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Series: What B Corporations do for the world #23

B Corporation - AMS FulfillmentEvery year B The Change comes up with a ‘Best for the World’ list of B Corporations. AMS won a place on the list in 2018, making us proud and pleased indeed. About AMS, the organization said:

“While becoming a successful fulfillment company based just north of Los Angeles, AMS has discovered the benefits of employing a workforce of people facing life challenges. The company finds purpose in providing initial job opportunities, as well as skills training to take people beyond that first job.”

You can read our blog HERE.   The B The Change article about AMS is HERE.

AMS has focused on workforce development for years, and our company culture is thriving because of it. In this blog we’ll focus on this year’s Best for the World winners who are being recognized for what they have done to benefit workers.  Please enjoy the following from

Best for the World Practices — From Around The World

“What does it actually look like in action to be Best for the World? Below is a short selection of examples from several regions where B Lab operates, highlighting the various ways in which B Corps are innovating for lasting, positive change around the globe.”

Sama, training data B Corp based in Kenya, recognized as Best for Workers

“Sama’s impact sourcing model provides training and job opportunities that pay a living wage to youth and women in East Africa. Through the combination of our leading technology platform and worker-training programs, we increase economic opportunity for those in underserved communities. Employees receive benefits including health insurance and paid new parent leave, and have the opportunity to build transferable skills through professional development courses.”

FAMA Investimentos, equity fund manager B Corp in Brazil, recognized as Best for Workers

“FAMA Investimentos is a people-based company. People are our best asset, being absolutely fundamental to our activity. Since we hired our first employee — more than 25 years ago — it has been our policy to distribute part of FAMA’s earnings. We are concerned about social mobility and continually encourage education: As an example, a female employee who was an elevator operator in our headquarters building is now one of the company’s main partners. We carry out individual performance reviews every six months and we have hired human resources consultancies to carry out an organizational climate survey every three years. All our employees, since 2005, must undergo an integrity and ethics test carried out by an external consultancy as part of the selection process, ensuring a climate of trust, respect and ethics in the work environment. It is not by chance that our turnover is very low, which is quite unusual for the sector in which we operate. During COVID, in addition to the formal commitment of not firing anyone, we hired people, made equipment for remote work available, and raised discretionary remuneration.”

Rowlison Knitwear, uniform and corporate wear B Corp in the United Kingdom, recognized as Best for Workers

“Rowlinson Knitwear is 100% employee owned, where all colleagues act as owners for the good of all our stakeholders. We pay tax-free profit-share to all, we pay 8% pension, provide interest-free loans, receive extra holidays, and demonstrate real care for each other. We pay the real living wage, and the lower-paid get paid more and the higher-paid are paid less than market rate. All colleagues participate in a vote of confidence in the managing director three times a year. We really care about the workers in our supply chain, mainly in Bangladesh and Egypt. We gift all the workers in our main supplier at Bangladesh industrial water filter machines so they and their families are healthier. We provide a female health education programme and we gift sanitary products to all female workers. In Egypt, we pay for weekly visits from a doctor and we ensure that the minimum pay level for all workers is much higher than local labour laws.”

Congratulations to all of the Best for the World winners, 2021



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