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Having fun with National Boss Day! 

Boss day - AMS Fulfillment

October 16th is National Boss Day, and we want to have some fun with the AMS Bosses. Of course since a boss is a boss, we need the thumb’s up. Thankfully our bosses are ‘pretty cool folks’ and they agreed to not only answer our questions but get ‘fancied up’ for the event. First, we’re going to tell the readers who they are and what they do, and then it’s ‘fire away’ with the questions. 

Our participating AMS bosses are Jay Catlin CEO; Daniel Butera COO; Cindy Beeson VP HR; Mike Meath VP Ops East; and Kim Peszek VP Client Engagement. Truth is, we like these ‘pretty cool folks’ so we’re going to give them five super easy questions for them to answer. Important stuff – stuff we need to know! Here it comes. 

** ** ** 

Q: Our first question is the acronym puzzle. Please give us an alternative for AMS and/or your title. Example: AMS = “Always Make Sense” or “Ask Mom Sometimes” and VP = “Virtual Performer” and so forth. We know you can do it!!  

Jay: AMS = Among Many Stars (It appears that Jay is CEO of “Among Many Stars Fulfillment.” Sounds like a place where people can shine! Nice!) 

Michael:  AMS = Always Makes Sense (Okay… Michael works for “Always Makes Sense Fulfillment!” That’s actually a doable name… clients definitely want that!!) 

Kim: I always AMS! I Appreciate My Staff! (That’s a cool answer!! “Appreciate My Staff Fulfillment” as a company name doesn’t work too well, but a boss who appreciates the staff will always do more than what is expected! This one gets the A+) 

Daniel: COO = Constantly Overreacting Oaf (Daniel’s title has changed – his job is to be an Oaf. We’ll have to look that up. BTW, picturing Dan as a warehouse Oaf in Charge gets the LOL!) 

Cindy: VP of HR = Vampire Pumpkin Hunting Ranger. (It is always good to have one of these on post – you know, this time of year has a weird effect on folks with the pumpkins acting up. Comforting to know we have a Ranger on duty!!)  

** ** ** 

Q: If when you’re driving to work and sipping a colorful drink or desert, you spill some on your white shirt or blouse. You have a sizeable blue stain right up front and you’re scheduled for a Board Meeting or another important meeting, what will you do?  

Jay: Wear that blue stain proudly! (That takes a Fearless Leader…) 

Daniel: I would walk into the board meeting and immediately call attention to my mishap. Everyone in the world has spilled something on their shirt or had some level of embarrassing event occur in their life. It would hopefully not only diffuse the embarrassment, but also lighten the mood of the meeting. (Looks like the Constantly Overreacting Oaf knows what to do – he definitely lightens our mood.) 

Cindy: Use office supplies creatively, in a pinch, you can get creative with office supplies. Consider fashioning a makeshift cover-up using a large binder clip, a strategically placed jacket, a scarf, or even a well-placed nametag or sticky notes. (There we go – Cindy can use a strategically-placed vampire cape and the rest of us can put a sticky note on it. This one gets the A+) 

Michael: I usually have back up attire for big meetings…I would change into my replacement shirt. (But of course!! A sensible answer!) 

Kim: My office is well stocked with AMS swag, so I’d change into my AMS polo and proudly display it in my upcoming meeting! (Smart!! Put on the AMS polo – that gets the AMS Champion award!) 

** ** ** 

Q: We would like to know one product that you are 100% sure AMS has never, ever fulfilled. If that’s not doable, then please, tell us everything the Inventory Management System does in one brief sentence.  

Jay: Cow Manure Fertilizer (Whew – glad that hasn’t been in the warehouse. Man, that job would stink!) 

Daniel:  I don’t believe that AMS has ever distributed toilets, but I have not been around since the beginning. Also, the inventory management system stores and tracks all material movement throughout the AMS facilities. This includes receiving, transfers, adjustments and, of course, shipments. (Daniel… your instruction said one brief sentence. You gave us two. Might be an Oaf but he knows what he’s talking about.)  

