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B Corp Series: Climate Justice #38

B Corporation - AMS FulfillmentFor several years we have been writing a B Corporation Series, featuring for the readers some inspiring B Corporations in each blog. April is Earth Month, and B Corporations are focused on the environment and environmental issues. One of the most often discussed issues this year is climate justice. In #38 of our Series we will introduce several B Corporations focused on climate justice.

Google tells us… “Climate justice connects the climate crisis to the social, racial and environmental issues in which it is deeply entangled. It recognizes the disproportionate impacts of climate change on low-income and BIPOC communities around the world, the people and places least responsible for the problem.”

The question for this writing, is how are B Corporations facing Earth Month and Earth Day – what are the B Corps doing? Quoting from a recent article at “If B Corps are going to lead a movement of real corporate accountability for this crisis, this work must recognize that social and economic inequity and climate change are linked, that business has been the primary actor in driving forward both, and that the communities that do the least to drive the climate crisis are most heavily impacted by its devastation. In short, our movement’s response to climate change must be grounded in climate justice.”

The article goes on to say that B Corporations, every day, work toward an economic system based not on extraction but on regeneration. There are four B Corps that the article features as examples of being centered on climate justice.

Right People Renewable Energy

First is a company called Right People Renewable Energy (RPRE). The article gives a little history, describing RPRE as a company that…“operates in Singapore and Indonesia, transformed from a labor supply company for the oil and gas sector to a renewable energy business providing employment in low-income and rural communities.”

RPRE describes itself as a company that helps customers switch from pollutive fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy, stating, “We are your all-in-one solar provider.” The company serves industrial clients and it provides a number of services to help the company make the change. You can visit their website HERE.

Green Heffa Farms

The next company they feature is a Black-owned medicinal plants and herbs farm called Green Heffa Farms, based in North Carolina. They describe themselves as a farm, a tea company, a natural health brand, and an educational resource. Their website states, “We do a lot on our 14.84 acres.”

“It is our mission to provide our customers with an exemplary experience while providing expanding access to agriculture for underserved and under-represented farmers.” They not only grow their products, which are tea blends, steam blends, herb blends and hemp flower blends, they provide everything from teaching farming to employing individuals in the community to the best ecological practices. This appears to be is an exceptional B Corporation. You can visit their website HERE.

Lotus Foods and Jubilee Justice

These two B Corps are featured together as Lotus Foods has diversified and strengthened their natural products company, and their domestic supply chain, by partnering with Jubilee Justice. According to the article, Jubilee Justice is…”an organization supporting Black farming communities with resources that foster restoration of land stewardship and regenerative foodways.”

The mission of Jubilee Justice is inspiring: “We envision an America where the institutional injustices concerning Land, Race and Money, that are rooted in a history of extraction and exploitation, both spiritually and materially transform toward justice, equity and repair. It will require the redistribution of resources, the equal sharing of knowledge and information, cross-racial and personal healing based on a worldview of interdependence and the active acknowledgement of the Earth and soil upon which all life depends as sacred.” Read about Lotus Foods HERE and Jubilee Justice HERE.

As a B Corporation, AMS is inspired and encouraged by these exceptional B Corporations. We hope our readers enjoy learning about the many dedicated B Corporations that are keeping AMS company in this changing world.



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