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AMS: 2023 Year in Review

AMS - AMS Fulfillment Looking through our year of 2023, we see our B Corporation values dominating the news. We see our CEO nominated as a finalist for the 2023 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion awards by the LA Business Journal. We see AMS granted the Silver Level Award from The Climate Registry, along with our first year being Climate Neutral. We see recognition from the CA General Assembly for diversity and an award from the Mayor’s Committee for hiring individuals with disabilities. We see someone we love retiring, we see some new friends in Human Resources, we see charitable giving, green team news and successes, and the importance of employee safety to AMS. Let’s begin with December of 2022 and from there we’ll move through the year.

December 2022

AMS was very pleased, in late December, to contribute to the Rainforest Trust and Rainforest Climate Action Fund on behalf of our clients. Here is a brief quote from our blog: “We believe that donating to this fund may be the most effective tool we have, at this time, to fight climate change and create a healthier future for our planet and all who inhabit it. We are confident that our clients, our employees, our community and our investors join with us in concern for the future of our shared world.” To read the full article, click [HERE].

February 2023

In February the AMS Green Team began a months-long effort to recycle stretch film. We handle 60-80 stretch wrapped pallets a day in each of our warehouses, and this is a lot of plastic going into a landfill. It was a great concern for us and a challenge, but we got it happening! “AMS’ Green Team searched for a solution. They located a company that will pick up and properly recycle our bailed plastic stretch film once we reach 10K lbs. We have purchased 92 waste bins to distribute in all our warehouse facilities so our team can properly dispose of this waste, which will be collected, bailed, weighed, and stored for our goal of 10K pounds.” To read the full article, click [HERE].

March 2023

We interviewed Marco Pelaez, AMS’ VP of Operations, about whether our efforts at pandemic safety were coming to an end. Marco had been diligent in protecting AMS employees and it was time for an update. We’ll quote Marco from the blog: “Keeping employees safe during this pandemic has been a very stressful experience. We had to learn about this virus, not knowing how it behaves, and at the same time try to keep people feeling safe and secure at the workplace. We also had to learn about the CDC safety protocols and implement them at AMS. They were two long years of stress, tears and satisfaction. When we were able to bring the vaccination clinics to our workplace and see the employees’ response as they brought their friends, kids, and family members to our clinics it was a big win for AMS. We knew that we were providing our employees with the best protection against this virus.” To read the full article, click [HERE].

April 2023

At the end of March the LA Business Journal hosted their annual Diversity, Equity + Inclusion Symposium & Awards at the Marriott. Our CEO, Jay Catlin, was one of the business leaders nominated as finalists. Jay gave the following statement: “It is both humbling and an honor to have been nominated for the LA Business Journal’s DE&I 2023 CEO of the Year award. I, along with the other finalists, am an advocate of DE&I.  Since AMS was founded over 20 years ago, diversity, equity, and inclusion have been integral to our success. Although I didn’t win the award, I will continue to ensure that AMS is one of the best companies to work for – and DE&I is at the heart of AMS.” Click [HERE] for the full article.

May 2023

In the beginning of April we posted a blog about Earth Month and we promised to do a follow-up blog about our volunteers participating in local Earth Day events. Here is a brief excerpt from the promised report: “Towsley Canyon Cleanup, 6 employees (12 Hours), 1 minor Volunteer – (2 hours). Quartz Hill Cleanup, 2 employees (4 Hours), 3 Community Volunteers (6 Hours), 6 minors Volunteers (12 hours). PA and DE: Our PA and DE volunteers ran into a weather issue. They were rained-out of the Middle Creek Wildlife Cleanup, but they still did their Earth Day celebration indoors.” To read the full blog, click [HERE].

June 2023

We had three reports in June worthy of review. The first has to do with the AMS Volunteer Representatives. We pointed out ways that the Committee does the environmental clean-ups, and supports the community, holding fundraisers and donating the funds to local non-profit organizations. The Committee also partners with AMS clients to donate liquidation goods to non-profits. Another effort is to train and hire individuals from local organizations who may have difficulty securing employment. From the article, we name the AMS Volunteer Reps: “AMS Volunteer Program Lead- Samantha H., HQ- Teresa G.; LIV- Saul M.; WIL- Alicia G.; WIT- Tangie D.; HR WEST- Rocio A. & Jamie B.; Delaware- Gabrielle F.; New Holland- Sharon S, Gabrielle F., Alyssa W., Wendy M.; HR East- Emma A., LaTanya W.; Executive- Bobbi B.” Click [HERE] for the story. 

