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AMS Series #9: Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership - AMS FulfillmentThis week our spotlight shines on Maryanne Amalfitano, Director of Client Services, Delaware Division. Maryanne is a uniquely trained individual with over 28 years of 3PL experience. In 1994 she joined the Sheeran Direct Marketing team as an Account Executive. While there she was promoted in 2005 to Assistant Vice President of Sales, and in March of 2008 she was promoted again to Director of Client Services.

In April of 2012 Echodata purchased Sheeran Direct Marketing. Maryanne kept her position as the Director of Client Services where she had first-hand involvement in the training and daily coordination of Account Manager, Customer Service and Telemarketing Representative activities.

In January of 2020, Echodata and AMS merged as one company. Maryanne is currently Director of Client Services for the Delaware Division. She has also served as Ops Director in the absence of hiring a new director for this division several times over the years. 

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Thank you for being in the AMS Women in Leadership spotlight, Maryanne. In reading your bio we see an incredibly broad base of experience in 3rd Party Fulfillment. Could you give us a brief glimpse into how it was to handle so many roles in companies that are changing and in transition? Did it come easily or was it as challenging as we imagine?

The most challenging aspect was keeping up with my Department and providing better training. The benefit of wearing multiple hats at times is that it gives you a better appreciation for what the other members of the team deal with and it helps you to understand Operations processes on the floor.


What was it like for you when AMS and Echodata merged? Did you know much about AMS? Was there any knowledge of the B Corporation commitment?

I had some experience with merges since I originally came from Sheeran Direct. Echodata and AMS had similar work ethics and culture, so it made the transition easier.  I had some knowledge of B Corporation and did additional research.


Considering all of the roles you played you must have mentored quite a few people. Is there anyone who stands out as having been a mentor to you?

My first mentor was Lori Homsher who was the VP of IT at Sheeran Direct. She explained how EDI, XML, etc. integrations worked with clients and how it affected our day-to-day processes. She also inspired me to set goals and achieve them.

My second mentor is Kim Peszek who expanded my capabilities to lead my team and set expectations with clients and employees. 

These mentors have had a great impact in my personal values and position within the company.


As you know, AMS is unique in that it has so many women in leadership positions, and that’s why we’re shining the spotlight! Over your 28 years did you feel being a woman kept you from progressing within any one of the companies?

I have been very fortunate to have great bosses that valued my leadership and hard work through the years.


It seems that in client services you get to know the clients well. Would you say the clients are appreciative of the B Corp culture – is it a plus for them?

The B Corp culture was new to some of our legacy clients and our newer clients are very excited that AMS is a B Corp company and have even promoted in their marketing ads.


Thank you Maryanne for this excellent, informative interview!



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