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AMS Fulfillment: 2022 EARTH DAY REPORT!

Earth Day Report - AMS FulfillmentOne of the most relevant, historic and important global commemorative days is Earth Day – April 22nd. In a recent blog we spoke about the origins of Earth Day; organized in response to a massive oil spill off the coast of Santa Barbara 53 years ago. The sentiment was very strong at the time, to respect the environment and stop the destruction and exploitation of ‘Mother’ Earth.

The environmental movement has continued and grown considerably since that time, and we are very pleased to see that an increasing number of corporations have reached the stage of the B Corporation – a business legally committed to consider the environment a stakeholder in business decisions. AMS Fulfillment is proud to be a B Corporation.

Our AMS Green Team is active, committed, and accomplishing things!! To commemorate Earth Day last year AMS published an Earth Day report that can be read HERE. Much has happened in the past year, and in 2022 we have another Earth Day report for you. Contributing to this report are three Green Team members: Daniel Butera, COO; Samantha Hicks, Senior Program Administrator; and Jeff Pierson, Acct. Manager Client Services.

Update on Carpool –2022 C02 Report

With AMS’ Vanpool program, 14 employees participate in ridesharing, equaling 65 metric tons of C02 which is avoided because of this rideshare program. This may not seem like a big deal to most, but when we look at the big picture, the equivalence of these emissions would have to be counterbalanced by 22.5 tons of waste recycled instead of landfilled, 76.9 acres of US forests in one year, and 2,463 incandescent lamps switched to LED’s.

BIG SHOUT TO AMS EMPLOYEES: Mayra C, Maria B, Analida H, Jocelyn G, Reina C, Jazmine A, Maria G, Angie M, Martha D, Destiny S, Abraham T, Emely G, & Adam H.

Update on LEED Interns

We have received four resumes of College of the Canyons Interns, and plan to start Summer and/or Fall of this year! In this program College of the Canyons Interns will partner with the AMS Green Team to identify and promote modern green infrastructure. The interns will help AMS reduce its environmental impact by identifying meaningful operational solutions which balance sustainability concerns with financial profitability. 

Membership in Sustainable Packaging Coalition

AMS Fulfillment is proud to say we are an active member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, whose sole purpose is to change the packaging norms and educate businesses on sustainable packaging. To help our clients with options for sustainable packaging, we are creating a Sustainable Packaging Catalog for them to order sustainable supplies and different options from different companies, with the goal of encouraging them to think more eco-friendly with their products.

Evaluating, Educating & Investigating

Some of the other initiatives that the Green Team is working on consist of evaluating recycling options for both coasts and at all facilities for supplies used as well as personal/employee waste. We are educating ourselves on how we ensure that these materials that are recycled are being done so correctly, so they end up back into the life cycle of reusable raw materials for new packaging and products. 

We’ve launched an internal investigation that includes bringing in third party groups to evaluate us on where we are being wasteful and where we can make changes. We are also evaluating ways to actively help our clients in finding options for more sustainable business practices, including supplies, so they too can contribute to this goal of carbon neutrality.

Learning Center Reusable Materials

The AMS Learning Center is fully paperless, with dry erase name tents and reusable training material. Our caterer for luncheons and events, LaCo Taco, is using cardboard meal treys to replace plastic.

Goal to be carbon neutral by 2023

AMS Fulfillment is proud to say we are underway on an extensive and in-depth analysis of how we can become a greener, more eco-friendly company and reduce and eventually completely offset our carbon footprint.

We are seeking the following certifications: Carbon/Climate Neutral Certification and Green Business Certification.


We have made available Reusable AMS Water Bottles for all Employees, we are communicating with Employees on Green Best Practices at home and at work and we are holding Weekly Green Team Meetings.

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Key Performance Indicators in Green Warehousing

In global supply chains, warehouses produce environmental pollution mostly from heating, cooling, and lighting. Generally, the bigger the warehouse, the larger the carbon footprint. Interns and Green Team can measure the carbon footprint of their operations by considering key performance indicators: emissions, natural resource use, amount of waste and extent of recycling and reuse. Studying total carbon dioxide emissions, as well as energy consumption, water consumption, and rate of product or material use, will reveal areas where companies can apply green initiatives.

For example, a warehouse with a high electricity bill might discover that alternative lighting sources—like natural light, automatic lights, or other renewable energy options—offer savings. Likewise, the discovery that a warehouse consumes large quantities of water from an unsustainable and expensive natural source might inspire change. By installing water flow reduction mechanisms or a rainwater capture system, warehouses can reduce, offset, or optimize water use.

PDF: Sustainability Among Consumers

Photo credit: Amy Shamblen




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