AMS: Info on the Canada Post Strike

Posted by AMS / Tuesday, November 20, 2018

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It’s not the season for a postal strike, but as shippers and customers around the globe are realizing, Canada Post is in the midst of one. Postal strikes greatly affect the clients of a fulfillment company as all business and especially e-commerce depends upon reliable package delivery.

When transportation issues arise, AMS Fulfillment stays informed and responsive. As logistics experts, AMS can provide alternative shipping methods that will get packages delivered without using the postal system.

According to the latest news reports, Canada Post is requesting that international mail and parcel shipments, including those from the US Postal Service, be held due to a severe backlog. The request covers all 190 countries in the Universal Postal Union (UPU). Mail leaving Canada is subject to delays as well.

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers began rotating strikes in October, after having been in contract negotiations with Canada Post for nearly a year. The contract demands include better job security, reduced workloads and stronger health and safety measures. As of mid-November, the strikes have shut down postal operations in over 200 communities.

With the next three weeks being the busiest of the year, the rotating strikes are having a substantial effect on Canadian citizens and on businesses that ship to customers in Canada. During a normal holiday season Canada Post, which is the largest parcel shipping company in Canada, delivers more than a million parcels per day. This year it is facing a record backlog. According to CBC News, there are now 600 trailers parked in distribution centers, each containing an average of 2,500 parcels.

As might be expected, if a business or individual can ship with another carrier, they will. But for some, there is no 2nd or 3rd option.

The latest offer to striking Canada Post employees included a pay increase of 2 % a year, a signing bonus of up to $1,000, a $10 million health and safety fund and overtime pay. In response, the Union confirmed that it will not put the offers to a vote by employees because demands for health and safety, gender equality and more full-time jobs have not been met.

The Canadian Government is prepared to act on the situation prior to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales events that begin November 23rd.