Rate Shopping

When shopping for the best combination of speed and low cost, AMS is on the Money!

Automated Rate Shopping, Explained

When deciding about shipping options, businesses must weigh trade-offs. For example, are you willing to tolerate slower delivery times in exchange for lower shipping costs? Or, is fast delivery your company’s hallmark, and worth it at any price? AMS Fulfillment helps our clients make the optimal shipping decision — one that balances delivery time, costs and the client’s value proposition.

What is involved in shipping rate shopping? AMS considers the details of the package (dimensions and weight) in conjunction with the client’s goals for the number of days the package spends in transit (look at 2-day shipping here), then shops all options to find the best price for getting the package to its destination in the desired timeframe.

AMS Uses ProShip® for Rate Shopping

ProShip is an automated retail shipping software solution that offers the fastest, most carrier-compliant services in the industry. AMS uses this online shipping management system because it allows our clients to meet their customers’ demands while increasing their profits. This package shipping software is especially helpful when a package weighs between 15 and 17 ounces, or when the dimensions come into play.

Taking into account our negotiated carrier rates, the shipping rate software shops for the optimal shipping rate for every shipment. Unlike other software, the ProShip automated shipping tool considers weekends, carrier holidays and last trailer pulls, ensuring that we find the best cost that meets or exceeds our clients’ delivery goals.

Rate Shopping Helps Our Clients

The combination of our bi-coastal locations, technology expertise and advantageous partner relationships puts us in a position to create the best possible shipping solutions for our clients. Rate shopping plays an important part in order fulfillment, allowing us to deliver savings and great service to our clients, while helping them to compete and succeed. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you, get in touch today.

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