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Thank You!! AMS Employees of the Month for November 2022

Employee Appreciation | AMS FulfillmentThank you for your exemplary performance during the month of November: ALEJANDRA R., MARLEN L., NORMA G., NANCY ALVA C., ROBERT S., GABRIELLE F., RAMAESH N., and TYRONE S.

In the fulfillment industry, employees directly serve the company’s clients, making their efforts vital to the growth and success of the business. At AMS Fulfillment we appreciate and value our employees, and we respect and invest in them.

All Winners will receive an Employee of the Month Certificate, T-Shirt, and Quarterly Celebration Lunch!


ALEJANDRA R., Inventory Receiving Specialist I (10/26/2015)
HQ Warehouse, CA

My nomination for November Employee of the Month is Alejandra! She always goes above and beyond the call of duty. I see her putting extra hours in when we really need it. She is always looking to help out others and is a great team player.


MARLEN L., Operations Lead (08/15/2016)

I nominate Marlen for Employee of the Month. Marlen went above and beyond during Black Friday to help with leading nine active accounts. She had no problem adjusting to different schedules as well as leading the training lots of new employees. Even with lots of pressure and tons of volume Marlen kept a smile on her face and always had a positive attitude. Thank you, Marlen, for all that you do for AMS and our employees.


NORMA G., Operations Associate II (10/30/2018)

Norma is my choice for Employee of the Month because she does and incredible job in the main shipping area of our business. We never have problems getting orders out and she is an amazing person to work with. Her smile and happiness to do her job well is seen by all and she is a wonderful part of our WIT2 team.


NANCY ALVA C., Operations Associate II (02/10/2022)

I am nominating Nancy for November Employee of the Month. She has been a very dedicated employee that is a pleasure to work with. I can count on Nancy to accomplish whatever I ask her to do. She’s the only one that picks, packs and ships for a client here at AMS and she will immediately ask if she could help in any other areas when she has completed all her tasks with her assigned client. Her attendance, dedication and knowledge are outstanding and could always count on her. Thank you, Nancy!!!!!


ROBERT S., Maintenance Lead (09/11/2019)
Facilities, CA

Robert gets my nomination for Employee of the Month because he is an amazing boss! He works hard alongside his team every day and just an all-around good guy.


GABRIELLE F., Account Manager I (02/21/2022)
New Holland, PA

Gabby is my nomination for our November Employee of the Month. She has really grown in her position as an Account Manager. She is a very hard worker, willing to help her peers in any way needed. She is dedicated to supporting her clients and working with operations to be successful. It is a pleasure working with her and we appreciate her being a part of the AMS family.


RAMAESH N., Operations Associate I (10/31/2022)
Newark, DE

I would like to give my nomination to Ramaesh for our Employee of the Month. Maesh has recently been hired into the company and he continues to push every day to be even better than the day before. We can count on him every single day to show up and give his absolute best. He has been there to help train his co-workers and help with all kinds of problem solving around the warehouse. WE are grateful to you Maesh for everything you do.


TYRONE S., Operations Associate I (06/13/2022)
New Castle, DE

Tyrone is my choice for Employee of the Month because Tyrone is an A+ player. He’s SUPER reliable. He is the definition of a “Team Player” as he always volunteers to help any area when volume is high. He will not walk by an Associate without asking them if they need help. No matter what. We could do without his singing in the Aisles; but that’s another topic. We need more like Ty on our Team. His Hard work & dedication should be recognized!

 ** ** **

To all of our Honorees, please know that whatever role you play, you are the reason for our success. Congratulations and Thank You! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!



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