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Beauty Products & Cosmetics Fulfillment

When It Comes to Your Business, AMS Has Skin in the Game

Finding the right order fulfillment company to handle your unique needs is like finding the perfect lipstick – ready to take on the world!

Cosmetics and beauty products are inherently delicate – from fragile, glass containers to custom packaging. AMS Fulfillment handles warehousing and fulfillment with detailed care, ensuring your products are picked, packed, and shipped to prevent leakage, breakage, or other damage. 

We have temperature-controlled facilities to ensure your beauty and cosmetics products are kept at appropriate temperatures, ensuring your product stays at the optimal temperature. 

What Goes Into Cosmetics Fulfillment?

The revenue of the cosmetics and beauty industry is estimated to be over $49 billion in 2022. (Statista) In fact, the average monthly spend on online beauty products in the US is over $50 per month with a whopping 25% of households spending over $101. The cosmetics and beauty industry is growing!  

So, what does a beauty and cosmetics fulfillment company need to be capable of handling? 

Beauty 3PLs need to have the special required licenses to accept cosmetics, they must be able to handle delicate products, have detailed product tracking, and competitive shipping costs. In addition, the cosmetics fulfillment partner will be able to handle both B2C and B2B orders.

  • B2C and B2B beauty fulfillment
  • Lot number tracking
  • Expiry date tracking and FEFO order fulfillment
  • Compliance requirements
  • Temperature control
  • Value-added services
    • Influencer kit fulfillment
    • Branded packaging
    • Reverse logistics/returns
    • Subscription beauty box fulfillment
    • Hazmat shipping and storage

B2C & B2B Cosmetics Fulfillment

AMS Fulfillment understands the subtleties of B2C and B2B warehousing and fulfillment for the cosmetics and beauty industry. We know how to ship directly to consumers, and we know how to ship to beauty-specific retail channels. And unlike other 3PLs, we do not restrict the amount of B2B orders – ensuring your band can grow online and in specialty stores.

As a cosmetics fulfillment services company, AMS thoroughly understands the special handling and care required in this industry.  

Do I Need Lot Number Tracking?

It is important for products to have lot tracking. Lot Tracking is used to trace (track) parts and ingredients back to a specific production run by a manufacturer or supplier. It improves inventory management and the order fulfillment process – often used to ensure the oldest beauty products are shipped first.

Beauty and cosmetics require lot tracking to help manage inventory and product expiration, which leads to Expiry Date Tracking and FEFO.

Expiry Date Tracking & FEFO Order Fulfillment

In beauty fulfillment, a product’s “shelf life” is the length of time a product looks and acts as expected and is safe for use. A beauty 3PL will have a sophisticated system that will track your cosmetics and beauty products’ expiration dates.  

While you are on-boarding with your cosmetics fulfillment company, one of the topics discussed will be around expiry date tracking and FEFO. Understanding the difference between these will help ensure proper inventory management:

  • Expiry Date Tracking
    • Expiry date tracking lets you know the movement of materials and goods from production to sales, giving you the insights, you need to manage your inventory effectively.  
  • FEFO: First Expired, First Out 
    • The majority of beauty products have expiration dates. Brands need to track these dates to ensure that only unexpired products are shipped. One benefit of following FEFO is that it allows brands to guarantee product quality, which leads to customer satisfaction and a boost in reputation. Another benefit of FEFO is cost reduction. When a brand follows the FEFO stock rotation method, it can reduce the cost of expiring products.

Compliance Requirements

Cosmetics are not FDA-approved but are FDA Regulated. Regulations are mainly under two laws the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act) and the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act (FPLA). 

Since the FDA oversees the cosmetics industry, there are special shipping requirements. At AMS Fulfillment, we specialize in handling routing guides for beauty and cosmetics products. Some additional requirements include:

  • Material safety and data sheets (MSDS).
  • Ensuring tamper-resistant seals are included.
  • Sample products must be packed and labeled separately.
  • Utilize protective packaging materials when necessary, such as bubble wrap on fragile items.
  • Avoid certain void-fill options like peanuts.

Working with an experienced cosmetics fulfillment partner, like AMS, will help you navigate the intricacies involved in cosmetics and beauty product shipping. Working with inexperienced order fulfillment companies can lead to harsh non-compliance penalties. This is one area that brands should fully vet during the order fulfillment research process.

Temperature Control

AMS has temperature and environment-controlled facilities that are “cosmetics-friendly”. Beauty and cosmetics products are often fragile and prone to damage caused by extreme temperatures, fluctuations in temperature, and humidity. 

In this setting, AMS has assembled, labeled, kitted, and fulfilled tens of thousands of cosmetics and beauty product items.

Value-Added Services (VAS)

Personalization and branding are essential parts of the beauty industry.  AMS offers the value-added services you need to make an impression on your customers! 

We take great care in the assembly process to produce items and kits that are worthy of their high-end brand image. We also take special care to make sure that these valuable items are packed in a manner that guarantees they arrive at the end destination in mint condition, with no spills or breakage.

Influencer Kit Fulfillment/Kitting

Influencer marketing in the beauty industry is as essential as using quality ingredients! You’ve designed the perfect box, the ideal packaging, and items for your influencer boxes. Now, leave it to AMS to kit these items perfectly every time! We handle everything from box assembly to high-touch packing. We execute your unforgettable unboxing experience!

Branded Packaging

Branded packaging helps you stand out from the competition and reinforces your brand identity. Branded packaging also helps promote brand loyalty. AMS specializes in handling branded packaging material in the beauty order fulfillment process.

Reverse Logistics/Returns

As much as companies do not want returns, they happen. Handling beauty and cosmetics product returns can be time-consuming and expensive without the right partner. AMS Fulfillment has established reverse logistics operating procedures that streamline the process and decrease costs. 

Subscription Beauty Box Fulfillment

Subscription boxes are an important aspect of a cosmetics and beauty company. They increase brand loyalty and brand recognition and, from a consumer perspective – they are convenient, provide value, and are just plain fun! AMS Fulfillment has the expertise to ensure your subscription box orders are picked, packed, and shipped on time – every time!

Hazmat Shipping & Storage

Cosmetics products may seem harmless but some do contain hazardous materials. These materials can pose safety risks during shipping and hazards to the environment. 

AMS Fulfillment is very familiar with cosmetics shipping and will review your SDS sheets to determine packaging, labeling, and full transit compliance.

Some products that may require hazmat shipping and storage include: 

  • Fragrances: Any alcohol-based perfumes, colognes, and aftershaves fall under Hazmat Class 3 since they are flammable liquids. 
  • Aerosol sprays: Any spray in an aerosol can is considered a hazardous material. This can include dry shampoo, hairspray, makeup setting spray, and spray deodorants.
  • Pressurized foam or cream: Cosmetics that are stored under pressure also pose a threat. Some examples include shaving cream and foam and even some types of foundation.
  • Nail polish and remover: Nail polish and nail polish remover are also considered hazardous substances. They fall within Class 3 Flammable Liquids.

Our Experience in Beauty Products Fulfillment

AMS Fulfillment has a long record of top-notch quality control, expertise in dealing with cosmetics, beauty products, and skin care products order fulfillment, and a proven ability to handle large volumes of products.

As a B Corporation, you also can be sure that we conduct business in the manner that’s best for our stakeholders, the community, and the environment. Contact Us and discover what makes us such an attractive business partner!