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Thank You! December Employees of the Month

CONGRATULATIONS! AMS Employees of the Month for December, 2017: We are very pleased to recognize Erica M., Angelic A., Analida H., Elvira A., Lizette B., and Ana R.

Every month, and especially after our busiest month of the year, it’s such a pleasure for supervisors to recognize a specific employee as having been outstanding. Our people are much more to us than human resources… we are the AMS family.

There are a number of AMS facilities, with over 300 employees, and one might think in such an environment it’s hard to create ‘family’ and give credit to individuals. But we have chosen a different route in growing to this size: from the beginning and to this day we value a close environment that takes note of and cares about the wellbeing of employees, and their job satisfaction.

The nominations and comments below demonstrate that the employees being recognized did an outstanding job during the month of December, and deserve our thanks for caring enough to go above and beyond.

Erica M: Assistant Account Manager (10/8/2010)
HQ Office: 29010 Commerce Center Drive

Erica is always the first person to jump at the chance to help others whether it’s for one of her clients, or stuffing envelopes for a charity event, or helping organize the holiday dinners and gifts for families in need in our local communities. She does this at Thanksgiving and Christmas, and she communicates with other employees about adopting a family for the holidays so that children will receive gifts. Erica is always smiling and friendly, she as a great sense of humor and is always in a good mood. She is a great asset to AMS, and is truly pleasure to work with.

Angelic A: Clerk I Receiving (04/11/2016)
HQ Warehouse: 29010 Commerce Center Drive

Angelic is a team player. When given a task she will complete it on time and very precisely. She is dependable and you can count on her to be here and rise to the challenge. It’s a privilege to have her on the HQ team. Angelic is a very hardworking individual, very respectful and always eager to learn new things and help out. She has recently transitioned into the shipping department and has shown an immense improvement and excellence in this new area. She has become a very supportive and reliable worker and assistant to the shipping supervisor, sharing her ideas on how things can be improved. Angelic is always a pleasure to work with because of her positive attitude and eagerness to learn. She completes her tasks with a smile on her face, even when things get hectic.

Analida H: Inventory/Receiving Supervisor I (09/23/2011)
SCO3: 27801 Avenue Scott

Analida has done an incredible job supervising our physical inventory team. She is extremely organized and well prepared for every physical inventory we have performed. We have met all of our clients’ expectations and deadlines with fantastic results. For the first time ever we have had three perfect audits for our clients. Analida’s hard work and dedication to the physical inventory process makes her a superstar and we are proud to have her on our team.

Elvira A: General Warehouse II (01/03/2017)
IND1: 28220 Industry Drive

Elvira is a team player! She is always available and willing to help out even if that means coming in on weekends. She completes every task she is given. Elvira comes into work with a good attitude and she always tries her best to answer questions or help whoever needs help. She is always willing to teach and mentor partners to help them succeed. Elvira has been a great help with all of our recent physical inventories. She is also fun, friendly and enthusiastic. We never have to worry about her job getting done. No matter what the task is she gives 150% effort to make sure it is done accurately and efficiently. We are so happy that she responded to the job here at AMS.

Lizette B: Assistant Manager I (05/20/2012)
WIT2: 28624 Witherspoon Parkway

Lizette goes above and beyond to get her job done. She is very polite, respectful and cares about the employees. She is consistently amazing to work with, very on point and organized, serious and meticulous about her job and overall an awesome human being. When we come in to work and look for stand-out employees we would be willing to go to battle with she is the first one that comes to mind. Lisette is a phenomenal assistant manager who can handle any task she is given with no problem. She is very knowledgeable of all the processes and procedures, always looking for new ways to increase efficiencies. She treats all employees, coworkers and management with the same courtesy and respect.

Ana R: Assistant Operations Manager (09/16/2015)
WIL1: 28936 Ave Williams

Ana has done an amazing job with all the clients. She has a good work ethic and makes sure that everything gets done properly, going above and beyond to get tasks done in a timely manner. Ana always remains with a positive attitude and has a great relationship with all of her coworkers. She carries the team on her back when needed and always offers to help others. Ana is an outstanding leader to our team and a big part of our success here at Williams.


Our ‘Employee of the Month’ recognition is meant to convey a sincere Thank You to individuals in the AMS Fulfillment Family! Whether part of the management team, client services, technology, accounting, fulfillment operations, facilities, the warehouse team, taking inventory, answering the phone, training people, making decisions, doing payroll… you are the reason for our success and we Thank You!



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