Returns Management Solutions

AMS makes Returns Management as painless as possible

Fulfillment Center Returns Management

Returns are an unfortunate reality for many of our clients. At AMS, we help to streamline this negative work through our dedicated Returns Management team. We employ a great crew, automated systems and client-specific processes that help to:

  1. minimize the costs associated with returns handling; and
  2. quickly get inventory back onto the shelf as shippable finished goods (for those items that can be refurbished).

AMS Fulfillment returns management and reverse logistics services are handled by dedicated teams quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. We understand the need to manage returns in a timely fashion, whether consumer returns where customers expect immediate credit on their orders (and undoubtedly will place a customer service call if the process takes too long), or retail returns in which clients seek to clean up the books before month’s end.

Our world-class carrier partners get the package shipped back to us expeditiously. We collaborate to create returns management solutions for each client, or we link up with their desired returns fulfillment platform and perform the work to get the return registered in the system, data communicated back to the client, and the product back on the shelf and ready to sell. Or if the product is damaged and cannot be resold, we set it aside for donation, alternate sales channels or destruction.

Consumer Returns. AMS utilizes sophisticated operating software to efficiently manage returns for credit and returns for exchange on behalf of our D2C clients. Our return management services can be fully integrated with the client’s chosen shopping cart software or customer service module so returns data is immediately available. We work closely with every client to properly define and determine the returns management flow and defective return criteria, ensuring that all saleable products are moved from the returns warehouse to finished goods.

Retail Returns. AMS manages large-volume retail product returns — from big-box retailers to “mom and pop” shops. Most retail returns are received, processed and confirmed back to the client (with an accurate account of all that was returned) within 1 – 3 days from the time they reach our facility. The AMS team utilizes barcode scanners (or counts by hand if necessary) to itemize exactly what was returned by the customer, and then we send the required returns data to our client in a format that meets its specific accounting needs.

Returns Refurbishment. Product refurbishment varies greatly by client and product type, and AMS closely follows the refurbishment guidelines established by the client. Whether testing, repacking, replacing components and/or checking for a broken seal are involved, AMS provides quality hands-on service. Our Returns Management team follows documented guidelines for the actions to be taken with each returned product they encounter on behalf of our clients.

Why Choose AMS for Returns Management?

AMS has the dedicated team, refined best-of-breed systems, expertise and experience that allow us to guide clients to the best possible product returns management solution. Further, we have the facilities, resources and partners in place to ensure your returns are handled properly and your customers are satisfied with the complete purchasing experience. As a B Corporation, you also can be sure that we always do right by our stakeholders, the community and the environment.

Here’s wishing you many happy returns of the day!

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