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AMS OSHA Safety Challenge: Congratulations Witherspoon!

Warehouse Safety - AMS FulfillmentThere was a competition going at AMS on April 11, and everybody won!! Wednesday morning a select group competed in the first AMS Safety Challenge. The competitors are graduates of the AMS OSHA Safety Program, which began in the fourth quarter of 2016.

Each warehouse appointed a team of three graduates to represent them in the competition. The teams were given the task of spreading out in a specific building and finding staged safety violations.

There were 27 placed safety issues in a 100K sq. ft. facility. Items like plastic wrap hanging from a pallet, chains not across an open door at the loading dock, multiple extension cords used in tandem, broken equipment not red tagged and in proper zone and a safety matt with a rolled edge making it a tripping hazard.

The competition went very well. There were five teams of three, each representing a different AMS facility in Santa Clarita. They were given 45 minutes to walk a route around the entire warehouse and attempt to find the hazards.

The team from AMS’s Witherspoon Building won first place and will house the trophy until the next event when they will compete to keep it or give it up to another building. AMS hopes to do these events at least two times per year for the alumni of our OSHA-based safety training.

The Witherspoon team received $50 each, the pride in bringing back the trophy to their building, and a pizza lunch for their building. Congratulations Chardae W., Marquita J. and Jeremy C.!

AMS CEO Ken Wiseman shared his thoughts: “There before me at the start of the event were many of our most motivated and upward mobile employees. It was so much fun to see them compete, and to see the competitive spirit and the skill in which they had developed. I was proud of all of them!”

The event was coordinated and run by Facility Manager, Mark Fese, who did an outstanding job orchestrating the event. AMS is committed to keeping safety at the forefront and this fun competition has shown us how well we’re doing. Everybody won!


Photo left to right: Jeremy, Chardae, Marquita and their Proctor, Stacy C



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