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The Great Lessons of Black History

Black History - AMS FulfillmentWe’re grateful that there is a month dedicated to studying Black history as it offers the opportunity to look at the big picture and evaluate where we stand at AMS. Black history is American history and world history; it is past and current.

As a B Corporation, AMS Fulfillment has committed to practice diversity, equity and inclusion in all of our decisions. As we set a higher standard we also recognize that the violation of human rights is still with us in this world, and we still have a way to go.

Black history in the US begins with a decision to deny the humanity of another human for the sake of extracting a profit. The following is a quote from an excellent documentary film, The Story of American Slavery:

“The slavers… they knew that these were human beings, because they were, obviously. They were clearly human beings. At the same time, they were objects of profit, and those two concepts couldn’t really be reconciled. And they never were reconciled. The humanity of these slavers was simply suppressed for the sake of gold. And the shocking thing is that human beings are able, indefinitely, to suppress the urgings of their common humanity… and to deny it for the sake of making profits.”

Today in the US, and at AMS, we’re dedicated to repairing that decision by honoring every human being, and treating every human being fairly for our own sake – perhaps the word should be Equity.

A very important decision in history, and one that should be studied in order to understand our world, is a decision made in the early American colonies. The landowner class imported indentured servants. There was an instance where two white men and one black man who were servants (slaves for a time period of several years), escaped. They were caught. America’s destiny was decided by the judicial decision that followed: the white men were given a couple of extra years of slavery and the black man was given enslavement for the rest of his natural life.

What does it take to repair that decision? It certainly takes a month dedicated to the study of Black history… and more. There is a reward for looking into this history, and that is the opportunity to see victories of the human spirit – the times when heroic people stood for what they Knew was right, sometimes at a great cost. We still have work to do, but there has been true progress for every American in the victories of Black Americans.

We hope readers will find a quiet time to view the very informative documentary film, mentioned above. The Story of American Slavery: Documentary on How Slavery Dominated America

Finally, Samantha Hicks, AMS Programs and Services, offered her thoughts on this special month of learning:

“AMS constantly strives to ensure we have diversity through best hiring practices, DEI and Leadership training, and promotional opportunities. We are proud to have strong Black Leaders, as well as our amazing support group.”

During Black History Month AMS also produces ‘spotlights’ on the warehouse TV screens, and these include nominated employees. The month will begin with a tribute to Chris Bolden, Supervisor, who started as a General Warehouse position, and earned his way to Leading a Team. 



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