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indus-servedExceeding a client’s expectations involves more than a firm understanding of the Fulfillment Industry… we must have a strong understanding of each Client Industry as well!

A fulfillment house that exceeds client expectations will have acquired knowledge of the inner workings of the industries it serves.

From a broad perspective the fulfillment business follows the same business rules across a variety of industries. We receive orders from many different clients and industries, we manage their inventory, and we pick, pack and ship. Yet there are nuances to fulfillment services that make each client industry operationally unique.

Regardless of the complexity, no matter the industry, AMS Fulfillment is a company that pays close attention to the nuances of the clients we manage. We believe that to do our best work we must combine firm business rules and processes for our core fulfillment services with a solid understanding of those things that are specific to each client industry. The specifics may include routing requirements, data exchange requirements, special packing requirements, unique expectations from the end customer, delivery deadlines, and so o

Partial listing of the industries AMS serves:

Shoes / Apparel / Clothing: AMS Fulfillment is strong within the Shoe and Apparel industry as this has grown to be one of our most successful core industries served. From Pre-books to At Once orders, our B-2-B clients rely upon us to accurately pick, pack and ship large volumes, while meeting customer deadlines and adhering to rigid retail routing guidelines. AMS can manage quality inspections of product, and provide tagging, bagging and other specialty services that are inherent to the industry. AMS also manages direct-to-consumer product fulfillment of shoe and apparel items. Read More About Shoes / Apparel / Clothing Fulfillment.

E-commerce / Direct Response / DRTV: AMS and its staff have a storied history in e-commerce as well as the Infomercial/DRTV industry, experiencing dozens of successful product launches that go full circle, from large volume flash sales over the internet on through to bulk retail distribution. AMS can support the many service facets of consumer-based fulfillment, including shopping cart development, order processing and customer service. Read More About E-commerce / Direct Response / DRTV Fulfillment.

Cosmetics / Beauty Products: AMS Fulfillment Services has assembled, labeled, kitted and fulfilled tens of thousands of Cosmetics and Health & Beauty Products items. We take great care in the assembly process to produce items and kits that are worthy of their “high end” brand image. In addition, for our cosmetics clients AMS installed insulation within its warehouse to help maintain a “cosmetics friendly” temperature and environment. Read More About Cosmetics and Beauty Products.

Print Industry / Point of Purchase & Visual Merchandise / Displays: The Print Industry is one of the more complex industries served by AMS Fulfillment Services. Complexities may come in turning data into a manageable distribution, building large finished displays from many component parts or understanding how to source the right packaging and shipping materials to ensure the graphics arrive intact and undamaged. AMS has been able to fine-tune its system to meet even the most challenging marketing demands of its clients in the print industry. Read More About Print / Point of Purchase / Display Fulfillment.

Action Sports / Snowboards & Skateboards: AMS Fulfillment ships a wide variety of surf/snow/skate lifestyle and fashion brands to thousands of retailers. We know that a fulfillment house must be aware of industry-specific requirements, especially when storing, handling and shipping action sports equipment such as snowboards and skateboards. AMS has a thorough knowledge of the ins and outs of action sports fulfillment, and a strong presence in the action sports industry. Read More About Action Sports / Snowboard / Skateboard Fulfillment.

Trade Shows / Gift Bags / Events: AMS Fulfillment Services is highly adept at large scale kitting and assembly projects. We are efficient in our processes, and this efficiency translates to great savings for customers who choose to have their trade show events fulfillment and gift bag fulfillment needs managed by AMS. While AMS will assemble 10s if not 100s of thousands of gift bags at great rates, we also are adept at routing these items into trade show events, where strict rules often apply for the inside delivery of product. AMS has years of experience at warehousing and fulfillment of trade show booth and live event fixture materials. Read More About Trade Show / Gift Bag / Event Fulfillment.

Handbags / Purses / Accessories: AMS stocks and provides fulfillment services for several hundred SKUs of valuable Handbags, Purses and other Accessory items. We take great care in the picking and packing process to ensure the appropriate styles and colors match the order paperwork, and then are packed in a manner that guarantees these delicate items arrive at the end destination intact and in pristine condition. Read More About Handbag / Purse / Accessory Fulfillment.

Packaged Media / DVD/CD / Video Game Software: AMS has assembled literally millions of discs, cases and paper parts into sometimes elaborate finished goods, and fulfilled the product to the hundreds of core packaged media retail outlets across the country. Our expertise in this industry includes complex display assemblies (and planogram product placement), product assembly, replication services, in-store graphics, and pick/pack/ship fulfillment of daily product orders. Read More About Packaged Media / DVD/CD / Video Game Software Fulfillment.

Entertainment: Our company was born to do Entertainment fulfillment as our first client was a major wholesaler of packaged media, DVDs and CDs. We assembled and shipped millions of DVDs to retail customers across the country. Today AMS does Entertainment industry fulfillment for a number of clients, fulfilling both marketing materials and product to businesses and consumer locations. Read More About Entertainment Industry Fulfillment.

Toy and Game: AMS fulfills some very popular Toys and Games to consumers, with orders coming to us via the Internet. Our clients in this industry demand that we provide a tremendous customer experience to protect and enhance their company image, and AMS serves as a seamless partner for the companies we serve in the Toy and Game industry as we operate in complete accordance with their corporate values. Read More About Toy and Game Fulfillment.

Nutraceuticals / Vitamins / Dietary Supplements: AMS warehouses and provides fulfillment services for Nutraceuticals, Vitamins and Dietary Supplements to consumer destinations. Numerous quality control procedures are employed, including first-in-first-out (FIFO), expiration date management, lot control and temperature control. We go to great lengths to ensure the safe delivery of these consumable items to homes across the US and Canada. Read More About Nutraceuticals / Vitamins / Dietary Supplements Fulfillment.

Consumer Electronics: AMS Fulfillment warehouses a variety of Consumer Electronic devices, and serves as a fulfillment house for both businesses and consumers across the nation. With each industry we serve, there are unique routing guides for retail customers that must be adhered to, and AMS has history and experience with the retailers who purchase Consumer Electronics items. Read More About Consumer Electronics Fulfillment.

Publishing / Educational Publishing: AMS has served the publishing industry in both the distribution of live wholesale and sample product. For the educational publishing industry, AMS provides complex kitting (displays with marketing materials, dozens of teacher and student edition textbook samples… etc.) and fulfillment services to K-12 schools across the Western US. Working closely with the publisher’s corporate office and sales force, AMS adheres to tight turnaround of orders to ensure samples arrive to those responsible for textbook purchasing decisions for school systems when state adoptions occur. Read More About Publishing / Educational Publishing Fulfillment.

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