June 2023

Also in June we said goodbye to someone very much loved at AMS, President of AMS West, Betty-Lou Wiseman, upon her retirement. Betty-Lou began her journey with AMS in 2004, moving from VP of Client Services to President of AMS in 2019. The following is a quote from AMS CEO, Jay Catlin: “Betty-Lou has been with AMS for nearly 20 years as an incredible contributor toward our success, and someone who has embodied our giving, family-like culture from Day One. Betty-Lou has chosen to pursue a new path outside of AMS… one that will serve her community as she is looking forward to working with her husband Ken (long-time AMS CEO) on all his new ventures. I know Betty-Lou will remain connected to AMS and its people as an owner of the company and most importantly, a friend and mentor to so many. On behalf of AMS, I sincerely thank Betty-Lou for her contributions over the years and being a pillar of strength for so many along the way.” Read the full blog [HERE].

June 2023

Finally, in June we announced and welcomed our new VP of Human Resources, Cindy Beeson, and our new HR Manager at AMS East, LaTanya Warren. Please enjoy the following brief quotes from the blog: “AMS Fulfillment is delighted to welcome our new VP of Human Resources, Lucenda (Cindy) Beeson. We are pleased and very fortunate to have Cindy join us at AMS with her skillset, training, her extensive experience in Human Resources and her knowledge of retail and distribution and employee safety.” LaTanya: “In March of 2023 LaTanya Warren joined AMS as our HR Manager, AMS East. We are so pleased and fortunate to have someone with her depth of experience in this vital position. Her ideals are aligned with our B Corporation goals and we very much look forward to working with her.” To read the full blog, click [HERE].

July 2023

Our July report has to do with donations to the community of older or overstock inventory from AMS clients. Many AMS clients prefer to donate these items to nonprofit organizations in the community and AMS is more than happy to locate nonprofits and facilitate the gift of clients’ products. The following is from our blog: “In the first six months of 2023 AMS clients have partnered with us to donate over $350,000 worth of product to help support nonprofits in our communities. The products include T-shirts, items of clothing, household detergents, coffee, makeup, shoes, nail polish, and all kinds of other products as well. Some of the organizations that have received donations from our clients are as follows: East coast – Phoenix Used Clothing, Plummer Community Correction Center, Horizon House Peer Recovery Center, Network Connect, Inc. West coast – Bridge to Home, Single Mothers Outreach, LA Homeless Shelter.” To read the full post, click [HERE].

September 2023

AMS had been in the process of becoming carbon neutral, and in September we reported on the progress as follows: “AMS Fulfillment, with the help of GHD Ltd., has completed their inaugural 2022 baseline Scope 1 and 2 Greenhouse Gas emissions (GHG) inventory. This inventory provides AMS with a robust data-focused foundation for managing the company’s Greenhouse Gas emissions. The inventory also helps AMS reduce future emissions with strategies to help the company reach its goal of being net zero by 2050.” To read the full report, click [HERE].

October 2023

Our February report was on recycling plastic stretch film. We reported that we found a vendor and purchased waste bins. Now in October we get to celebrate the results. We were able to accumulate 20 bales and our vendor picked them up for recycling. The following is from our blog: “When 20 bales have accumulated, the plastics are picked up by the vendor and taken to the recycling plant. Recycled plastic film is made into composite lumber, which is used for benches, decks, and playground sets. It is also recycled and reprocessed into small pellets that are used to make plastic containers, crates, pipes, new plastic bags, and pallets. Victory for AMS!! We solved the issue of proper handling of plastic film.” Click [HERE] to read the blog. 

December 2023

We are featuring two reports published in December. The first is our celebration of having achieved Carbon Neutral status in 2023. The following is from our blog: “We know that some time ago AMS worked on the lighting in the warehouses, making them more energy efficient. And we know that gas powered equipment has been replaced by electrically powered equipment. We are proud to mention in our blogs that AMS uses, and influences our clients to use, earth friendly packaging. We recycle cardboard and metal, and we monitor lighting and energy use. We have implemented an employee waste disposal program and we have established a Vanpool for our California employees. And it took some effort, but we found a way to bale and recycle plastic stretch film so that it can be re-made into products and re-used.” The article goes on to explain how we achieved this landmark status – read the report [HERE].

December 2023

Our final blog in December is about our employees donating food and used clothing to help organizations in the community. The recipient organizations were the Santa Clarita Food Pantry and Hope the Mission. The following quote is from Samantha Hicks, head of the Volunteer Committee: “It really is a group effort. The success of our giving programs is attributed to our volunteer committee, which consists of at least one representative from each facility. They have passion for engaging employees they see every day, making the workplace a positive place to contribute. Collectively we can make a difference.” Click [HERE] for the full blog. 

** ** **

As you can see, throughout the year AMS was dedicated to our employees, our community, our clients, and our environment. These are our B Corporation values, and they also have been the AMS culture for many years – we very much enjoy doing ‘good’ while doing ‘well’. Purpose before profit is our commitment, and it is also one of the reasons our valued clients choose to do business with AMS. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all!!



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