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Green Team Recycling Report

Green Team - AMS FulfillmentThe AMS Green Team meets monthly to discuss ways and means of reducing the impact on the environment of our actions and our decisions. We recently published a report on AMS’ efforts with regard to reducing our carbon footprint. That report can be viewed HERE. In this blog we will continue the reporting by sharing some of the recycling projects that are being discussed in the Green Team meetings and indicate where there is progress. 


The Recycling Program 

*Employee standup meetings are discussed. Several employee and supervisor meetings are scheduled, added to the ‘All Hands Agenda’. In these meetings there was discussion of incentives for employee participation. Some ideas are to give the funds received for recycled cans back to the employees in the facility. Another suggestion is Green Team Walks with a drawing for the site with the best recycling performance – including gift cards or prize room cards. 

*Waste bin SOP training is ongoing in all AMS facilities. Plans are in place to include this training in weekly stand-up meetings.

*Green Team members are verifying that all buildings have properly color-coded waste bins/labels/plastic & weigh log. These need to be at each weigh station. 

* The Green Team discussed recognizing a monthly or quarterly recycling champion. The champion would be featured on the website and in email marketing. The program would start with Green Team Representatives.

*The team plans to schedule a driver to recycle cans/bottles. They also need to get reports on plastic bail weight so pick-up can be scheduled when the weight is high enough. 

*The team plans to write another client communication about the recycling and how clients can participate.

*A plan is in place to create a link on Invoices and on Quick Books to “Green Team Efforts.”

*Adding a “Green Team” page to the AMS website is in discussion. 

*Green Team is calling for updates on the ongoing back of warehouses cleanup project.

*The team discussed efforts ongoing in the Pennsylvania warehouse. They did find a company through which to recycle pallets of printing materials, warranties, paper, envelopes, older corrugate and DVD cases. A recycling company has also been located for recycling plastic bags and auto bags. There is a plan in place to transfer plastic from the Delaware warehouse to the Pennsylvania warehouse for pick up and recycling.

*Improvement at the WIT facility reported regarding breakroom waste – employees are on right path. 

*In the Delaware facility waste bin clusters are ordered and in place, and the employees are educated with regard to sorting and recycling.


Recycling via Purchasing Department  

*AMS is recycling pallets and the pallet pick-up is successful with reimbursement received. 

*AMS has acquired a compactor to efficiently fill the dumpsters therefore requiring fewer pickups.

*Purchasing has arranged with a sustainable packaging product vendor to do a warehouse demonstration. 

*AMS needs approval from UPS for biodegradable stretch wrap.

*AMS has purchased and implemented an Organic Waste bin.


Thank You Green Team

The AMS Green Team is a volunteer group of employees with members from all warehouse locations as well as management. We very much appreciate their efforts and compliment them on the amazing progress they have made. We are so proud to be able to serve our clients with sustainable packaging and recycling. We are also pleased to serve ecommerce shoppers in their efforts to go ‘green’. Thank you AMS Green Team.  




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