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April: A Month to Celebrate the Earth!

April 11, 2022

Earth Day - AMS FulfillmentMost of us are aware that April is Earth Month, and Earth Day is coming up on April 22nd. Due to the efforts of some long-standing and heroic environmental organizations we have seen the devastating photos of plastic pollution in the oceans and the resulting destruction of marine life. For years the general public has been concerned to the degree that we recycle and look for plastic alternatives. We want to purchase products in biodegradable packaging and sometimes wonder, “Why are they still selling water in plastic bottles… and why are people still buying it?”

Earth Day is one of the reasons for public awareness of dirty air, polluted water and destroyed forests – we know well that it is past time to show respect for the Earth. What was it like when Earth Day began, 53 years ago? It was seriously worse from many angles. The first Earth Day emerged out of a disaster – a massive oil spill in Santa Barbara, California. People were becoming conscious of the utter carelessness of some corporations with regard to the environment. The public was realizing that… “We had better start to care and let business know we care.” From that sentiment came our present Earth Day!

Today things have changed quite a lot, and an inspiring indicator of that change is the B Corporation. The B Corp considers the environment to be a stakeholder in its business decisions, and it is obligated by contract to do so. That is one of the most inspiring features of a B Corporation – purpose before profit. In the past corporations may have found it more profitable to pollute the environment. The B Corporation promises that the environment will be considered with every decision, and profit does not come first. With the B Corp in the lead, perhaps one day soon that bottle of water we want to buy will be packaged in in a container that will degrade in the environment in a healthy manner, and we won’t be forced to pay more for it!

A Fulfillment company like AMS has its own impact on the environment as do all businesses. AMS uses packaging materials, cardboard boxes and other types of disposable items, and it is always on the search for the better and better materials – things that will decompose and if not decompose, be fully recyclable into another useful purpose. This concern for the environment has been evident in the decision-making from the beginning of the company 20 years ago. Today our ‘Green Team’ is consulting with experts and making every effort possible to modify our impact on the environment until AMS Fulfillment is carbon neutral.

In our first blog celebrating Earth Month we find it appropriate to mention some of the ways that other B Corporations are considering the environment.

An article at entitled B Corps Raise the Bar for Business Climate Action, talks about three B Corps: Gaia Herbs, Flow Water, and Legacy Vacation Resorts. Every B Corporation has a story and a purpose. These businesses are inspiring, honest, and dedicated with regard to the Earth. For example, here is a quote from Flow Water:

“This Earth Month we’re raising awareness about the power we all have to make mindful purchases. With our sustainable, plant-based package and sustainably-sourced alkaline spring water you’ll be doing your part for the planet while simultaneously giving your body optimal hydration.”

It is exciting to consider that our wish for a bottle of water in a biodegradable container may be granted by a B Corporation! We encourage you to read the article and see what these B Corporations are doing in recognition of Earth Month.