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AMS Series #10: Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership - AMS FulfillmentThis week the AMS spotlight shines on Sarah Madison, Inventory and Inbound Manager for AMS New Castle, DE Division. Sarah joined EchoData in 2017 as DFC Operator/Assembly. She comes from the Philadelphia area and studied Social Work at Temple University.  Sarah says, “A huge part of my background and who I am today comes from joining Alcoholics Anonymous. Those that know me, know that recovery is a passion of mine. It brought me to Delaware back in April 2017 and I’ve been here ever since.”

Prior to joining EchoData Sarah lived in Wilmington, DE and helped run Burgess Beginnings, a Women’s Recovery Home. At Burgess Sarah was linked with a local organization called Attack Addiction, that assists with funding in the community for recovery efforts, addiction education and legislation. 

In 2017 Sarah was given the opportunity to work for EchoData by Maryanne Amalfitano, Director of Client Services, Delaware Division. Sarah says, “I have learned and grown so much during my time here and it has been very exciting to be a part of the transition from Echo to AMS. I love that AMS is a B-Corp because giving back to the community we live in and working from a people-first perspective are ideals I live by in my own personal life.” 

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Thank you for being in the AMS Women in Leadership spotlight, Sarah. You have a strong background in assisting women in their recovery from addiction, for which we sincerely thank you. What would you say are the greatest challenges for you in changing from a focus on community service to working in fulfillment services?

I would say the biggest challenge over the years has been changing my thought process from serving others selflessly to a more business-minded process. I struggled with this balance my first couple years working here and I cannot say the job came first. Through some incredible mentorship and people like Maryanne who saw something in me I did not see or value at the time, I was given a chance to learn and grow and ultimately thrive here. I still like to think my recovery and my family come first and foremost in everything I do, but I have also been able to learn to prioritize and show up responsibly for my job. 


You came to EchoData under the guidance of your mentor, Maryanne. Since social work and service to others has been such a big part of your life, have you been able to mentor others at AMS who come on board and need guidance?

I like to think I have been able to pass on knowledge and help guide associates along their journey here – it excites me to see other people learn new things and begin operating independently. To see the confidence grow in them is a gift. I always let people know they can have as much or as little to do with their growth in the company as their mind will allow them – I started out in assembly/pick and pack and once I realized I had potential in another department I kept that drive going. I try to keep a positive spin on everything and share that over and over with employees because positivity naturally produces productivity.


What was the transition from EchoData to AMS like for you? Were there any difficulties or did you find the companies very similar in their culture?

I have enjoyed the transition to AMS! It has brought about so many new opportunities for growth, new technology, new process, new people! I love the education classes that associates have access to, the leadership courses – being a part of a much larger organization than EchoData has brought about benefits that were not as accessible for a smaller company. There are always complexities to this type of a transition but the challenge helps me grow. I can’t say the cultures were very different but there is much more to offer all employees through AMS and for that I am grateful!


Have you found ways in which to participate in the B Corporation culture at AMS?

We have hosted a few events here in New Castle for the employees which have doubled as fund-raisers or food drives and that has been a positive way to participate in the community. I have also attended quite a few of the online courses and they have been wonderful. I look forward to getting more involved in the community. I love to hear about how much the West coast facilities have been able to reach out into their local organizations and I see that for the East coast division in the near future so it’s something to look forward to as we grow more solid in our AMS foundation. 


Thank you Sarah for a very inspiring and enjoyable interview!






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