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AMS Employees Enjoy 2016 Holiday Giving

ams-giving-1It’s impossible to not get into the giving spirit if you work for AMS!

With fulfillment in full swing, and the warehouse staff extremely busy shipping gifts, the AMS family can’t help but get into holiday giving.

Every year AMS employees and management show their care and respect for the community by distributing Thanksgiving meals and Christmas gifts. “We have such good vibes around the holidays,” says Jay Catlin, AMS President. “We know that the people with the best attitude get the best outcome in life, and that works for a company too. It’s what we’ve been doing for years, and we enjoy it immensely. This is the time of year when people are really there for each other like a family would be,” Jay said, “and the same holds true for the AMS family.”

For the past five years AMS has participated in the Santa Clarita Youth Activities League’s ‘Adopt a Family’ program. Officer Bryan Rooney of the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Department runs the program and selects the families for both the Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations.

Betty-Lou Wiseman, Executive VP of Client Services at AMS, administers the company’s giving programs. Betty-Lou added her thoughts: “Over the years of working with and providing summer and after school employment for young people sponsored by the Sheriff’s Youth Foundation, we became sensitive to the fact that many of the families in our area do struggle during the holidays. The AMS family adoption has now become a tradition, and it helps all of us who participate to experience the true meaning of the holidays.”

For the Thanksgiving holiday giving, AMS partnered with Ralph’s Supermarkets in creating full Thanksgiving dinners to distribute to families in need. Invitations were sent to the families, and they came to the Youth Center where they received their gifts.

Christmas is an even more personal event for AMS employees. Officer Rooney gives AMS the family list and the employees who wish to participate personally purchase and wrap gifts for their chosen children and family members. During the Christmas holiday AMS partners with the Vallarta Supermarket, allowing employees to pre-purchase dinners in the form of coupons. Families that receive a coupon can go and pick up their freshly cooked Christmas meal at the supermarket.

When the time comes for the one-on-one gift distribution, AMS employees meet with the families at the Youth Center. Every year it becomes a joyful celebration for all – one of the favorite events shared by the AMS family.
In addition to a lot of hard work being Santa’s elves, in a sense, AMS employees share the happiness of the season with the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Department, Officer Bryan Rooney, Ralph’s Supermarket, Vallarta Supermarket, lots of local families and plenty of little kids.

Happy Holidays to all as we join you in holiday giving!





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