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Thank You! February 2017 Employees of the Month

Congratulations to the AMS Employees of the Month for February 2017! We are very grateful to these outstanding members of our corporate family! Thank you Veronica A., Steve D., Marquette J., Jose D., Mariela G. and Cindy R.

Every month the supervisors in our various facilities nominate a team member who has provided outstanding service to the AMS clients. The nominations and comments demonstrate that the individual being recognized deserves to be thanked and appreciated for not only doing a job well, but for caring enough to go above and beyond. Nominations are listed according to the facility that the employee represents. All of the AMS facilities are located in Valencia, CA, city of Santa Clarita.

AMS has nurtured a corporate family culture from the beginning and to this day we value a close environment that takes note of and cares about the people who work here, their wellbeing, and their job satisfaction. With sincere appreciation, we recognize…

Veronica A., Account Support (November 2011)
HQ Office: 29010 Commerce Center Drive

Veronica is a very hard worker. She is quiet and keeps to herself but goes above and beyond to make sure the job gets done. She’s a very low maintenance worker and is such a pleasure to work with. Veronica is focused and dedicated to doing a good job for her team and the accounts that she works with. She takes notes and follows up when needed to make sure all answers are provided. On top of doing a great job in client services, she always has a positive attitude and treats everyone with respect. Veronica is a very nice person who is always working diligently with others to get the job done. She stays on top of her work so the job gets done right and deadlines are met. She has a positive attitude and doesn’t bring her problems from home to work. Overall, Veronica is a great team player.

Steve D., Inventory Manager (September 2012)
HQ Warehouse: 29010 Commerce Center Drive

Steve is always available to answer questions and help solve problems. You can talk with him about any concerns that may arise during the workday. He listens to the members of his team, has a great attitude, is always cheerful and has a good sense of humor. Steve makes his team members really feel like members of a corporate family. The department knows that they can count on him at any time; he will always be there.

Marquette J., General Warehouse (July 2016)
SCO3: 27801 Avenue Scott

Marquette is a very hard worker and has taken on duties that are beyond his job description. He is willing to come in early and stay late when needed without questions and he continues to learn more and more things to get the job done. The department can count on him to load all freight as well, and he does it accurately.

Jose D., Lead (July 2007)
WILL: 28936 Avenue Williams

Jose has been a wonderful addition to the team. We never have to worry about his job not getting done. He is dedicated and will stay until every piece of work is done. He always shares ideas and techniques on every area he’s assigned to. The team wouldn’t be as effective without him.

Mariela G., Lead (January 2017)
IND1: 28220 Industry Drive

Mariela has gone above and beyond on all of the tasks that have been given to her. She gets along well with others and always has a positive attitude. She is eager and willing to learn, and a model employee to have.

Cindy R., General Warehouse (October 2016)
WIT: 28624 Witherspoon Parkway

Cindy is one of the newest members of our team and she has shown an excellent work ethic. Cindy is a dependable employee and a pleasure to work with.

Whether part of the management team, client services, technology, accounting, fulfillment operations, facilities, the warehouse team, taking inventory, answering the phone, training people, making decisions, doing payroll… our employees are our corporate family, and they are the reason for our success. Employees of the Month recognition is meant to be a sincere Thank You from everyone at AMS!



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