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AMS Fulfillment Green Team News!

March 24, 2022

Green Team News - AMS FulfillmentAMS Fulfillment is very concerned about respecting our Earth and protecting our future. As a B Corporation, we have made a commitment to do our part on behalf of the planet.

In our last Green Team report, we talked about plans to work with College of the Canyons LEED Interns to identify and increase environmental sustainability in our warehouses across the board. This program has not yet been officially launched, but we are confident it will be launching this year. COC and AMS are working out the details and looking forward to the “green light” to begin.

We also mentioned in our last report that we are looking forward to collaborating with 3rd party Carbon Neutral Experts. We have been actively seeking a consultant and meetings are scheduled in the coming weeks to find the best option for AMS. Samantha Hicks, AMS’ Senior Programs Administrator, offered the following:

“We are committed to being Carbon/Climate Neutral by this year, and we ARE going to do this right! Once we’ve calculated this year’s emissions, it will be time to purchase eligible verified carbon credits to avoid and/or remove an equivalent amount. That’s how AMS can become “neutral”: one carbon credit removes or avoids one tonne of carbon emissions. Projects like reforestation remove carbon from the atmosphere, while renewable energy avoids emissions from fossil fuels, which is another reason why AMS contributed to RainForest Trust in 2021.”

There is vanpool progress to report as well. AMS is looking to start vanpool at the East Coast facilities, and at the West we will be having Vanpool Meetings beginning April 6th, for all employees, in order to get more vanpools started.

Another exciting step forward involves our Safety Training. The OSHA training walks, mentioned in THIS BLOG, have now evolved to include OSHA/Green Team Training Walks, effective April 6th, and every 3 weeks following. These walks will train a group of AMS employees who will be responsible for completing the Green Team Checklist for their warehouse, on a monthly basis, to ensure their warehouse is maintaining a Green Culture. This group can be contacted at [email protected].

And finally, AMS West Green Team and the AMS East Green Team officially launched their joint efforts this January. Samantha said, “Green Team Meetings continue to take place weekly, to ensure AMS is making traction on our efforts. The Green Team could not have better Representation with a group of passionate department Reps who truly care about making a difference in the company and in the world we share. Last week’s win, Purchasing has designed a Catalog of best options for our packing material and our COO, Daniel Butera, is working towards less wasteful shrink pallet wrap. Each meeting we are excited to bring ‘Being the Change’ to the table.”