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AMS Series #2: Women in Leadership

Women Leaders - AMS FulfillmentOur women in leadership series continues this week with a spotlight on Bobbi Booher, AMS’ Chief Financial Officer. Bobbi is responsible for all Finance and Accounting matters at AMS. She is also tasked with overseeing Human Resources.  

Bobbi came to AMS in February of 2022 from a position as CFO of Fralock Holdings Group. In addition to Finance and Accounting, Bobbi has been responsible for Human Resources, Employee Safety, IT and Purchasing. This gives her a unique view that goes beyond the numbers and results in decision making that aligns key areas both strategically and financially. 

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Women Leaders - Bobbie Booher - AMS FulfillmentThank you, Bobbi for allowing us to shine the spotlight on you! Could you speak about your hopes for all women who are seeking to improve their incomes or careers or lives through advancement up the corporate ladder? 

Especially today, there are more opportunities than ever.  I think the most important thing that anyone can do as they prepare for career advancement is to focus on both the technical skills and soft skills for the career path they are going after.  Then take it to the next level and pursue it with a single-minded focus.  If you can find a mentor that is well respected in the field, even better.  For me personally, gender does not even enter my thought process.  A motto someone shared with me a long time ago was “be the best and the rest will come.”  I’ve found that to generally be true.  If that is not the case where you are, move on.  There are organizations out there that will welcome your expertise and will gladly promote you as high up the corporate ladder as you are prepared and qualified to go.

There are more than 5,000 B Corporations worldwide, but very few fulfillment companies have made the commitment. AMS is truly unique in that we have a number of stakeholders: the employees, the community, the environment, the clients and ourselves. From your viewpoint as CFO, can a company be a B Corp and still be profitable?

Absolutely, both in the traditional sense and in ways that may be a little harder to measure.  B Corps are always thinking about how to partner with others for the greater good.  Those partnerships often bring dividends that were never contemplated.  Giving back to employees and the local community only strengthens everyone involved, including the company.  People want to work where their efforts are recognized and appreciated, and where companies invest in their growth and wellness.  This in turn provides companies with great employees who are then committed to paying it forward as well.  What a great environment to be part of!  I think it is similar within the local community.  When you do good, other local businesses support you and vice versa.  This creates a network of like-minded people that can come together for the greater good.  Companies need to be profitable to be able to provide these opportunities and charitable works.  When the right balance is struck, I think it works better for all involved than the more traditional model which tends to value profits over good corporate citizenship. Like all things, the right balance brings the most reward to all shareholders, including investors, who more and more, want to invest in companies that take a broader view.

The reason we celebrate women in leadership is because women have historically been denied leadership roles. In your years of service in the corporate world have you faced challenges due to being woman, and if so, how have you overcome them? 

I do believe California can be unique in the sense that we are typically a bit ahead of the times.  I don’t believe I have ever been denied a leadership role based on gender, but I certainly have faced challenges from time to time that likely had a gender bias to them. I’ve also been the only female on many leadership teams or in other executive/board settings.  My approach in life is to always have faith in myself and to face things head on.  I don’t let challenges derail me and if someone treats me poorly, I let them know it’s not okay.  I find a direct and professional approach typically stops those sorts of things in their tracks. To be honest, I don’t even give them the “credibility” or the influence over me that would be required to derail me.  While I sometimes get annoyed, I just don’t let it change me or my goals.  I’ve found that to work well.  If you don’t give something credence, it’s hard for others to as well.  One thing that I really appreciate here at AMS is the diversity across the board.  There are many women in leadership here and on our Board of Directors. 

Thank you for the interview Bobbi Booher, Chief Financial Officer, AMS Fulfillment!





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