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AMS’ safety record is no accident: At the Forefront of COVID Safety #23

Warehouse Safety | AMS FulfillmentIt was August of 2020 when AMS Fulfillment began publishing a safety series focused primarily on pandemic safety. At that time AMS already had a stellar safety record due to the company’s focus on training and their consistent safety practices. Injuries have been rare, and as the pandemic came along AMS committed additional resources to pandemic safety. The blog series was intended to help other businesses face the challenge by being an example and reporting on the interventions and practices.

When the COVID vaccines became available to essential workers, AMS’ VP of Operations, Marco Pelaez, began a series of vaccine clinics on campus, where employees and their families, age 12 and up, could come and receive their vaccination. The first clinic was held on May 20th and since then four more clinics have been held.

Recently Marco announced, “We have our next vaccination clinic on October first, where there are going to be two other companies joining our clinic. We are also getting ready to offer the vaccination booster for Search and Rescue and after that for our employees.” Upon hearing this impressive news, we asked Marco if he would answer a few questions about the clinics.

Are you working with a medical clinic or an organization? How was the ‘on-site’ clinic arranged?

We are working with a group called Veritas testing and they work directly with the county. I looked for mobile clinics near me utilizing Google and then I contacted them via phone.

How have the employees responded to the clinics? Have you had a good response?

We have vaccinated over 150 employees and their responses have been very positive and appreciative towards us bringing the vaccine to AMS so they do not have to go and make an appointment.

Do the employees have a choice as to what vaccine they would prefer?

We have offered all three vaccines (Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson and Johnson), and almost everybody chose Moderna.

Has anyone reported back to you an adverse reaction?

Just the normal symptoms from the vaccine but no major reactions.

Are employees bringing their families to the clinics as well?

Family members and friends are welcome, some of them are bringing the entire family.

Marco concluded, “This is a very satisfying service we are providing our employees as some of them do not have the time or technology to set up their appointments. By doing these clinics we are making things easier for them to get access to the vaccine and we can answer any questions or fears they may have.”

Thank you Marco Pelaez, VP of Operations, and thank you AMS Fulfillment for your consistent and caring safety practices.



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