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Back Office Support Services

AMS Fulfillment Sets the Standard for Client Services and Back-office Support

We’ve been partnering with brands as their Operational Arm for decades. As we see it, there is no way to truly understand the most pressing needs, unique intricacies, and growth objectives of the brands we serve without strong and concerted client engagement. At AMS, our definition of Back-office Support as a fulfillment services company is unique in that much of it is client-facing… and it is led by an experienced, proactive, and robust Client Services Team that serves as the conduit to all facets of the business, including information technology (IT), finance and of course warehouse operations!

If you are searching for a fulfillment services provider to manage the critical function of operations for your brand, you must consider how your Partner communicates, engages, and translates it all into successful day-to-day execution of order fulfillment.

Both parties need dedicated people who understand the intricacies of data flow, systems integrations, supply chain management, domestic and international shipping, warehousing, and fulfillment services.

Imagine trying to find success with a logistics company without an absolute dedication to the critical function of back-office support services and client engagement…

There is no way to handle the complexities of fulfillment operations without it! At AMS Fulfillment, we’ve known right from the start that the recipe for long-term and successful “marriages” between us and the brands we serve centers on back-office support and robust client services.

The AMS Fulfillment Full-Service Model

When working with AMS, it’s an absolute 100% guarantee that you’ll be interfacing with our client services team. We start with a dedicated Account Manager who spearheads day-to-day communications. Account support team members work with the Account Manager to ensure all action items will be handled and someone will always be there to answer the call. At AMS, we structure our back-office support teams by “pods” that are led by Directors and each Director also has a Sr. Account Manager who oversees the rest of the Account Management team. We are well-staffed, to say the least!

The amount of support that a client requires can vary, from the basics of handling all things related to order fulfillment to our Full-Service Model where we open up our administrative team to handle back-office support functions that are often handled in-house by the companies we serve. In the Full-Service Model, AMS has handled communications with the brand’s sales representatives, order data entry, interactions with B2B customers, qualifying new B2B customers, interactions with eCommerce customers, shopping cart management (e.g. Shopify), working within a client’s ERP (e.g. Full Circle, NetSuite) for PO receipts and SKU set-ups, accounts receivable, accounts payable… simply put, AMS can manage nearly all of your back-office support service needs!

One of the positive benefits of having done it all with back-office support in our Full-Service Model is that we have experienced what our clients contend with in back-office administration… gaining empathy and understanding of the intricacies associated with selling consumer goods from a variety of industries to businesses and consumers. It’s just part of what makes AMS #1 for back-office client services support!

Why Choose AMS for Back-office Support?

At AMS, one of the key reasons brands choose us and stay with us long-term as their operations Partner is because of our back-office support model.

Many of our Client Services Team members come from operations, bringing with them a true understanding of what it takes to execute order fulfillment operations. Our back-office support employees also include in-house information technology (IT) developers, project managers, and in-house logistics experts who understand the intricacies of domestic and global shipping.

Every one of our back-office service team members goes to work each day understanding that a client’s success breeds our own success.

This means they are driven to share our knowledge and expertise and collaborate to the ultimate benefit of the brands we serve.

Our approach to Back-Office Support and Client Services sets AMS far apart from our competitors in many ways:

Our Commitment to being a Client Services-driven company, where our clients’ needs are communicated and digested, and ultimately drives our priorities and focus.

Our Dedication to staffing, wherein we employ a large and robust team of professionals who can keep up with the multitude of client demands every day.

The Experience and Expertise of our people, who collaborate with clients while sharing their knowledge of best practices across the board with systems integrations, inventory management, shipping services, returns management, value-add services, eCommerce fulfillment, and B2B fulfillment.

Back-Office Customer Service

As a full-service fulfillment provider, AMS Fulfillment’s Customer Service Team helps our clients present a professional face to their customers.

We support customer interactions via web chat, email, and phone. After training our people very thoroughly about our client’s products and their value propositions, AMS staff members are ready to serve as the client’s voice. Your customers will think they are speaking directly to your company!

As your proactive Partner in fulfillment, we understand the importance of customer service to our client’s success. Our clients trust us to provide the highest level of service and support to help their businesses retain customers and increase customer loyalty.

Effectively managing customer interactions for brands means AMS represents your company as if it were our own. Our team supports your eCommerce customers, B2B customers, and in-house sales representatives by:

Answering all customer calls, emails, and/or web chats.

Creating orders from eCommerce and B2B customers or in-house sales representatives.

Managing detailed product inquiries through in-depth training of our representatives.

Resolving issues with orders including returns and replacement orders.

Providing details on tracking and timing for deliveries.

AMS is happy to get to know your customers so we can serve your brand as a full-service fulfillment company. Let us know how we can help!

Retail Order Routing Services

AMS Fulfillment understands the intricacies of EDI-based retail routing to major chain retailers, and our Back-Office Support Team serves as your in-house administrative expert to comply with complex routing requirements. Supporting retail routing starts by getting your EDI retail order specs into the system, which may come to us through a client’s ERP or directly from a 3rd party vendor bridge (e.g. SPS Commerce) that translates orders from major chain retailers via EDI. We thoroughly understand the importance of accurate and timely data flow between the retailer, client ERP, and AMS… it’s the cornerstone to effective routing compliance!

Managing retail routing (and avoiding costly chargebacks) involves the timely processing of orders, obtaining order specifications from operations, managing orders via retailer-based routing portals, scheduling pickups with retailer-approved LTL carriers, and hitting delivery windows, preferably at their start date. AMS pays strict attention to routing guidelines, making sure accurate advance shipping notices (ASNs) go out and staying in total compliance with the end customer’s requirements on behalf of our clients.

Our ultimate goal at AMS is to help our clients succeed and grow, and flawless execution of retail routing improves our client’s operational scorecards with retailers which ultimately leads to more orders and healthy relationships between our clients and their critical customers.

Client Service Is Central to Everyone’s Success!

AMS believes at our core that proactive and collaborative Client Services Support is the cornerstone of Success for our clients and ourselves. Come out for a tour and meet our Client Services Back-office Support Team… and learn how we separate ourselves from the competition!

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