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Fulfillment Data Integration Is an AMS Strength

Order Management System Integration

Automated flow data between and our clients is vital, and we establish fully automated data integrations with clients, regardless of transaction type, to support efficient inbound product receipts, inventory activity and order processing details. Ensuring that each client’s ERP is in sync with AMS on all fronts via systems integration is a particular strength of our IT Department.

With decades of experience, our IT experts make order management system integration fast and easy for our clients. When it comes to fulfillment data integration, flexibility is key, along with a commitment to automating as many transactions as possible. We utilize a variety of data exchange methodologies, including EDI, APIs, text files, CSV and XML, much of which is dependent on our clients’ needs. When you work with us, you also can be sure that our status as a B Corporation means we do right by you as well as the greater community as a whole.

ERP Integration. Nearly every client partner requires an ERP integration, and AMS plays a leading role in conducting the process. AMS has effectively and seamlessly integrated with a large number of ERPs, including SAP, NetSuite, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, Full Circle, Bright Pearl, QuickBooks and a variety of client legacy systems.

E-Commerce Integration. Our distribution fulfillment services involve e-commerce fulfillment integration with many shopping cart programs, including Shopify, Magento, Big Commerce, WooCommerce, Volusion and more. AMS passes as much data as the software can handle, including inventory information, automated returns notifications and order detail that can be used for self-service customer service features in more robust online e-commerce platforms.

Drop Ship Integrations. AMS has established a large number of drop ship integrations on behalf of our clients, including such e-commerce entities as Amazon,,, Macy’s,,, Nieman Marcus, Kohl’s, Shoe Buy, Lamps Plus and more. In environments where multiple drop shippers are selling from the same inventory, our distribution fulfillment services, tools and processes allow online sellers to maximize sales without overextending product availability.

 EDI Integration with Retailers. AMS Fulfillment is adept at EDI order processing, whether it’s an ERP integration with a client or managing EDI and routing requirements with major chain retailers. Our IT Department is highly involved in all facets of EDI fulfillment and retail routing compliance, including receiving purchase orders, compliance labeling (UCC-128, GS1-128, carton contents labels and more), invoicing, advanced shipping notifications (ASNs) and generating master item catalogs, whether from GXS or another provider. AMS strategizes with each client to ensure ASN notifications are always sent in a timely manner, whether they come directly from AMS or through the client’s ERP upon receipt of order/carton contents data from AMS.

Technical Integration Capabilities and Options

AMS fulfillment integration reduces manual intervention while maintaining flexibility and scalability. We meet each customer’s specific needs as its business grows.

  • Format options — Text, CSV, XML, EDI, eCom, API, PCL
  • Transport options — Real time, batch, secure FTP, HTTP/HTTPS, email, direct access
  • Back order management and reporting
  • ICF — Inbound confirmation files for returns
  • OCF — Outbound confirmation files for orders
  • ITRX —Inventory transaction files (stock status, API real time)
  • Custom packing slip development, custom forms printing
  • Customized business rules (orders, shipping, reporting)
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