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Happy Valentine’s Day AMS Corporate Family!

Valentine's Day - AMS FulfillmentWhat can we do to create more LOVE in the world? How does a corporate family celebrate Valentine’s Day? Turns out it’s not hard to do, and we’re doing it. The day that started out many years ago as a celebration of romance is becoming a day to appreciate and encourage others. Beginning with personal family, spreading to corporate family and embracing the human family, we want to show some love on Valentine’s Day.

Celebrating each other

For Valentine’s Day, AMS employees show each other love by purchasing for one another a $1 fortune cookie which our Volunteer Representatives will be handing out on Valentine’s Day. The cookies symbolize appreciation, luck, fate and wisdom. All proceeds go to a Black History Month charity that we support. We want to make a few moments of life a little better for our co-workers on Valentine’s Day.

The quote below is about a brand being built from the heart. A fulfillment company can be a brand too, embracing the human spirit and being authentic.

“In this ever-changing society, the most powerful and enduring brands are built from the heart. They are real and sustainable. Their foundations are stronger because they are built with the strength of the human spirit, not an ad campaign. The companies that are lasting are those that are authentic.” Howard Schultz

Other ways to celebrate

What else can we do to celebrate the day of love? In addition to encouraging and appreciating the people we work with, there is plenty more we can do if we wish to. A quick Internet search showed a number of calls for charity. For example, at the website of the Save the Children organization we find opportunities to support early education, buy a warm blanket for a child experiencing a disaster, donate to supply nutritious meals at school, help with the education of girls who don’t have access, help fund efforts to provide clean water and more. When the day of love inspires us to give, there is an abundance of suffering that we can and do respond to.

In addition to giving a financial gift to help children, we can also celebrate Black History Month by purchasing our personal Valentine’s Day gifts from a Black-owned business. At this LINK you will find a listing of 22 Black-owned brands including gifts, jewelry, sweets, wine, flowers, plants, paper goods, shirts, cheesecakes, candles and many more items including sea moss!

Romance is important too

But what about romantic love? Isn’t that what the day is really about? Wouldn’t it be enjoyable to hear a real LOVE story? Well, another quick Internet search takes us to four beautiful stories that expand the heart and bring a renewed appreciation for that person who is your beloved Valentine.

On February 14th as we seek ways to celebrate, we begin with our romantic partner, and then our children, and our brothers and sisters, our grands… our family. If you’re fortunate and you have any of these, well, that’s where love begins. The family is the core – the seed of love.

Our B Corp family

Can there be such a thing as an authentic corporate family? Yes, and we’re creating it. AMS is a B Corporation, committed to Be the Change. We do what we can to make working at AMS as enjoyable as any job can be, with as many benefits as possible, including job training, higher education and training for advancement. Our employees also join together as donors and volunteers in support of individuals and families in need within the community. And they do environmental work as well! We know that our B Corp values are shared by many of our employees and our clients too. And… we’re grateful to be a part of the global B Corp family, making a better world for us all.

Happy Valentine’s Day to ALL of us – LOVE is the answer.



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