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Thank You to our AMS Volunteers!!

September 30, 2021

Volunteering | AMS FulfillmentAs a B Corporation, the culture at AMS Fulfillment is naturally inclined toward volunteering and supporting community organizations. Each year, AMS coordinates volunteer events for all employees, friends and families to join. We have organized group participation in some of these events in the past, and it has been very rewarding.

Two of the three events took place on September 18th and the third was on the 26th. AMS volunteers signed up to help and everyone had an excellent time as the photos below will demonstrate.

River Rally Clean Up, Santa Clarita, CA, Saturday, September 18th

The Santa Clara River, which runs through the Santa Clarita Valley, is one of the last natural, free-flowing river systems in southern California. This year, the River Rally brought at least 1,200 volunteers together to clean a portion of the Santa Clara River to help protect the endangered species that call it home, including the California red-legged frog and California condor.

Kelly’s Run Invasive Removal, Holtwood, PA, Saturday, September 18, 2021

Volunteers assisted with an ecological restoration project that involved removal of invasive shrubs to restore native forest, savannah, and meadow. This is part of an ongoing and larger effort to restore parts of Kellys Run to pollinator garden, meadow and savannah, increasing the overall biodiversity of the preserve.

Grace Resource Center, Lancaster, CA, Sunday, September 26th

Grace Resource Center provides a safe place for the community to serve others through their volunteer and community service programs. Thank you to our AMS client for donating 50 of their handbags! And thank you to the Team of employees, both behind the scenes and putting bags together, who did their special part to make it happen!

River Rally Clean Up

Kelly’s Run Invasive Removal

Grace Resource Center