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With Community Involvement, Everyone Wins!

social enterprise - AMS FulfillmentThere are mutually beneficial reasons for a company to be involved with the community in which it operates. Corporate social responsibility doesn’t just create a good public image, it can actually improve the quality of life of the local residents and give the employees of the company a reason to take pride in their employer.

AMS Fulfillment, headquartered in the Santa Clarita Valley of Southern California, has placed a high priority on community involvement since opening its doors for business. The programs that AMS has become involved with are almost too numerous to mention, but some, of which the company is most proud, have benefited the community and the company greatly.

For AMS, hiring from the community is vital. AMS has made it a point to hire at-risk youth in cooperation with the Sheriff Department’s Youth Activity League, youth from the federal GAIN program, at-risk youth from the Santa Clarita’s YES program, developmentally disabled adults, veterans, interns from local high schools and community colleges, and the aging workforce. In addition, AMS gives hiring preference to candidates from the local community in the Santa Clarita Valley in order to benefit the community and benefit AMS.

Ken Wiseman, CEO of AMS and President of the SCV Sheriff’s Foundation, has a long-time personal working relationship with the Sherriff’s Department, being a part of the volunteer search and rescue team, and running the annual Golf Tournament fundraiser, now in its 9th year  . Ken recently expressed his great pride in the diverse workforce: “At AMS Fulfillment, we experience the satisfaction that comes from our shared mission each time we walk through our operations and sense the true wealth that comes from embracing our community.”

Among the many organizations that benefit from the involvement of AMS with the community is one that supports a segment too often overlooked… the aging population. In support of local seniors, one of the owners of AMS, David Catlin, and his wife Linda, dedicate time and effort to Senior Concerns. David is a member of the Board of Directors of Senior Concerns, and AMS CEO Ken Wiseman and President Jay Catlin support the organization as well.

Serving eastern Ventura County and western Los Angeles County, Senior Concerns’ focus is to enable people to create the best possible second half of life. Their wide range of programs are aimed at creating a positive aging experience for family caregivers and for all adults in the community.

Over the last year, their Adult Day Program provided 156,000 hours of social and cognitive stimulation for physically or cognitively challenged elders, prepared over 35,000 fresh hot lunches and light evening meals for the homebound, served over 12,000 lunches to community elders, provided 6,000 seniors with counseling about Social Security, Medicare, Medi-Cal and housing options, and the list goes on and on.

While supporting seniors may not benefit a company directly, it creates a great deal of good will and brings the executives of a company into closer understanding of the needs of the community that they would most likely not recognize if they were not personally involved.

One of the community outreach events that AMS employees enjoy most is the Sheriff Department’s annual toy drive. This annual Toy drive gathers gifts that are shared with families in need during the Holidays. Over the past several years there have been several donations of product from AMS clients that have been directed to this event, for which AMS is very grateful.

Another organization wholeheartedly supported by AMS executives and employees is the Domestic Violence Center of Santa Clarita. Betty-Lou Wiseman, Vice President of Client Services, is a former board member of this organization. For the past two years, AMS employees have run a rummage sale with clothing and items donated by the AMS employees, and in turn opened to the employees and their friends. All proceeds from the event are donated to the Center.

The Domestic Violence Center provides shelter bed nights to victims of domestic violence and their children seeking sanctuary, solace, and safety in an emergency. It responds to crisis hotline calls and provides supportive services to new outreach center clients.

These efforts, and many more, bring AMS into a close relationship with the Santa Clarita Valley community, and they bring employees together in ways that make the company a team and a family. Everyone wins when companies are involved in their communities.

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