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The Many Ways AMS Fulfillment Thinks Green

February 15, 2022

Green Team - AMS FulfillmentIn this blog series we discuss the work of the AMS “Green Team” in creating an earth-friendly workplace environment. Recently, when we looked into green energy practices undertaken by other fulfillment companies, it became apparent that AMS stands out as a model for other companies that are ‘thinking green’. 

When we look at fulfillment companies, we see big warehouses that need to be heated, cooled and cleaned; we see racks and pallets, cardboard boxes and filler packaging; we see forklifts and powered machinery; we see an office with supplies, paperwork, and we see a lot of people traveling to work, eating and drinking, and traveling home. All of these things offer an opportunity to consider the environment, and AMS has a history of doing just that. 

AMS is a B Corporation and a “green” fulfillment company, and some of our efforts to be environmentally conscious have been in effect since we began. Recycling started in the company’s office nearly 20 years ago. Over the years the recycling became companywide and included racks and pallets. We gave attention to using the right size of packaging to prevent waste and began choosing packaging with air-filled biodegradable plastics. In 2018 the Green Team implemented our first partnership with Republic in recyclable bin sortation to sort landfill vs. recycling. And so, a green fulfillment company will be recycling and re-using, purchasing recycled products, using them wisely and sorting for landfill vs. recycling.  

What about cleaning, heating and cooling the warehouse spaces? AMS uses eco-friendly cleaning agents, disinfectants and cleaning solutions. We also have installed LED lighting and natural skylights in every warehouse, and energy efficient bulbs. Breakroom lighting is motion censored, and lobbies are predominantly naturally lit. With regard to equipment, AMS partnered with energy saving consultants to reduce electrical consumption by 10% per hour of charge time from forklifts using charging stations, and we have replaced our propane powered machinery with rechargeable battery-type machines. 

What about the employees? A number of AMS employees have taken advantage of our offering of Vanpool. AMS has adopted and has maintained an average of three Vanpools, and this has taken an average of 21 vehicles off the road, reducing emissions and saving on employee gas and car maintenance. AMS installed an electric charging car station at our Headquarters. Also, we use biodegradable paper products for employee events, and we have placed purified water dispensers in each warehouse to encourage the re-usable AMS water bottles which every employee is given.

There are many ways for a fulfillment company to ‘think green’ and we’re committed to do our best, and as a B Corporation, do our part on behalf of the planet. AMS is collaborating with 3rd party Carbon Neutral Experts, along with College of the Canyons LEED Interns, to identify, and increase environmental sustainability in our warehouses across the board. And finally, AMS West Green Team and the AMS East Green Team officially launched their joint efforts this January and we look forward to sharing their progress.