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Series: What B Corporations do for the World #5

B Corporation - AMS FulfillmentEvery week we have been looking into various B Corporations to see the efforts they are making to be ‘good for the world’. The B Corp stories are always inspiring. We’ve also talked about our own efforts in workforce development, and the safety of our workforce during the pandemic. This week we’ll do both once again, with a focus this time on diversity.

With around 400 employees, AMS serves the community as a provider of employment. As such a provider, we have a strong focus on diversity in hiring, offering fair pay, benefits, training and education, opportunities to advance, and safety at the workplace.

AMS works with a number of SCV community organizations to identify job seekers who might face discrimination, or who might have obstacles to overcome. This includes individuals with disabilities, persons with a prison or justice involved record, homeless persons, single mothers or fathers and senior job seekers. We do not tolerate discrimination based on race, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

Recently AMS’ Chief Workforce Development Officer, Ken Wiseman, outlined the steps forward that AMS is taking with regard to diversity and inclusion. The programs, plans, changes and ideas are inspiring. You can read about it in our latest blog, Keeping our Promises: Diversity and Inclusion at AMS.

The other B Corporation we are featuring this week is TMI Consulting. You can read about their efforts at creating an inclusive economy at the B The Change website, article linked below.

A ‘Perfect Storm’ for Inclusion: Now Is the Time for B Corps to Lead Anti-Racism Work

Founder of B Corp TMI Consulting Says Community Must Be Intentional with Inclusion Efforts

As a community of businesses founded with the goal of creating a more inclusive economy, Certified B Corporations have been innovators in justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion practices — a field now known as JEDI. But as Dr. Tiffany Jana of longtime B Corp and JEDI consulting firm TMI Consulting notes, these same companies have plenty of room for improvement as well as an opportunity to provide real-world examples of progress that other businesses can follow.

Paying a fair wage, providing health care benefits, building a workforce that reflects its community, offering training and educational programming — these are just a few of the ways that B Corps can and have advanced inclusion, sometimes through the Inclusive Economy Challenge program that B Lab operated in previous years. But as recent violent attacks against Black Americans that sparked racial justice protests across the country and around the world have shown, much work remains.

Click here to read the full article.



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