Cindy: Fresh produce like mushrooms or bananas, without a temperature-controlled environment it would be difficult for AMS to fulfill these products. (Cindy’s experience with pumpkins comes in handy. Cindy – you get an A+) 

Michael: Live Chickens. (AMS has never fulfilled live chickens?? You’re sure?? We’ll have to ask Jay about that. The other day we heard clucking by the employee eggsit…) 

Kim:  I’m fairly certain that AMS has never fulfilled live animals…at least not intentionally! (We can imagine a little spooky spider wanting to travel world class! This one gets the LOL.)

** ** ** 

Q: OK, you’re in your bedroom getting ready for sleep and an angel drifts into view. The angel says… “From now on you get to do whatever your heart desires instead of being a Boss at AMS.” What would you tell the angel? 

Jay: I’m not a Boss… I’m a Leader. (Jay, seriously… you are not supposed to sass an angel.)

Daniel: I would be a full-time writer. I have always enjoyed writing short stories, and dialog. (We’re sure your short stories are ‘oaf-fully’ enjoyable!!) 

Cindy: I have several food allergies and if I dine out, I am often left with only Vegan options or no options. While vegan food can be delicious, I have thought about opening a restaurant that caters to individuals with food allergies. (Sounds like a true ‘people person’!! Much needed! Wide range of potential!) 

Michael: Spend the day with my Mom. (Well, this is Easy! Michael clearly wins this one!! Best Answer A+) 

Kim: My ideal job is to be a travel blogger. I would love to travel and photograph the world, providing guidance on how best to plan and embrace the travel experience. My first advisement would be, there is no such thing as overpacking! Bring as many shoes as you would like… (Wow – We’re inspired! What a wonderful dream – gets a big thumb’s up.) 

** ** ** 

Q: Now let’s get serious. You are a Boss. Lots of people depend on you and your decisions. In your experience, what is the most important attribute in someone who leads a team or a company? Also, in your answer, let us know one thing you believe a Boss should never do.  

Jay: I picture a Boss being someone that Bosses people around… telling them what to do in tackling the challenges of the day. I don’t think a company gets far with the “Boss” mentality. Leaders, on the other hand, develop people… share their knowledge… guide decision-making… and in doing so they surround themselves with a Team that is capable of making great decisions and enhancing the company without being told what to do. The most important attribute in someone who leads is to develop future leaders! **NEVER DO: One thing a boss or leader should never do is lose touch with their moral compass. In running a business, you should do what you feel deep down is the right thing to do… for your employees, for your clients, for the business, for the planet, for ownership and for yourself. Good things tend to happen when you Do Good! (Exactly the answers a really good human being would give – you’re on post Jay – not a Boss. You get an A++) 

Daniel: As business leaders our ONLY job is to remove barriers and obstacles for the rest of the team members. Recognizing that everyone else is significantly more important than you is something that should not be forgotten. What I believe a good leader should NEVER do is pretend to have all of the answers or lean on their title. (A humble answer, Dan. You are a true team player! The Oaf wins our hearts!!)

Cindy: I believe good leaders must be ethical. Managers should never violate rules or standards they hold their team accountable to. (We like this!! Thank you Ranger. Honesty is the best policy!)

Michael: Most Important – The ability to create and sustain a work environment that brings forth their Team’s best efforts. Never do – Never forget that you are a role model…people look up to you and your actions make a difference. (Wow – looks like we have yet another good guy, definitely up there working Among Many Stars.)

Kim: As a leader, continually listen and learn your teams’ strengths, concerns, and aspirations. Ensure clarity on strategy and objectives, but don’t micromanage every means by which they get there. Empower your staff and trust the team to do their job. And of course, have fun in the process! (We like the have fun part… well…actually… we like it all!)


Thank You AMS Leaders for having some fun with us on National Boss Day!!

** ** **

Jay Catlin CEO
Daniel Butera COO
Cindy Beeson VP HR
Mike Meath VP Ops East
Kim Peszek VP Client Engagement
Kim with a smile!!



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