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Household Goods Fulfillment

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We know how to fulfill B2B — AMS has successfully worked with a diverse group of retailers, from superstores like Walmart and Target to specialty stores like Williams Sonoma and Sur la Table — as well as B2C, which we do all day long! AMS provides the following 3PL services:

What Goes into House Goods Distribution?

Household goods distribution and fulfillment can be complex. Items range in size and material, making them incredibly delicate or odd-shaped. By using a fulfillment partner like AMS, you can access the experience and skills that make the fulfillment process easy. 

How the Household Goods Fulfillment Process Works

The home goods order fulfillment process has many different steps, and each one needs to be handled with care to ensure successful fulfillment.

First up, AMS Fulfillment needs to receive your inventory. This means that you ship inventory to our warehouses, and we accept and store inventory at fulfillment centers. Our team will make sure what you sent has been received – and check the condition of every item to make sure it’s in good condition.  We then carefully and deliberating select your products location in our facilities for optimal and efficient picking.

Next, when an order is placed, the picking process starts. At AMS, our teams are skilled in quickly and accurately locating every item so that every customer gets exactly what they ordered. When an order is placed, integration between your store and our warehouse means an order slip is automatically generated.

As the picking team prepares the order, inventory counts are updated in real-time so that you know exactly what’s in stock on your website.

After orders are picked, it’s time for them to be packed. Household goods can be bulky or fragile, and often require special care and packaging to protect against damage during transportation.

To get your home goods and other household necessities to your customers on time and safely, the AMS fulfillment teams pack every item with care, making sure the box and packing material are the right size to protect the items inside.

Finally, the order is ready to be shipped. The shipping step is about more than just getting the package on a truck. It follows the package through the entire process, all the way to the customer’s door.

At AMS, we provide you and the customer with a tracking number, so you can also watch its progress. We have low shipping costs, so you can have access to more carriers at better rates than you had before you worked with us!

Specialty Household Goods Require Special Care

Whether you sell expensive household electronics, small decorative accessories, or anything in between, specialty items require special care. From safe and secure warehousing, where inventory won’t get damaged by water or debris, to an efficient shipping process that doesn’t cost a fortune … AMS has you covered.

We can bring that special care that your household goods inventory needs so that your customers know they trust your store to deliver quality products straight to their doorstep.

Experience Is Key in the Household Goods Industry

AMS has years of experience collaborating closely with clients in the home goods industry, and we get these products where they are going when they need to be there. Our warehouses are secure and temperature controlled to help prevent breakage and warping, which helps to reduce returns and maintain your merchandise in ready-to-sell condition all year round.

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AMS has more than 1,000,000 square feet of warehouse space across the country, meaning you have access to space for all your items. We prepare more than 25,000 packages each day, so we have the tools, automation, and skills required to make sure your household goods get to their new home safe and sound.

Is it time to move your fulfillment services to a new home? Contact Us today! AMS wants to be your proactive 3PL operations partner. After listening to your needs and issues, we provide efficient, cost-effective solutions and implement them according to your guidelines. With warehouses on both sides of the country, your inventory will be close to your customers no matter where they are.

AMS takes care of fulfillment support while you take care of your business. Removing the burden of fulfillment from your shoulders allows you to focus on growing your brand, your customer base, and, ultimately, your business. Welcome home to your new partner, AMS Fulfillment!