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AMS: Honoring and Supporting our Veterans

During the Veteran’s Day weekend in November, AMS joined millions of Americans in honoring those who have served or are serving in the US Military. At the same time we realize that there is much more to be done to assist veterans and active duty individuals who have need of employment, housing and healthcare.

To that end AMS has been working with the Santa Clarita Veteran Services Collaborative. This organization helps secure jobs, housing, transportation, health and human services, education and legal services for veterans and their dependents. AMS has long been enthusiastic in hiring veterans.

In addition to hiring, there are other efforts that AMS is able to make on behalf of veterans by working with the SCV Veterans Services Collaborative. The Collaborative includes organizations from the University of Southern California, College of the Canyons, a number of local businessmen and women, individuals, and non-profit organizations. These groups come together to exchange ideas and offer whatever assistance is within their province.

On Veterans Day AMS CEO Ken Wiseman, and his wife, AMS Executive VP of Client Services Betty-Lou Wiseman, attended a beautiful event organized by the SCV Veteran Services Collaborative and Boy Scouts of America at the Reagan Library. The event honored Lee Shulman, U. S. Army Air Corps veteran and longtime member of the SCV community, and also honored Vietnam Veteran Bennie Adkins.

Ken had this to say about the evening: “I really can’t imagine a place I would have rather been on the evening of Veteran’s day. The main speakers, Lee Shulman and Bennie Adkins were inspiring, the awards given to our local veterans that earned the Purple Heart, and their stories were impassioned, and the camaraderie of respect and patriotism that embraced all of us that evening was memorable. Combine all that with the atmosphere of The Regan Library, and wonderful food and company.”

AMS has played an enjoyable role in another recent event hosted by Help The Children and the SCV Veterans Collaborative. At this event, called “Come Thank a Veteran”, veterans and military families were invited to enjoy free music and to shop for free home improvement items.

Due to the generosity of AMS clients, our company was pleased to contribute 30-pallets of items for the military and veteran families to choose from, take home and enjoy. Jay Catlin, AMS President, expressed his gratitude to all who helped: “We’d like to give a huge Thank You to our generous and valued clients who donated the goods to support our local Veterans and their children. At AMS, we value and respect the women and men in the military who dedicate themselves to the security and well-being of the United States and our way of life. It was an honor to support such a positive endeavor.”

Thank You For Your Service to the following AMS employees:


Robert Nicholson works for AMS at the WIT2 location. He served in the US Marine Corps for six years, and in military reserves for two more years. He enlisted when he was age 19. Robert’s Military Occupational Specialty was 3043 Administrative Supply. His first duty station was MCAS El Toro, CA, followed by Inspector and Instructor duty in Raleigh, NC. Then he was stationed at MCLB Albany, GA where he worked for the STAP Unit. The highest rank he achieved was Corporal.

When Robert was honorably discharged, he had earned two meritorious promotions and a good conduct medal. After he left the military, he worked for the Department of Defense as a contractor to assist in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

When asked to speak about being a veteran, he said, “One of the benefits of being vet is you know how our Military works and you can assist. A lot of vets are capable of assisting active duty personnel and other vets as contractors and volunteers. The Government is providing great benefits for our military – a better benefit package than ever before in our history, especially in mental health care.”

Joseph Ramirez works for AMS at the IND1 location. He is currently in Army Reserves with his duty station in Bell Gardens in Los Angeles. Joseph’s duties are mechanics and maintenance of transportation equipment, and he has served in this capacity for three years. He will continue in this capacity until he is deployed at some time in the future.

When asked about his military service, Joseph said, “The training I received has helped me in my job here at AMS. Working as a soldier in the military life and in civilian life has made me disciplined in both worlds, and I appreciate that.”

Joseph went on to say that as he waits to be deployed, his plan is to use the military tuition that he is benefited with in order to continue pursuing a career in architectural engineering.

Jason Irwin works for AMS as Chief Information Officer. He served in the US Air Force for six years, signing up at the age of 17. He entered basic training in San Antonio, TX and after basic he was sent to Aurora, CO for technical school training, later receiving his degree in Avionic Systems. Avionics are the electronic systems used on aircraft, artificial satellites, and spacecraft. His specialty was F-15 and F-111 Fighter jets. Halfway through his service he transitioned into Information Systems where he was named Communications Airmen of the Year for the 18th Fighter Wing.

Other than Texas and Colorado, Jason was stationed for two years in Hampton Roads, VA and three years in Okinawa, Japan. He was deployed to Nevada, South Korea and spent two Christmas Tours in Saudi Arabia supporting Operation Southern Watch. During his first tour in Saudi Arabia he stayed in the Khobar Towers complex, which was bombed by a terrorist five months after he had returned home. About the bombing, Jason said, “The wall I used to sleep against was destroyed. Nineteen people died in that blast. I returned for my second tour three months later after the attack. That incident has stuck with me as a reminder that some events and timing are out of your control.”

Jason went on to talk about finding employment as a veteran, and about his experience in the military service: “It was easy for me at the time. The right employers highly value the skills Military personnel have been instilled with. I exited the service in 1999 with the experience of having managed a network of over 2,000 users and 17 network admins under our group. This was during the dot com boom and when information systems were really taking off in business. I secured a contract to work for Compaq computers in the Citibank Development Center ensuring that their systems were Y2K compliant. Towards the end of 1999 I made the move into the Fulfillment industry and have been primarily focused there since.

“Joining the military was one of the best decisions I’ve made in life. I really developed into who I am in the military. Your world changes when one day you’re washing dishes and busing tables and the next day you have a pilot’s life and ultimately the safety of our nation in your hands. The military had so many lessons to offer me. My biggest takeaways were integrity and the way it opened the world up to me. Having grown up in a small town and not traveling, the exposure to different ideas and cultures fully shaped who I am. I can’t imagine my life without those six years of lessons and experiences. One of the best things I’ve done in life.”



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