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AMS: Helping Our Community

Giving - AMS FulfillmentAMS has a long history of food giving during the holiday season. In the past, for more than 15 years, under the guidance of Ken and Betty-Lou Wiseman we adopted families in the Val Verdes community. These were families suggested by Deputy Rooney of the Val Verdes Youth Activity League. AMS employees generously donated to help the families and enjoyed knowing their donations helped families in need.  

Ken and Betty-Lou have retired, and we were incredibly sad to see them go. Ken’s passion for volunteering and Betty-Lou’s dedication to community were so inspiring for us all, and we do miss them! Especially in the holiday season. We’re sure their care for the community is still in their hearts and their actions this year as in the past.  

AMS’ Volunteer Committee 

The AMS Volunteer Committee traditionally finds new ways to serve the community during this season as they continue the mission of Ken and Betty-Lou. This year the Committee, led by Samantha Hicks, located organizations to donate to and ways of responding to community needs. AMS has relationships with a number of community organizations, and we have knowledge of the needs of our community. We chose the two organizations we believed we could best serve: The Santa Clarita Valley Food Pantry and Hope the Mission. 

The Committee decided to do a food and clothing drive, arranging for AMS employees to be able to donate canned food and slightly used clothing as well. The food would go to the SCV Food Pantry and the clothing to Hope the Mission. Hope the Mission has thrift stores where they sell donated clothing and give the profits to feed, clothe and shelter people in need.  

Our Donation Recipients 

The Santa Clarita Valley Food Pantry is dedicated to alleviating hunger in Santa Clarita by serving the elderly, often on fixed incomes and faced with the choice of medicine or food, serving working families who earn paychecks that cannot support their basic needs, serving the injured, the disabled, the homeless, and the unemployed – serving those living in uncertainty, looking for assistance and a better life. Readers can visit the SCV Food Pantry website [HERE]. 

Hope the Mission is committed to offering second chances to everyone they serve, understanding that homelessness and the challenges people face are complex. Sales from our clothing donations helped feed, clothe and shelter men, women, and children here in our local community. Visit the Hope the Mission website [HERE]. 

Thank You AMS Employees

Samantha had the following to say about this year’s giving. “It really is a group effort. The success of our giving programs is attributed to our volunteer committee, which consists of at least one representative from each facility. They have passion for engaging employees they see every day, making the workplace a positive place to contribute. Collectively we can make a difference.”

Thank you to every volunteer and every employee who donated. AMS wants nothing more than to make a difference in people’s lives and help those most in need! Your donations and your efforts are appreciated!!



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