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Thank You!! AMS Employees of the Month, September 2017

Congratulations to the AMS Employees of the Month for September 2017! We are very grateful to you for being outstanding members of our corporate family! Thank you Ana M., Alex R., Gerad M., Randy D., Larry M.

Every month the supervisors in our various AMS locations nominate a team member who has provided outstanding service to the clients of AMS, to their team members, and therefore to AMS itself.

The nominations and comments demonstrate that the individual being recognized deserves to be thanked and appreciated for not only doing a job well, but for caring enough to go above and beyond. Nominations are listed according to the location that the employee represents. All of the AMS locations are in Valencia, CA, city of Santa Clarita.

With sincere appreciation, we recognize the following individuals:

Ana M., Logistics Coordinator (November 2011)
AMS Location: HQ Admin, 29010 Commerce Center Drive

Ana is a great example of a phenomenal account manager. She is a tremendous asset to the operations team. Ana is always willing to work with operations as a team to achieve a goal. She always goes above and beyond with a smile on her face and a great attitude, doing a great job communicating with operations. Besides being in the CS department she helps operations with a big smile on her face. She always says good morning and has a 100% positive attitude. She is never disrespectful to the employees, always explaining things to them if they don’t understand. I hear my name over the walkie talkie all day long and it is always friendly communication with all.

Alex R., Clerk II – Receiving (December 2016)
AMS Location: HQ Warehouse, 29010 Commerce Center Drive

Alex is always busy and handles multiple deliveries for our clients with a very positive attitude. He makes himself available to work when extra time is needed. He gets along with his peers and Alex is always a team player.

Gerad M., Supervisor II – Operations (October 2011)
AMS Location: SCO3, 27801 Avenue Scott

Gerad had been instrumental to the performance gains recently achieved in the Avenue Scott facility operation with the deployment of the SLU program. His enthusiasm, tenacity and willingness to adapt has led to exemplary management of our most important resource: our employees.

Randy D., General Warehouse II (November 2016)
AMS Location: WIL1, 28936 Ave. Williams

Randy is always willing to tackle new challenges in the warehouse, including new procedures, and he is always thinking of safety, which is very important. Randy is very organized and clean. He has become one of the strongest in our team in a very short period of time! He always comes in with a positive attitude and with great self-motivation. He’s a good listener, detail oriented and always goes ahead of the expectations. The timeline is never an issue for any of our clients. He does whatever is necessary to get the work done.

Larry M., Assistant Operations Manager (October 2016)
AMS Location: IND1, 28220 Industry Drive

Larry is an excellent worker; he has a 100% commitment to do the job correctly and in an efficient way. He is respectful to all of our workers. He is always here and willing to do whatever is necessary to get the work done. Larry is a great addition to the team. We can always count on him for everything. He is the best.


Whether part of the management team, client services, technology, accounting, fulfillment operations, facilities, the warehouse team, taking inventory, answering the phone, training people, making decisions, doing payroll… our employees are our corporate family, and they are the reason for our success.

We have been committed to the corporate family culture at every AMS location. From the beginning of operation to this day we value a close environment that takes note of and cares about the people who work here, their wellbeing, their safety, their education and training, and their job satisfaction.

Employees of the Month recognition is meant to be a sincere Thank You from everyone at AMS! Congratulations!



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