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Thanks! AMS August Employees of the Month!

Employees - AMS FulfillmentThank you for your exemplary performance during the month of August: Alex C., Maria G., Graciela G., Dilsa Z., Cirino B., Paola A.Kriste L., Paul S., and Kajuan W.

In the fulfillment industry, employees directly serve the company’s clients, making their efforts vital to the growth and success of the business. At AMS Fulfillment we appreciate and value our employees, and we respect and invest in them. Every month we see our employees working hard with such outstanding dedication and we are continually impressed by the results they produce!

Congratulations to this month’s winners! All Winners will receive an Employee of the Month Certificate, T-Shirt, and Quarterly Celebration Lunch! 

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Alex C., Account Coordinator I (06/22/2015), HQ Admin, CA

My choice is to nominate Alex because of his exceptional growth and adaptation. He has managed the greatest tool… “go with the flow.” He prevents emotions in client service with a pleasant grin and a happy attitude while handling many accounts. His enthusiasm and eagerness to learn have grown in recent years, making him an excellent team member and the point of contact for a few clients. He has a good rapport with many departments and is always prepared to help and find a solution to problems. I am excited about his future at AMS. He possesses various traits that will make him move forward, including determination, teamwork, honesty, and, most importantly, he cares.


Maria G., Operations Associate III (11/25/2015), HQ WH, CA

We are nominating Maria for August Employee of the Month because she is kind, generous, reliable, friendly, helpful, always smiling, helping others, and working hard. Just a few of the many ways to describe the person she is. She continuously does her best to assure the job gets done right. She is what all AMS employees should always be. Thank You Maria!


Graciela G., Operations Associate II (03/07/2022), LIV, CA

Graciela is my number one choice for Employee of the Month in August because she hit an amazing 500 orders in one day and has hit that quantity or came close to it several times this month. Wonderful job Graciela – thank you!


Dilsa Z., Janitor I (06/20/2018), WIL, CA

We are nominating Dilsa this month because she has gone above and beyond to make sure we work in a clean and safe environment. Dilsa is always glad to support her coworkers in whatever is needed to get the job done. She is always very kind and dedicated to her daily routine. She takes her job very seriously. She is a pleasure to work with and a true asset to the Williams team. Dilsa is our Employee of the Month!


Cirino B., Operations Associate II (05/22/2013), WIT, CA

Cirino did an amazing job on a big project we had for one of our clients and we definitely want to nominate him for Employee of the Month for August. He really took charge and did a great job. Cirino is a pleasure to work with and always reliable.


Paola A., Talent Acquisition Specialist (08/09/2021), WIT HR, CA

I recommend Paola for Employee of the Month. One of the most appreciated qualities that Paola displays is an exceptional attendance record. She has demonstrated a strong commitment to responsibilities by consistently arriving on time and rarely taking any unscheduled time off. This level of dedication sets an excellent example for colleagues and also ensures that our team functions smoothly and efficiently.

Moreover, Paola is always willing to go the extra mile when it comes to taking on additional work. She exhibits a strong work ethic and a proactive attitude, readily volunteering to assist colleagues or take on extra tasks to ensure that our projects are completed successfully and on time. Paola demonstrates an eagerness to learn new skills and take on new challenges. Her ability to balance regular responsibilities with a willingness to take on additional tasks is commendable and reflects dedication to the success of our department and the company.


Kriste L., Operations Lead I (08/16/2019), New Holland, PA

Kriste is a very hard worker and she is my choice for Employee of the Month. When she trains you for a job you can call on her anytime and she will be right there. Kriste will answer any questions you have, and if she doesn’t know the answer, she will find out for you. Kriste will work any place she is needed with no questions asked. She definitely deserves the nomination, and we thank her!


Paul S., Inventory Supervisor II (10/08/2018), Churchman’s, DE

We would like to nominate Paul for Employee of the Month. Paul has received the title before but he should be recognized yet again for his skills, work ethic, and leadership. He continually displays what it means to be a great leader. He is a “first one in, last one out” type person. He goes above and beyond to get the job done, always looking out for his team, supporting them, and building them to be stronger in their abilities and skills. Regardless of how busy he is, Paul never shies away from an opportunity to help others. He put all of this on display recently during the month of August when he successfully led his team through a very hectic and challenging month with a heavy workload.


Kajuan W., Operations Associate I (09/12/2022), Newark, DE

Kajuan (Okie ) is our nominee for employee of the month. Okie is one of the forklift operators in the building, but he is helping in other ways, wherever he can. He takes responsibility for our safety zone sheets daily and is always willing to take on extra roles. He is helpful to his peers and is constantly pushing himself to be better. He has made major improvements, really paying attention to detail and giving it his best efforts. Okie works hard and does it all with a sense of urgency. We really appreciate all you do for this building Okie and we are glad you are a part of our team. Thanks for all of your hard work!

** ** **

To all of our Honorees, please know that whatever role you play, you are the reason for our success. Congratulations and Thank You! Keep up the great work!



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