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Series: What B Corporations do for the world #16

B Corporation - AMS FulfillmentIn our weekly B corps series we check in on what B Corporations are thinking about and talking about in their commitment to ‘B the Change’. This week we found an article entitled “Purposeful Transitions: Careers, Workplace Practices, and More”. The headline recalled to mind a very inspiring and purposeful transition at AMS when our CEO, Ken Wiseman, transitioned to the role of Chief Workforce Development Officer.

Ken played a vital role in AMS becoming a B Corporation. He was the driving force behind AMS’ commitment to hire individuals with disabilities, serving as Chair and Board Member on the SCV Mayor’s Committee for Employment of Individuals with Disabilities. At the same time he worked within the community to hire men and women who had been incarcerated, he worked with organizations supporting the hiring of individuals who are homeless, and single parents. As a result AMS today benefits from a very diverse workforce.

Through Ken’s efforts, AMS developed a relationship with SCV College of the Canyons and began offering free education and training on the AMS campus, so that the workforce could advance their skills and grow within the company. A crowning achievement in workforce development was AMS’ collaboration with the college in developing the first nationally certified Logistics Apprenticeship.

In 2019 Ken retired as CEO and moved to a more purposeful role. At the time he said, “My professional time will be more focused on the myriad of employment hiring and training programs we are doing with the County, State and various agencies to continue to provide employment opportunities to those struggling to enter or re-enter the workforce.”

And that is what he has done. Even in 2020, with the world seemingly turned upside down, Ken’s efforts at maintaining a diverse workforce, and educating and training that workforce, have continued.

This week’s featured article talks about the challenges B Corps have faced for the past year, and covers how to be purposeful and ‘B the Change’ while making the transitions demanded of us.

Purposeful Transitions: Careers, Workplace Practices, and More

“The COVID-19 pandemic has touched each one of us in varying ways — human, economic, social — and to varying degrees. We’re staying distanced from our colleagues, but making virtual visits to their homes and families. We’re avoiding social gatherings, but are always connected by close-at-hand technology. We’re finding it hard to focus amid global turmoil, but still motivated to accomplish the tasks with meaning.

“Even amid divisive events, the past year has reminded us of our common humanity and collective power. As shared in this article by Anthea Kelsick and Ben Anderson of B Lab U.S. & Canada, realizing the global vision of an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economic system will require Certified B Corporations to work together and demonstrate proof of stakeholder capitalism at scale.”

Read the full article HERE.



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