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Shipping Solutions (RateLogic)

Let’s face it – shipping rates greatly impact a seller’s profitability. The cost of shipping services has shot up over the years and the impact on brands is enormous. How can a company provide low-cost shipping while consumers increasingly demand quick delivery times?

At AMS, we have the in-house expertise to not only solve the complexities and challenges associated with global eCommerce shipping solutions as well as B2B shipping but also negotiate incredible discounts with the best carriers in the business… and we use those discounts to help our clients succeed by minimizing the shipping costs!

Additionally, we have developed an amazing tool that we call RateLogic that streamlines the carrier selection process, choosing the lowest cost option across multiple carriers, while also ensuring your goals for delivery times are met.

As your Partner in Operations, we’ve placed tremendous focus on shipping services to go along with all other facets of warehousing and fulfillment because we know that success with your business depends heavily on high-end support and service with both small parcel and TL/LTL shipping at the lowest possible cost.

High Volume Shipping = Low Cost Shipping Rates

One of the key benefits of outsourcing your shipping fulfillment to a reputable provider like AMS Fulfillment is that you can piggyback on our discounted carrier rate structures with multiple carriers. High shipping volume equates to discounted carrier rates, and at AMS our strength in high-volume shipping becomes a direct benefit to our valued clients.

We compete to win your shipping services business, and that means we offer very competitive rates across a variety of carriers, and combine that with our proprietary RateLogic rate shopping software to ensure every package goes out at the lowest possible rate while also meeting your goals for days in transit!

The “Shipping” Part of Pick Pack Ship

At AMS Fulfillment, we are not the ones actually shipping or delivering packages on behalf of our client, but we are deeply involved in creating success in the realm of shipping services!

Processes and systems are both time-tested and cutting-edge as we constantly press to find ways to save money and boost margins for our clients by keeping costs as low as possible for the delivery of products to customers.

Key success factors

Key success factors that come into play with how we handle the operational function of packing and shipping include AMS utilizing the best packaging with the lowest dimensions, capturing accurate dimensions and weight, choosing the best shipping service based on weight and zip code using our RateLogic rate shopping software, understanding compliance for hazmat and international shipping, choosing the best location for shipping when product is in multiple warehouses within the US, and having great relationships with carriers to ensure we’re providing extremely competitive rates and high service levels.


Labeling for eCommerce shipping solutions most often occurs at the packing stations, where AMS employees use high-end equipment to capture both scale weight and dimensions (to calculate dimensional weight). After the weight and dimensions of the package are captured in the shipping manifest system, which supports shipping with a multitude of carriers from a single system, the system will choose the best shipping service for the package when our RateLogic rate shopping software is employed. Other times the carrier is pre-selected, and the shipping label is generated for that carrier, using the accurate weight of the order, which is the greater of scale vs dimensional weight.

Another common challenge area of fulfillment companies comes when shipping B2B orders to wholesale customers who expect packages to be shipped on their own account.

AMS has decades of experience in this area as well, with systems and processes in place that easily allow for us to ship 3rd party and comply with the shipping requirements of wholesale B2B customers or drop-ship eCommerce orders that require the use of the E-Tailer’s shipping accounts. Another curveball from the world of shipping services that AMS routinely hits out of the park!

Shipping Rate Comparison Tool

Below we highlight AMS’ proprietary RateLogic rate shopping service and how it helps our valued clients succeed in business.

Shipping Rate Comparison Tool

Technology has played a huge role in lowering the cost of shipping services. The evolution of our RateLogic shipping solution has produced a huge financial benefit for the brands we serve, allowing AMS to provide the lowest cost shipping rates at the fastest acceptable shipping time for each order we ship.

RateLogic is AMS Fulfillment’s proprietary shipping rate comparison platform. Developed by AMS’ in-house technology and logistics teams, RateLogic shipping software is designed to streamline shipping rate comparison shopping as we quickly choose the lowest cost shipping method while ensuring the transit time meets client objectives for each order.

In our experience, the best (and only) way to ensure the proper shipping solution for each package is to determine both the physical and dimensional weight of the package at the time of fulfillment (capturing actual dimensions and scale weight), and RateLogic follows this process, using accurate data along with the ship-to zip code and required delivery timeframes to choose the best, low-cost method.

Whether shipping domestically or internationally, RateLogic optimizes the shipping process for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness. With its customizable rules and proprietary technology, this program is an indispensable tool for any business looking to simplify its shipping operations and reduce costs.

The AMS Carrier Network

AMS has fantastic relationships with our key carrier partners, providing us and our clients with amazing support and service, at extremely competitive rates. The shipping services we utilize at AMS have been strategically chosen to cover all regions of the country, and package weights and dimensions that go from a few ounces to 50+ lbs.

Additionally, our carrier mix offers a healthy balance of top-tier delivery times and lowest possible cost options, while every service is vetted to ensure reliability in delivery to go along with technical capabilities (e.g. parcel tracking, proof of delivery, seamless integrations…etc.).

Our carrier network includes the prominent players of UPS, DHL, USPS, and FedEx, regional players LaserShip, OnTrac, and GLS, economic hybrid solutions Pandion and Parcll, and international shippers including Passport, DHL, and Global-e.

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