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A Day for Environmental Education

Recycle - AMS FulfillmentAt AMS, we have a strong focus on environmental sustainability. After a very dedicated year, in 2023 AMS achieved carbon neutral recognition. Throughout the year we worked in every area we could to have an impact upon our footprint, from energy use to sustainable and biodegradable packaging to plastics recycling. We are back at it in 2024 with high goals to do even better.

One thing we are proud of… we offer our clients a number of sustainable packaging options as we know online customers are concerned about the packaging their products arrive in. The customer asks… “Will it add to plastics pollution in a landfill, or can it be recycled?” Sustainability of packaging is increasingly playing a role in the online customer’s buying choice.

International Congress

January 26th is designated International Environmental Education Day. The aim of the day is to raise awareness about environmental issues, promote sustainable practices, and encourage people to take action for the well-being of the environment – our shared Earth.

The history of this day is as follows: “This day dates back to June 1972, when the United Nations held a conference in Stockholm, Sweden, on Human Environment. At this conference, it was discussed that certain common principles and standards should be followed so that we can preserve and improve the environment today. Following that, many countries gathered in the International Workshop on Environment, held in Belgrade, wherein the “Belgrade Charter” was published to illustrate the essential demands of environmental education.” [LINK to the Congress website]

International Environmental Education Day is observed all over the world. This year’s congress is in Abu Dhabi, entitled the 12th World Environmental Education Congress. It takes place from January 29th to February 2nd.

A brief quote from the Zawya website tells us: “As a progression of the pivotal discussions from COP28, the congress, featuring the participation of IUCN, will focus on the power of education in confronting the Triple Planetary Crisis of climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution.”

The article goes on the list the leaders planning to attend and concludes with the following: “With the UAE targeting a significant 22% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2027 and recent measures including banning single-use plastics and waste-to-zero campaigns, the country is committed to acting responsibly by actively addressing global challenges and charting its sustainable future.”

Single Use Plastics

At AMS we join them in their concerns – climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution. Our efforts toward becoming carbon neutral speak to our concern for climate change, and our annual contribution to the Rainforest Trust, specifically the Brazilian Amazon Fund to stop deforestation, is due to our concern for biodiversity loss.

We admire the UAE decision to ban single-use plastics – that is a big step! At AMS we provide all employees with refillable water bottles, and of course we properly collect and recycle any plastics that are used in our facilities. And we are doing one more significant effort to recycle plastic stretch film. As a fulfillment company, we receive, at all of our warehouses, shipments all day every day of pallets protected by plastic stretch film. Our recycling companies refused to accept this plastic and as a result it was ending up in landfills. Members of our Green Team set out to solve this issue, and after a number of phone calls and inquiries, planning and some purchasing, we solved it.

The AMS Green Team saw that the plastic stretch film had to be accumulated in large quantities and baled before it would be accepted for recycling. As we mentioned in a previous blog, we purchased 92 waste bins, allowing the warehouses to accumulate 10k pounds and bale it for recycling. As of this date, we have accumulated three 10-15k loads of baled stretch film which will be recycled into long-lasting products. Those products may be composite lumber, which has many uses, or it could be reprocessed into small pellets used to make containers, crates, pipes and many other items.

One of our Green Team members is also a member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition. This membership gives her the expertise to make recommendations to AMS clients of sustainable, earth friendly, eco-friendly packaging for their products. Many of our clients do choose sustainable packaging for their customers, and this is a Win for all of us and our shared Earth.

Environmental Education

The International Environmental Education Day organizers offer to us their recommendations as to why this day of education is important.

We learn more about our home…

“With this holiday, the environment is promoted, and people feel motivated to learn more and do something to help. It’s so humbling to realize that the earth is a beautiful place and one that should be preserved.”

We can be part of the action-taking…

“Once we are more aware, we can take steps to act according to the benefits of the environment. It’s always good to convince others, but it is more meaningful when we walk the talk.”

We help our home help us…

“As there is interdependence between man and the environment, it does benefit us to connect and come up with solutions to the issues our environment faces. When given more thought, it’s just like making sure our home is a livable and safe space to reside in.”

One more thing we would like to offer our readers is a link to a list of environmental science scholarships at leading schools and institutes in the country, for the betterment of the environment and our future. [LINK]

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AMS Fulfillment is proud to be a B Corporation. We strive to B the Change we wish to see in the world.



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