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AMS Employee Recognition – May 2017

Congratulations to the AMS Employees of the Month for May 2017! We are very grateful for your efforts! Thank you Terrance N., Natalia A., David B., Ramiro R., Marlen L.

Every month the supervisors in our various facilities nominate a team member who has provided outstanding service to the AMS clients. The nominations and comments demonstrate that the individual being recognized deserves to be thanked and appreciated for not only doing a job well, but for caring enough to go above and beyond. Nominations are listed according to the facility that the employee represents. All of the AMS facilities are located in Valencia, CA, City of Santa Clarita.

Terrance N., Account Manager (March 2016)
HQ Administration, 29010 Commerce Center Drive

Terrance has the extremely difficult job of doing collections. He must call customers who are in arrears and ask them to please send payment now. I sit near Terrance and I hear his conversations and I am constantly amazed at his demeanor when speaking with customers. He is always calm, polite and always professional; even when the person the other end of the line is angry he does his very best to calm the situation. He is a true Southern Gentleman (from Louisiana), always addressing the caller as Ma’am or Sir. I have told him many times that in my opinion he’s the perfect person for this, at times, extremely frustrating position. He is always very friendly to everyone on or off the phone. Terrance is an extremely professional and polished representative and a great asset to AMS.

Natalia A., General Warehouse III (April 2014)
HQ Warehouse, 29010 Commerce Center Drive

Natalia is always willing to take on any workload in any job. I have never given her something she could not handle with accuracy and speed. She works very well with the entire team and we depend on her to do the more detailed jobs that require much care and accuracy such as UCC labeling and shipping. Natalia is a hard worker, very intelligent and works in a very efficient way.

David B., General Warehouse II (March 2017)
SCO3: 27801 Avenue Scott

David is a great worker with a great attitude. He is always here, always on time and willing to do whatever is necessary to get the work done. He has recently taken on the responsibility of not only picking his orders, but due the recent spike in orders he has also learned how to scan and ship the orders as well. David is a perfect addition to the team.

Ramiro R., General Warehouse I (July 2011)
WILL/WIT: 28936 Avenue Williams, 28624 Witherspoon Parkway

Ramiro is a BEAST when it comes to unloading containers or loading trailers. He always has a positive attitude and gets his tasks done quickly and accurately. Ramiro is always willing to come in early, stay late, or work the weekend if needed. He is a true team player helping out any area or client that is in need of assistance. No matter what building or client he is helping with or what task he is assigned we can always count on Ramiro to get any job done.

Marlen L., Inventory Clerk (August 2016)
IND1: 28220 Industry Drive

Marlen is an excellent worker. She has 100% commitment to do the job in the correct and efficient way. Without her help we would not have been able to perform the tasks that were assigned to her in previous months and bring this warehouse into great shape. She can easily be trained to be one of the leaders in the company. Marlen is respectful to all people and can guide others in any tasks knowing the job will be finished in a good way. We have a diamond in her!


As you can see from the supervisor comments, AMS has nurtured a culture that depends upon and places great value in employees. We call it an ‘AMS Family’ culture that takes note of and cares about the people who work here, their wellbeing, and their job satisfaction. No matter which department they work in, which task they do, or which location we find them in, our employees are the reason that AMS succeeds so well and continues to grow.

Employees of the Month recognition is meant to be a sincere Thank You from the entire AMS Fulfillment Family! You are the reason for our success!



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