carrying a clean inventory… and our mutual success in warehousing operations depends on knowing exactly what SKUs are on hand by location and in what quantity. At AMS, we invest in systems, fulfillment processes, and people in Receiving and Inventory Management to ensure accuracy right from the start.

In a typical integration with our clients, our systems talk to each other (so to speak), so AMS knows what is headed our way with inbound purchase orders (POs). AMS uses scanning whenever possible to validate the receipt of goods by SKU, sorts products by SKU, and performs both systemic and physical put-away of goods into client-specific locations… following set processes that ensure we meet client needs such as lot number and expiry tracking when required.

Many clients require first in first out (FIFO) or first expiry first out (FEFO) as a part of warehousing and fulfillment services, and at AMS, our systems and processes tackle this tall task, making the challenge very manageable for our inventory management and receiving Teams.

Our clients’ businesses depend on AMS to receive products quickly and accurately, report back exactly what came in, and accurately manage inventory storage on an ongoing basis. We understand the vital task of managing and securing inventory on behalf of our clients, and at AMS, your inventory is in great hands!

Being a Full-Service Warehousing Services Partner Requires Value Add Services (VAS)!

Value Add Services (a.k.a. VAS) often come into play with B2B Pick, Pack, and Ship, and sometimes in B2C as well. VAS includes special labeling requirements for products such as product labels, price stickers or hang-tags, adding or removing hangers when it comes to apparel fulfillment, re-packing or kitting, shrink-wrapping or bagging, gift-wrapping or gift-boxing, and more. At AMS, we also handle really interesting tasks such as product engraving and complex repair and refurbishment work.

If you think a special function is just a bit too unique or out of scope for a warehousing fulfillment company, give AMS Fulfillment a chance to look at it! We’re a pretty big player in the world of warehousing services, but we’re pretty nimble and open to challenges as well. In all that we do in the world of VAS, our processes are optimized at AMS for efficiency, and we understand how incredibly important accuracy is as well, especially when the VAS work is SKU specific, such as product stickers or pricing stickers that are applied for specific retailers.

Some specialized branded packing is considered a value-add service, with gift wrap or custom gift notes amongst other customer service options. AMS has sophisticated gift note capabilities, allowing for customized gift messages to be printed on a variety of paper stocks at the time of packing.

At AMS, we understand that sometimes pick pack and ship will be pretty straightforward, and sometimes it will be customized and complex. As a major, high-capacity player in the world of pick-pack ship fulfillment, we are also very nimble and accommodating to the brands we serve.

When you choose AMS, you are bringing on a fulfillment expert who serves your business as Your Operational Arm. We are engaged and committed to finding your business success!

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