AMS is Dressed for Success in the world of Fashion/Apparel!

Make AMS Your Apparel Fulfillment Company

AMS is heavy into the apparel industry. From pre-book to at-once orders, our B2B clients rely upon us to accurately pick, pack and ship large volumes, while meeting customer deadlines and adhering to rigid retail routing guidelines. We also manage a tremendous amount of eCommerce fulfillment of apparel items, including multipole online stores with thousands of SKUs.

Fashion trends and tastes change quickly, and AMS is flexible and responsive to fluctuating shipping directions. And with hundreds or thousands of SKUs on the line, clothing fulfillment companies like ours must be able to handle very large numbers of SKUs and SKU change-outs. The AMS system is capable of accommodating all these SKUs, while our paperwork utilizes a style-driven approach to displaying product orders.

AMS Fulfillment Never Goes Out of Fashion

Think of AMS as your apparel fulfillment center. We have experience fulfilling orders to department store retailers, boutiques and everything in between, and we handle large volumes of B2C orders as well. Plus, we understand the unique value-added requirements in apparel.

As your clothing fulfillment company partner, we help with:

  • Quality inspections of product
  • Tagging, custom bagging and more
  • Returns inspection and refurbishment
  • Re-folding and re-bagging
  • Steam cleaning

Warehousing and Inventory Management

Our apparel fulfillment services include specialized warehouse setups that facilitate size-run picking in B2B and efficient size-specific inventory set-ups for dedicated B2C fulfillment environments. AMS has mastered the different setups and services required for these markets. We manage our inventory to meet the intricacies and seasonality of the fashion industry, too. We know how to handle constant SKU changes, high SKU counts, spikes in SKU counts and the short SKU lifecycles in this industry.

With AMS acting as your operations partner, the quality of your customer service never goes out of style, regardless of the fickleness of fashion.

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